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Re:Library’s Financial Update and Strategic Plans


We’re reaching out to provide an important update on Re:Library’s current situation and our proactive strategies moving forward. We’re facing some financial challenges, and we believe it’s important to be open with our dedicated readers like you.

Let’s talk numbers for a moment. Our average annual views have been on a downward slide since 2021. Back then, we were proudly hitting around 1.2 million monthly views. Fast forward to 2022, and that number dropped to 850,000. Now, in 2023, we’re looking at an even lower average of 700,000.

If this trend keeps up, we’re looking at potentially hitting just 500,000 monthly views by 2024. And the grim reality is that if things don’t turn around, Re:Library might have to close its doors by 2026.

So, what’s causing this dip? Here are some possible reasons for this decline:

Rise of Machine Translations: The allure of machine-translated content is growing as the tech gets better. Some of our readers who are hungry for new chapters are turning to these translations while waiting for our releases, which is impacting our readership.

Aggregators in the Mix: Aggregator sites are a double-edged sword. Some readers, unknowingly, are sharing links to these sites. These sites copy content from original sources without permission, and readers are drawn to them for their convenience. Unfortunately, this is hurting our earnings, and it’s a battle we can’t easily win.

Niche Genre Constraints: Our specialty in Gender Bender is both our strength and our limitation. We’ve been focusing on what our current readers love, like male-to-female transformations and girl’s love stories. But we’re hitting a ceiling; there’s only so much interest in this specific genre.

So, what’s our game plan to fight back against these falling numbers? Here’s the scoop:

Exploring Machine Translated Teasers: In response to the growing interest in machine translations, Re:Library is taking a nuanced approach. We’re introducing machine translated teasers, carefully curated to acquaint readers with unexplored novels. These teasers have a dedicated section on our site, ensuring they won’t clutter the front page. While not immediately visible, we hope they’ll contribute to increased views. Furthermore, these teasers might even become candidates for human translation through a future popularity vote.

Opening Up to New Publishers: We’re toying with the idea of letting other writers and translators host their novels on Re:Library. We know our posting process isn’t the friendliest, and we’re aiming to fix that to make it easier for newcomers.

Merchandise: You might have noticed the “Merchandise” menu hanging around on our site. We’re planning to open up a shop with cool stuff like t-shirts, mousepads, and pillows featuring the original characters we’ve designed over the past few months. We’re just running one final shipping test before the grand opening. The idea behind this merchandise venture is to not only offer awesome goodies but also to spread the word about our platform.

Genre Expansion: To draw in new audiences, we need to broaden our horizons. That entails moving beyond our current repertoire. While we’ve catered to male-to-female transformation and girl’s love, it’s time to venture into traps, female-to-male transformation, and boy’s love. Our aim is to diversify our offerings and capture a wider audience. We value your feedback, especially since our main focus has been male-to-female Genderswap. If there’s strong interest, we might even form a new team for these genres.

Thank you for being part of our community and your continued support. We’re dedicated to overcoming these challenges and ensuring a vibrant future for Re:Library. If you have any suggestions or feedback on how to improve our views/readership, feel free to leave your comments below.

Introducing Machine Translated Teasers

Recently, an intriguing idea was brought to our attention, and we can’t help but consider it as an exciting experiment. What if Re:Library started hosting 100% machine-translated novels on our site as teasers and later allowed human translators to pick up the most popular choices through Patreon polls?

We’ve been inspired by the potential benefits of such an endeavor, aiming to introduce you all to a broader range of Gender Bender novels and potentially uncover hidden gems along the way. These MTL teasers will be housed in a brand-new section on the site, ensuring clear labeling to distinguish them from human-translated works.

The MTL teasers will be further divided into their own language group:
Chinese Novels:
Japanese Novels:

Now, for a quick FAQ to address your concerns:

Q: Will Machine Translations replace human translators?
A: No, machine translations won’t replace human translators. While tools like ChatGPT can help with quick and basic translations, they lack the nuanced understanding, cultural insight, and linguistic finesse of human translators.

Q: What is the purpose of these MTL Teasers?
A: These machine-translated teasers introduce readers to undiscovered novels, acting like extended synopses. They help patrons decide which novel to vote for human translation.

Q: Will these 100% MTLs be edited or proofread?
A: While we understand the importance of quality, these teasers won’t undergo extensive editing or proofreading. Our intention is to use AI assistance to generate the text, serving as a glimpse into the fascinating stories waiting to be discovered.

