Chapter 17 – Alchemist

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Zzonkedd English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 695 words

Schenna stepped out of the bath, quickly changed back to her clothes and waited for Reesha outside.

She was well aware that it was rude, but she just couldn’t get into a bath with other women despite all the effort.

Reesha also stepped outside soon after, with her face flushed.

“Let’s come back for a hot bath in the future okay? I know opening the restaurant can be big trouble, so let me know if there’s anything I can do!”

“Thank you so much, and sorry… I just can’t seem to get used to being around naked women.”

“Don’t worry so much about it. I’m well aware.”

Reesha took a very delicate attitude towards Schenna so that she wouldn’t feel bad.
While they were talking to each other, they came across a group of men and she was extremely relieved for not having bumped into any of them.

Reesha seemed to have things to do over at the administrative district, so Schenna was left by herself as she headed back home.

As she opened the front door, Kishana had already woken up and was taking care of breakfast.

“Welcome back! How was it?”

“I’m sorry, I went outside early in the morning to practice my sword swings and Reesha invited me to join her at the hot springs.”

“Ohh, so Reesha happens to be your type huh…”

“No, that’s not it!? It’s nothing like that.”

Schenna explained everything to Kishana, as she emphasized the part where nothing lewd had happened and said she felt bad for leaving Kishana behind.

Kishana who felt like she was playing a prank on Schenna just couldn’t hold it anymore and burst out laughing.

“Haha, I know that you didn’t do anything lewd. I mean, to be honest, it would be normal if you did in my opinion…”

“What do you mean!”

Schenna who was in shock sat at the table, while Kishana placed the breakfast on top of it.

The two of them chatted over their meal for a while before heading to the commercial district to get back to work.

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Schenna parted with Kishana by the front door of the restaurant and went to meet the alchemist.

As she passed by the energetic merchants, she came across an armorsmith and a weaponsmith, with a bunch of adventurers getting their brand new gear from both the shops.
According to Kishana, the alchemist building was similar to a dome, with black fumes coming out of the chimney.

She didn’t take long to find it. As she entered the building, she saw a young girl doing some sort of mix in a pot.

“Welcome! If you have an alchemy request, please wait a moment”

The young elf took out the liquid from the pot and put it inside a glass bottle.
She placed the glass bin on the shelf, wiped her sweat with a towel and faced Schenna.

“Sorry for the wait. What’s the order?”

“The truth is, a while back I happened to come across an ice-making box that you created and gifted to Reesha, could you by any chance create something similar that can conserve food?”

“Ahh, you’re acquainted with Reesha-san? That was a special order which takes quite a lot of time and money to make. If you’re willing to wait for a week and pay 100 gold coins, I can get on it right away.”

She had already imagined it being expensive but not this much.
In order to get 100 coins, her only choice was to sell her enchanted armor.

“Understood. I’ll get the 100 gold coins ready.”

“…. As you wish. I’ll drop by to collect the payment afterward. Please write your address on this paper”

As the young elf handed the pen to Schenna, they touched each other’s fingertips.
Right after, she felt the same weird sensation as the one she felt back when she touched Kishana.

Upon understanding what was going on, Schenna raised her voice in surprise.

“Wait, you are… Kashiyama Madoka!?”1

“Woah… I’m in shock! I didn’t expect to meet my previous classmate once again as such a beautiful girl.”

The young Elf changed her tone and kept staring at Schenna.


  1. Silva: Remember her? They mentioned her name in Chapter 4 once, the girl that Schenna loved in their past life. But if I remember correctly, didn’t they say she didn’t come along on the school trip? How did she end up here…

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