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Chapter 15 – Herbal Tea

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Zzonkedd English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 562 words

The two enthusiastic girls split as they began cleaning up the whole place which took an entire day. After they were done with it, Kishana served some tea in a glass pot.

“Good work. It’s time for some homemade fresh mint tea!”

“Oh, thanks a lot. Just the good smell already makes me feel refreshed. By the way, you were cultivating herbs right?”

“While I was being taught how to make poison, I was also taught a bit on how to grow medicinal plants. Quite an ironic thing isn’t it?”

“Don’t put yourself down because of that. I admire you for having the skills to turn that into delicious aromas and this incredible tea!”

“Uhm…. Thanks. You’re always way too kind.”

Kishana, who hated these arts for the sake of killing, was suddenly excited for being able to do something positive with her knowledge.

It wasn’t like she knew much about tea but the herbal tea she brewed was quite unique and tasty.

Schenna then suggested that they should add it to the menu.

“This way we can serve tea to our customers without a problem.”

“That might be a bit too hard I think.”

As she drank the whole pot of tea, she was told the reason why it would be hard.
It only tasted good for as long as it was fresh, so they needed to find a way to store and conserve it.

In order to preserve the freshness of the herbs, they needed to be put somewhere cold, where it would get no exposure to any heat.

For private usage it was fine, but to sell it to customers they had to solve this issue first.

“Instead of fresh herbs, I could have just used dry herbs, that way we wouldn’t have this problem…”

“Would it work with dry herbs?”

Dry herbs could be made within a week just by placing them in an area without much exposure to direct sunlight and a relatively cold place with enough airflow.

Sadly, Kishana had not prepared any dry herbs so it would take her a week to get them ready.

Under the proper conditions, the dried herbs could last up to a year if they were kept in a jar with humidity control and no direct exposure to sunlight.

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“It would be really good to have a freezer right now for this. As soon as the summer comes we wouldn’t be able to serve it anymore since the temperature and the humidity gets higher”

She thought it was a good idea, but upon reaching the conclusion that it wouldn’t work, she couldn’t hide her disappointment.

Schenna drank the rest of the tea and remembered what happened yesterday.

The box that Reesha was using the day before was pretty much the same invention as the freezer.

“A freezer… I think we should go and see that new alchemy shop that Reesha told us about.”

“Oh to see that alchemist? I get it, if we could get our hands on one of those, it would make everything much easier. I’ll be trying out some dishes for the menu tomorrow, can I leave the talk with the alchemist up to you Schenna?”

“Sure! I really want to get my hands on that box that Reesha was using.”

After accomplishing their duties, they closed the front door and started making their way back home.


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