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[News] Site Migration Complete

It took us some time to tweak the server, but we’re happy to announce that we’ve finally migrated to the new server. There were many unexpected situations and problems that come with self-hosting but with this move, we hope that the server will continue to run smoothly for years to come. Again, a big thanks to Fana for offering to host our website on her dedicated server for free.

There are still a few errors that we need to fix, but they shouldn’t be causing any major issues in the short terms. For now, we will continue to monitor the performance and try to fix the errors. Let’s see how it fares over the next few weeks. This server is way more powerful than our previous host, but that doesn’t mean the site will now load with blazing speed. There are still many other factors we need to take into consideration if we want a blazing fast site aside from a powerful host. What it means is that we can now run more modules at once without overloading the server.

We might look into hiring someone to optimize the site for speed but that’s not set for the immediate future as I’m sure it’ll cost quite a bit of money.

[News] Server Migration

Now, I’m sure many of you have experienced some minor server hiccups over the past week, 500 error, 404 error, Bad Requests, and the most common one being that the chapter content doesn’t load and you are only shown the heading. Most of these can be resolved by refreshing the webpage, clearing your cache and cookies, or wait for several hours before trying again.

So the main question is, why is that happening? To put it in simple words: our server has reached the maximum PHP memory limit.

Whether that is due to some runaway queries or due to the influx of visitors, we’re still unsure, but it is clear to us that our server is starting to hit its limit and is in need of an upgrade. I was actually thinking of moving to the free hosting solution offered to us by Ezoic, but then a friend offered to host Re:Library for us in a dedicated server she owned.

Yes, you didn’t hear that wrong, a dedicated server, for free. Please give your greatest appreciation to Fana who magnanimously sponsored a dedicated server for hosting Re:Library.

With that said, we’re currently in the middle of setting up the server, when everything looks good, we will start the migrating process. We’re expecting that there will not be any downtime but in case the unexpected happens, there might be a minor downtime. Oh and some comments might be lost during the migration.

[New Member] CatatoPatch joins Re:Library

Say hello to the newest member of Re:Library, CatatoPatch. If anyone of you still remember him, he was the translator who’s famous for translating The Devil’s Evolution Catalog. Through some weird twists of fate and a little bit of convincing, CatatoPatch has decided to join Re:Library and continue translating The Devil’s Evolution Catalog for a period of time! A new chapter is already available on Re:Library, so go give it a read!

Old fans should be rejoicing for the continuation of this series right now. And for the new readers, this series is borderline Gender Bender but not really Gender Bender since the protagonist is actually genderless (but he looks feminine otherwise and is mostly treated as a female by others). Think Tensei Shitara Slime, their human form looks feminine but they’re actually genderless, so it’s not Gender Bender.

Other than that, Catato will also be bringing us the Song of Adolescence, which will probably be his main project on this site. It is a wuxia story with never before seen grand adventures that will knock you off your feet. Well yea okay, I admit I’m not a big fan of wuxia novel and I’ve never actually read this novel yet. I’m just finding whatever flowery words I can to impress and lure in new readers, but hey, Catato said it’s a good read so you should definitely give it a try.

Re:Library takes over Wiseman

With the consent of the latest translator for Pupil of the Wiseman (WN), Re:Library will now be taking over the translation of this great web novel series.

And a great series like this naturally deserves to be respected in all its glories! It started going downhill ever since Saiaku Translations picked this up. Yes, Saiaku, I still remember you and I still hold a grudge over what you did to this great novel! Not only was it a poorly rendered machine translation of this great series, he even opted to use the stupid Shakespearean tone in Mira’s dialog. And the worst offender of all? He rejected my invitation to host Wiseman on Re:Library and went ahead to block out all readers with an ad link for the reason that he wanted to buy a domain of his own, the worst move any translator could ever make! Now just take a look at where did that take him? Even his site is no longer working! Hmph, serves you right!

Oops, wait a minute, this isn’t supposed to be a ranting corner. Anyway, like I said, this series has been ruined by being passed around to so many incompetent translators and to show our greatest respect for this series, we decided to rewrite this series from the ground up (with help from various editors and translators) while compiling a terms sheet for personal use.

New chapters when? Well? We don’t know about that yet, we already found a translator to continue Wiseman from where it left off, but in order to provide y’all with the best translations he can, he’s currently reading through the chapters to get to know what’s going on, while doing translation check at the side. So it might be a while before we see a new chapter.

On that topic though, we figured we might be splitting the chapters into several parts when we start publishing new chapters. While I was looking into the raw, I noticed that each chapter is averaging around 7k ~ 9k characters, that’s a helluva lots of characters to translate into English! So we thought we might as well split them into an average of 3k ~ 4k characters (the average length of most web novels) and publish them like that in order.

With all that said and done, look forward to reading the revamped Wiseman on Re:Library soon-ish!