New Poster Now Live! and Upcoming Plans!

We are thrilled to announce that after an incredible journey of $500 USD, three and a half months, and seven updates, our banner is finally complete!

We owe this achievement to the unwavering support of wonderful people like you! Your contributions have been invaluable, and we extend our deepest gratitude to all our patrons who have been with us every step of the way and continue to support us for the future.

While our banner is almost ready, there are still a few considerations from our team regarding the character sizes. Additionally, the artist is eager to refine the drawing further, so we can expect a revised version in just a few days.

As our banner is completed, we’re excited to have more flexibility in our budget for future endeavors. Our current focus is commissioning character arts for merchandise.

Here’s a summary of the artists we are considering for this exciting project:

  1. Himitsu: Full body – $75, Commercial use – 2x, Background pricing TBD. They have shown interest in a long-term collaboration and might offer a discount for commercial use. We eagerly await their final quote as they handle their current workload.
  2. Shiro: Full body with background and commercial use – $70. We’ve already placed an order with them for one illustration to assess their work.
  3. Risovaka: Full body – $75, Background – $15, Commercial use – $20 (Total: $110). They may provide a returning customer discount, which we will confirm soon.
  4. Narululu: Full body – $55, Background – $20, Commercial use – $50 (Total: $125). They offer a $15 discount after 3-4 orders, adding to the appeal of this option.
  5. Yuukun: Full body – $35 (inclusive of commercial use), Detailed background – additional $5. While their reviews and pricing are excellent, communication has been challenging, and we are taking this into consideration.

Once again, we thank you for your tremendous support and for being a part of this incredible journey. Your contributions have been instrumental in making this dream come true. We will keep you updated on the progress and eagerly look forward to the exciting artwork that lies ahead!

If you wish to contribute to this project and be a part of this creative endeavor, you can find our General Purpose Patreon page here.

New Affiliate Program

We are thrilled to announce some exciting developments as we work towards our vision of creating the ultimate hub for Gender Bender novels. To further expand our offerings, we have launched an affiliate program that aims to bring talented translators on board. We will be reaching out to translators, offering them the opportunity to host their translations on Re:Library as freelancers while sharing in the ad revenue generated.

We understand that some translators may prefer to maintain their independence, which is why we are also offering an alternative option. Under this arrangement, a dedicated publisher will be assigned to post chapters on our site, ensuring a one-week delay to support the exclusivity of the translator’s own website.

We are pleased to announce that three translators have already joined us on this exciting journey. Saloi Translations will be hosting “I Decided to Become a Perfect Girl” as a freelance translator, while V-rus Translations and Bell Rock Translations have chosen to join our affiliate program. They have granted us permission to host “I Was Heartbroken, So I Became A VTuber” and “North x Northwest” on Re:Library, respectively. While we are in the process of transferring the chapters, you can still visit the translators’ sites to enjoy their existing translations!

Additionally, we are delighted to introduce Ryukas as our dedicated publisher for the affiliates. Let’s extend a warm welcome to Ryukas for their valuable contribution to our growing community.

We believe that these new collaborations will enrich our platform and provide you with a wider selection of captivating Gender Bender novels. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to expand and enhance your Re:Library experience.

Thank you for your ongoing support and enthusiasm.

New Poster (Coming Soon)!

Today, we come to you with an exciting project that will add a touch of artistic flair to our website.

We are thrilled to announce our plan to commission a captivating header image for our website, and we need your support to make it a reality. The banner will not only beautify our platform but also showcase all of our newly created mascots. It will feature stunning artwork, six captivating characters, an adorable pet, and a mesmerizing background, all crafted by a talented artist.

To achieve this, we are seeking your help to raise a total of $495.85. In the first month, we aim to allocate $179.35 to bring two characters, a pet, and a captivating background to life. The subsequent two months will see the addition of two more characters, with each month requiring $158.25.

Here is an insight into the revenue and expenditure of Re:Library over the specified months:


Show More
In July 2022, the site experienced a deficit of -$20.47, with expenses primarily allocated for character artwork and platform purchases.

August 2022 saw an increase in revenue to $220.81, with expenses focused on WordPress Snippet Pro, and Bookwalker purchases.

September 2022 had revenue of $146.78, with significant spending on Bookwalker and a logo concept.

October 2022 saw revenue increase to $173.79, but expenses exceeded earnings due to translation fees and an expense on Sylphie’s reference sheet.

