Chapter 48: Serving

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 673 words
Proofreader: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Schenna darted after Sareenea and somehow managed to bring her back. She tried to explain what had happened while hiding the true identity of the Demon King, Reesha also helped to dispel her doubts.

“I’m only a noob with magic, but I can’t tell the two of them apart at all.”

In the meantime, the Demon King —still taking Schenna’s appearance— had changed into the clothes Kishana prepared for him. Saying he was one of Reesha’s friends was enough to convince Sareenea as she compared him to Schenna.

“I’m Grana Festo. I’ll be in your service from now on.”

Reesha had told him to use that name.
That was one more safety measure to avoid more people knowing his true identity.
And to avoid other countries from knowing the Demon King was still alive, Schenna and the other two decided to only treat him as Reesha’s friend.

In a low voice, Schenna asked Grana.
“Grana, are you going to look like that for the whole day?”

“I originally wanted to look like myself…but… I get embarrassed really easily, so I’ll be like this for today.”

As soon as he said that, Reesha glanced at him as if signaling him to avoid doing anything that could be tied to his identity.
Noticing that, Schenna decided to stop inquiring about his appearance and set on her task to open the restaurant.

Reesha and Grana would be in charge of taking orders and serving.
The seats on the tables and counter were all numbered, so all the orders taken had the seat number and the chosen menu on them, which then would be carried to the kitchen and then served when done.

“Well, try serving Sareenea as an example.”

Schenna decided to treat her first customer, Sareenea, as an example and made Reesha take her order.

“Welcome. Can I take your order?”

As was expected from her status as the supervisor of the administrative district, she behaved perfectly.
As Sareenea looked through the menu, she decided to order something rather peculiar.

“Could you get me a gyudon? The beef with a lot of broth, but not a lot of beef and a bunch of green onions.”

Reesha took note of it, first table, gyudon with a lot of broth, less beef, a lot of green onions.
Kishana received the order then and began preparing it, then when it was done Reesha served it.

“Sorry for the wait. Here’s the gyudon. Would you like anything else to go with it?”
“…No. Thank you.”

For Sareenea, ordering a meal the way she used to in her past life while being served by someone from a different world left a strong impression in her as she stared almost in adoration at Reesha’s conflicted face, but she didn’t muster a single word.

“Would you want one of our signature pancakes for dessert?”

Then, smiling without a single concern, Reesha encouraged her to order pancakes.

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Normally, a waiter did not have a need to pressure a client so much, but Reesha’s tone was so convincing Sareenea ordered them while holding her stomach. Luthors prepared the pancakes just the way she had learned to before, then they were served to Sareenea, who after stuffing her cheeks with them was only able to eat half of them. She then left the payment for her meal and returned to her workshop.

After that, Schenna took her role as the manager and went to give Reesha a warning.

“Reesha-san, please don’t do what you did in the end with other customers…”
“Yes, I know. Grana-kun, you also shouldn’t do anything like that.”

Grana had been closely watching how Reesha interacted with the client to learn how to treat customers himself and seemed to understand why he should not copy what Reesha did in the end.

Throughout the morning, many female adventurers came, attracted by the pancakes and crepes. Reesha and Grana were able to serve them all without problems even though all the tables were occupied most of the time.


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