Update on Invalid Traffic

I believe the last update had everyone shaking in the boots with the announcement of Re:Library’s end of service should everything go haywire. Believe me, I was too. It hit us so suddenly I thought it was the end of the world. Ever since that announcement, we’ve been looking into ways to prevent the bot traffic from hitting our site. From simple methods of installing right-click disable, using CAPTCHA to block contents, installing Cloudflare, to the more expensive methods of implementing professional bot mitigation services.

What I can say is that, the professional services are hella expensive, it’s not what any small translation site owners could afford, they can range anywhere between 600 bucks to 1,200 bucks monthly! It’s no wonder no translator has opted for professional services and continued to give the content thief the opportunity to steal their translations. If we have to pay such a huge amount per month, we might as well not have ads on our site. It won’t make a difference. In fact, we might even be on the negative side if we do employ their services.

Back to the main point, we’ve been hit by lots of non-human traffic, gets removed from the advertisement platform, looked for ways to remove those “harmful” traffic, and now we’ve finally reached a safe threshold and has been re-accepted by our advertisement platform. Although we are currently safe for now, there are still some “issues” with our traffic so we’re not completely out of the danger zone yet for a foreseeable future.

I’m not going to mention what kind of methods we’ve employed to prevent the bots from learning anything, but if you’ve encountered any problem with the site or has been falsely identified as a bot, please send a report to [email protected]. It will be much appreciated if you can include your IP address, User-Agent, Browser type/version, as well as a screenshot of the page.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Re:Library Hit by Invalid Traffic! (Again!)

It had been a great 2019, but everything must come to an eventual end. If worse has come to worst, expect Re:Library to be terminated by Aug 2021 since that’s how long we purchased this hosting plan for. It is very unfortunate, but we have been reported by our advertising partner that our site has hit a high threshold of non-human traffic, again!

So what does that mean to you? To us? And to our publishers? It means that we won’t be able to get a source of ad revenues anymore from our current ad network until we get this issue resolved, and no source of revenues means we can’t pay our publishers or freelance translators for their hard work, we also won’t be able to continue paying for our hosting plan, and that means termination of Re:Library for when our plan ends.

What is invalid traffic you ask? How do we resolve it? Invalid traffic or non-human traffic is basically what we refer to bot traffic. There are good bots like our neighborhood friendly Spiderman Google Crawler which crawls our site and index them on the search page. But there are also malicious bots that come to our site to scrape or steal our content, or bots that tried to brute force log-in to steal our user credentials.

In short, our site has too many bots visiting us and that’s hurting our site, not only in terms of our content being stolen but also our ads earning. While we’re not really too concerned about losing some traffic to the aggregator sites, but having been removed from our monetization scheme due to those very aggregator sites is doing more harm than good.

Which is why, we will now be implementing some content scraping/non-human/bots countermeasure. we are not sure what specifically we will need to do, though we will try not to inconvenience the visitors as much as possible. If something goes wrong with the testing, expect the site to be down for a short maintenance.

[Female Knight and Dark Elf] – Chapter 26

Feel that the chapters are too short? Yeah, me too actually. I’ve actually been thinking of increasing the weekly chapters from 2 to 4, but unfortunately, we don’t have enough budget yet for this project. In fact, if this keeps up, this project might even be dropped due to a lack of interest.

If you like this series and wish to support the translator, please head on to the Patreon page and make your pledge!

Click here to start reading:
» Chapter 26 «

[Female Knight and Dark Elf] – Chapter 25

Feel that the chapters are too short? Yeah, me too actually. I’ve actually been thinking of increasing the weekly chapters from 2 to 4, but unfortunately, we don’t have enough budget yet for this project. In fact, if this keeps up, this project might even be dropped due to a lack of interest.

If you like this series and wish to support the translator, please head on to the Patreon page and make your pledge!

Click here to start reading:
» Chapter 25 «

Succubus, Levelmaker, and Hero’s Daughter join Re:Library!

Diz a joyous day! We got three new translators joining Re:Library with the iconic Succubus’s Life in Another World, Levelmaker, and Reborn as Hero’s Daughter! Looks like Phase 2 of Project Gender Bender is off to a smooth(?) start?

SirMetathyst is currently working on the next chapter of Succubus’s Life, it was 80% complete last I heard from him. The progress is a little slow and we expect 1 chapter monthly, but SirMetathyst is hopeful to increase his proficiency and increase his pace to 1 chapter per week.

Fenderson will continue to work on Levelmaker while Yuki edits it, so there are no changes to this novel for now. There is no fixed schedule as Fenderson joined Re:Library as a collaborator instead of a hired translator. Same with Yuki who’s currently working on Hero’s Daughter.

However, Yuki has promised that she will focus a bit more on Hero’s Daughter from now on and we can expect at least 3-7 chapters per month, so we have something to look forward to. As of now, however, Yuki is still working on re-translating the previous chapters to make up for the low-quality translations. Once that is done, we can expect some new chapters of Hero’s Daughter coming out soon 🙂