November 2022 revenue decreased to $122.00, with lower expenses on a Patreon banner and Bookwalker purchases.

December 2022 revenue increased to $206.20, with expenses allocated to fan art related to Hero’s Daughter and Hero King.

January 2023 revenue remained consistent at $197.57, with expenses incurred for the Re:Library logo.

February 2023 revenue was $161.38, with expenses lower in comparison, including emotes and AinCiel fan art.

March 2023 had revenue of $208.69, but expenses surpassed earnings due to various expenditures such as emotes, reference sheets, merchandise, and wpDiscuz license.

April 2023 revenue decreased to $137.50, with expenses focused on Fana’s emotes and said poster.

Your contribution to this project will directly impact the visual appeal and overall experience of Re:Library. By supporting us, you demonstrate your passion for the Gender Bender genre and your commitment to fostering a vibrant community of readers. Your generosity will not only enhance the aesthetics of our platform but also motivate us to continue providing high-quality translated novels.

We kindly request your support in making this vision a reality. Every contribution, no matter how small, brings us closer to our goal. Together, we can create a captivating and inspiring website that enriches the reading experience for all visitors.

To contribute, please visit our General Purpose Patreon page, where you can find option to make a donation. We will keep you updated on the progress of this project and share the final artwork with you, as a testament to our collective efforts.

Thank you for being a cherished member of our community and for considering supporting us in this exciting endeavor. Your support means the world to us and drives us to continually improve and provide you with the best possible experience on Re:Library.

With heartfelt gratitude,
The Re:Library Team

∴ Disclaimer: General Purpose is independent from Project Gender Bender Patreon page. The goal of General Purpose Patreon page is to raise money for future website developments, whereas Project Gender Bender is to secure funds to pay the translators.

New Logo, New Emotes & More

It has been a while since we last introduced Re:Library’s Mascot. At the time of introduction, some of the reference sheets were still in production, but today we are happy to announce the reference sheets of all 7 mascot characters and 1 pet are now done! We’ve put them together on a size chart for a side-by-side comparison of the character’s proportions, you can preview them below:

With the completion of the reference sheets, we can now proceed to the next phase. However, before doing so, I would like to address the matter of the logos and emoticons. Although I have not made any official statement in recent months, it is likely that regular visitors to Re:Library may have observed several modifications made to the site logo. Below are a few examples of the logos we have utilized over the past few months, with one of them receiving criticism for resembling a cryptocurrency logo.

Depreciated Logos

In the end, we’ve decided to stick with these two logos for the website and discord respectively:

Moving on, we have already commissioned 2 sets of emoticons featuring our mascots, and we intend to ultimately replace all the emoticons on our Discord server with these personalized ones. Additionally, I have made these emoticons available as stickers on the website, allowing visitors to utilize them when posting comments on the site.

It may have come to the attention of some individuals that the emoticon functionality on our website was non-operational for a period of time. This was due to the expiration of our license, which caused the plugin to deactivate itself. Although we were previously informed that we could still utilize the latest version of the plugin at the time our license expired, it turned out to be untrue, necessitating us to renew our license. However, we are pleased to announce that the emoticon feature is now completely restored and available for use.

Our next development involves a collaboration with RedBubble to launch an online merchandise store. The way RedBubble operates is that they handle the printing and shipping of the products on our behalf, and we receive a royalty of approximately 20% of the purchase price. While we are not yet prepared to launch, as we are still assessing the quality of the merchandise, I have personally placed an order and am currently waiting for it to arrive before we can make an official announcement. Nevertheless, we have already uploaded some designs on RedBubble, and the store is already accessible online. If you are interested, you can preview our store by clicking on the following link:


And finally, regarding the banner, our plan is to commission a design that will replace the current header image of our website and also be utilized as the background for invites on our Discord server. Since including all 7 characters and 1 pet in the banner will no doubt cost us a hefty sum, I’m thinking to start with a more modest approach. Initially, we will feature only 2 characters and gradually add the remaining characters later on. I have already contacted an artist who expressed interest, but since they rarely create backgrounds, they are uncertain if they can fulfill our request and have agreed to attempt it before providing a quote. We are hoping to receive a response from them soon.

[New Series] Destiny Unchain Online

There is only one chapter left of Hero Redo and it will be fully translated this month, the Patrons will now be able to read all the translated chapters on Project Gender Bender Patreon page, but free users will have to wait until 13th July before they are available to the public. In lieu of Hero Redo, the translator will now be working on Destiny Unchain Online.

