Chapter 28 – Gafenna and the Holy Kingdom of Rinsr

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Zzonkedd English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 626 words

The next day, Reesha and a young swordsman listened to Luthors story in detail in a room located at the deepest part of the administrative office. Schenna and Kishana, both of whom were present at the time she broke into the restaurant, were also attending the meeting.

After being led inside the palace’s guest room, they were told exactly where to sit.
The swordsman expressed his displeasure as he looked at both Kishana and Luthors.

“Sorry to disturb you guys at such bad timing, we’ll try and be as brief as possible.”

Reesha tried to gain the lead of the conversation, but the swordsman interrupted her, questioning the identity of the girls.

“Before we start, I would like to check their background. Schenna Urablatt is the former captain of the third imperial guard corps. Kishana Ustey, a dark elf and former spy from the country of Gafenna. And finally, Luthors Raya, a previous dark knight who worked directly for cardinal Dian, correct?”

Taking an aggressive attitude, the man recited the words written on their records.
He wasn’t wrong in terms of their personal history, therefore everyone nodded in agreement.
Right after the girls nodded, the swordsman took out his sword and pointed it at Schenna.

“There’s a high chance that Schenna Urablatt is utilizing the other two heretics and is planning on doing something against the Five Great Powers. It wouldn’t be surprising to find that Hashel and Gafenna have a secret agreement”

“You’re wrong! There’s no way we would ever think of doing such an outrageous thing!”

Schenna desperately tried to express their innocence, but the man didn’t seem to be interested in hearing anything.

“We’ll have you all instantly taken to trial and…”

“Karyu-kun, can you shut up for a second?”

Without any change in expression, Reesha scolded the swordsman.
Karyu tried to oppose her and refuse to listen to orders, but he gave in to the insane pressure he was feeling from Reesha.

“Okay then, let’s begin”

As Reesha restarted the interview, Luthors began talking, seemingly unconcerned about the ruckus at all. Meanwhile, Karyu sat there staring at them with a hostile expression.

In all fairness, the sight of a former Hashel Knight with a dark elf and a dark knight from Gafenna was quite unique, it wasn’t a group anyone ever expected to see. Also, considering Karyu was in a position to defend his country, feeling threatened was only natural.

As they finished the interview, Reesha handed Luthors her residential certificate along with her identification papers.

“I put the restaurant as the address for your residential certificate. All you have to do now is take both of those documents and register yourself in the [Holy Bow of the Forest] guild.”

“Alright, sorry for the trouble.”

“Luthors exchanged a handshake with Reesha and became an official resident of the country of Priden.

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Karyu found that to be unacceptable and disappeared into the back of the palace.

“Sorry for his behavior. He’s a battle priest who came all the way from the holy kingdom of Rinsr.”

As Reesha explained his circumstances and where he came from, everyone seemed to reach an understanding.

Being from a religious country who had the exact opposite beliefs from the ones in Gafenna, everyone that had any sort of connection to Gafenna was automatically considered to be a heretic, which ended up creating a religious war between the two countries. Between the Five Great Powers, Rinsr was the country with the most hostility towards Gafenna.

For someone from the holy kingdom of Rinsr like Karyu, the idea of having people like Luthors or Kishana around was completely unacceptable.

Reesha parted ways with them in order to report to her superiors, and the three girls headed back to the restaurant.


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