Now we understand there is currently a machine translator publishing this series, we also mentioned this when we put this up for the poll, but the majority still voted for this regardless. And after comparing the three versions of this chapter, I have to say I agree with the assessment. Machine translator still can’t triumph over a human translator, not now at least. There are some mistakes, misunderstanding, tone, and nuances that a machine can’t pick up.

AI is now in full throttle and is taking away jobs from many translators, there is nothing we can do to stop it. Heck, big companies are even considering firing human translator for cheap labor and using AI to do the jobs. I know a few companies that are already doing this and the results are not pretty. It is my firm belief that AI is still not ready to do a full translation job, they are not bad as a proofreading tools, but I still wouldn’t trust a machine to translate my book any time soon.

Click here to start reading:
» Prologue 1 «

[New Series] Tilea’s Worries

Tilea’s Worries is sponsored by Edmund.

Re:Library will be picking up Tilea’s Worries starting from Volume 3 Chapter 34, immediately after Estellion’s translations. We are also in the middle of bringing all the past chapters to this site. It will take a bit of time to proofread and edit all the chapters, but we are slowly getting there. We just finished volume 2 today and will continue to work on the rest of volume 3.

This project is only possible thanks to the generous donations of Edmund.

Click here to start reading:
» V3 Chapter 34 (Part 1) «

Rich Richie joins Re:Library

Today, a new freelance translator has joined the Re:Library family and decided to translate I became a Beautiful Girl, but I’m still an MMO Junkie from the ground up. The previous version translated by Secret Imouto is completely butchered up and I totally agree with Richie’s decision to re-translate the whole thing. I wouldn’t want to read a single chapter translated by Secret Imouto anyway, they are very infamous for ruining any good novels they picked up due to their horrendous translation.

Now we are aware that another group has picked up where the Secret Imouto left off, but that doesn’t change our course of action, our goal here is to fix all the mistakes made by the previous translator and we will continue to do so. If at some point we reached the chapters translated by the Galaxy translation team, then that is something Richie will have to sort out with the other team, hopefully we will be able to come to a proper resolution.

Without further ado, give Richie your best regards and enjoy the read:

» Translator’s Intro «
» Chapter 1 «

[New Series] Sword, Tiara and High Heels

Another new series, Sword, Tiara and High Heels, will be gracing Re:Library soon. As of 1st September 2022, we have finished translating all 126 available chapters of Strongest Swordsman’s Re:START and will be publishing that well until 19th December 2022. Sword, Tiara and High Heels is the series that will be replacing Swordsman’s Re:START at the time.

For the time being, we plan to publish 1 chapter of Sword, Tiara and High Heels per month until we run out of Swordsman’s Re:START to publish. Patrons who are currently subscribed to Swordsman’s Re:START will also get early access to Sword, Tiara and High Heels.

Click here to start reading:
» Prologue «

Fan Arts, Emotes… and Mascots?

After receiving our first payment from the Re:Library’s General Purpose Patreon, we commissioned a piece of work for Natalia. However, we received generous donations from some members of the Re:Library Discord in the form of fan art as you can see below. In addition to this, Amaryllis has decided to invest in us and talks about changes came up and began. We have decided to start sprucing things up per se and are getting: A new discord icon, Discord Banner, New Emotes, New Website Banner commissioned as future projects in our discussions.

Another of said talks was the chance of us being able to sell merch at some point in the hopefully not far off future. Due to very obvious reasons we won’t be able to sell merch of said character’s in novels, which is very unfortunate. In order to overcome this obstacle, we have decided to create our own original characters and sell merchandise of them along with some with the Re:Library Logo. This will honestly be a huge undertaking and we hope you will continue to support us and help us with these endeavors to see them become a reality at some point in the future, so please do help by donating to the General Purpose Patreon Page, any bit helps. We hope you guys will continue to enjoy the novels we provide you and stick around for the hopefully new changes to come.

Now that the difficult talk is done with, let me share some of the fan arts we’ve got so far:

[1] First is the Natalia headshot from Greetings, Automata Maid that we commissioned from angrycomputer.
[2] Next, we have another Natalia in full body glory donated to us by Amaryllis. This is what we’re currently using as our front cover.
[3] Lastly, donated to us by Perry is a full body artwork of Princess from Reborn as a Transcendent.

[Poll] Ideas for Fan Art #1

Today we just received our first payment from Re:Library’s General Purpose Patreon page. We’ve received $35 in total so we can’t really commission a half to full body art with extra details but we should have enough for a simple headshot or emote.

I have two ideas for the first commission:
1) Commission a headshot with simple background from angrycomputer for $20.
2) Commission a Discord emote from Xeph for $35.

The question now is, after we’ve decided on who to commission from, what character to draw? I’m thinking of a headshot for Natalia from Automata Maid so we can maybe use that as a cover pics, what do you think?

Please cast your vote below and leave a comment what you’d like us to commission:

Objectives of the General Purpose Patreon

While I’ve made cursory mention of the General Purpose Patreon before, I’ve never went in-depth as to why this page was created. That is why I will be clarifying a few things about the General Purpose Patreon in this post.

First of all, this page was created at the request of a friend who keeps nagging to me about this at every other opportunity and there were also a few readers who expressed that they do not care about the reward and just wanted to support the site, and that is how this page came to be. I am not expecting to get much out of this Patreon page but it will be a nice little bonus if we do get anything at all.

Next, while we said you won’t be getting any benefits from subscribing to this page, the money we earned will be used for the few purposes listed below, from highest priority to the lowest:

  • Future Upgrades:
    • We have many things planned for the future, starting from the creation, promotion and merchandising of Re:Library mascot characters, to website and discord revamp such as new banner, logo, emotes, etc.
  • Supporting Authors:
    • We will use what little extra money we earned from this page to purchase e-Books from official sources such as Bookwalker or SFACG to support the authors.
  • Fan Art Commissions:
    • When we saved enough money to make a commission, we will find an artist to draw a fan art of the most popular characters from any of the series Re:Library is translating.
  • Translation fees:
    • It’s not easy to keep all the translators paid when you have to deal with more than ten people at once. We have a Patreon page dedicated to gather funding to pay the translators but sometimes it’s still not enough as the earnings constantly fluctuate. In extreme cases, we’ve had to drop a few series because we simply do not have enough funding to justify keeping them ongoing, so any extra money we can earn is a godsend.
  • Site Upkeep:
    • While we have Fana to thank for hosting Re:Library for us and keeping our upkeep fees to the minimum, we do still have to pay for a few things such as the domain license, Cloudflare Pro and other miscellaneous fees.

I hope I am able to shed some light into the objectives of the General Purpose Patreon and if you are financially able and is feeling generous, you can find the links to our Patreon pages down below in the “Support Us” section.

Regarding Toxic Comments on the Site

It has recently come to our attention that some readers on Re:Library have been displaying quite a toxic behavior towards the translator here for their sporadic schedules and we want to remind you that such behavior is highly prohibited.

Firstly, let us stress that it was not the translator who deleted the user’s comment, it was deleted by the admin, so stop harassing the translator. Secondly, there are two different types of project on Re:Library; sponsored and freelance. Sponsored projects have fixed schedules and we understand if people are wondering what’s happening and asking why we didn’t publish it on time, but freelance project is something the translator did out of their own free time, they do not get any money from this and we will not tolerate people harassing the translator for faster updates. Translating is not an easy job and it can often be stressful at times, you condemning them does not help the cause, AT ALL. In fact, the only likely scenario is that it will demotivate the translator and make them stop translating once and for all.

IF you absolutely want to read, why not take up the time to study the language yourself and binge the raw all at once instead of waiting for that one per week chapter or two?

[New Series] Ragweed Princess

Before we start, I just want to stress that I have a feeling the author knows we’re translating the Hero King webnovel, whenever we’re about to catch up and decide to pick up a new project, the author suddenly released dozens of new chapters. And this happened twice in a row. Hero King was supposed to end with 269 chapters but now it has 309 chapters. That’s more than enough chapters to keep us going strong for another few months!

However, I have decided to push Hero King to the side in favor of picking up a new novel we’ve been eyeing on for some time. The reason being we will eventually catch up again at this rate, so we will be translating Hero King at a slower pace as we put our main focus on the new novel, The Ragweed Princess of the Livitium Imperial Kingdom.

For now, the plan is to release 1 chapter of Ragweed Princess per month until we run out of Hero King chapters to publish. If you’re currently subscribed to Hero King on Patreon, you will continue to receive update for that in addition to the Ragweed Princess. That’s the price of one for two, it’s a steal! If you haven’t subscribed to Patreon already, you can find our Patreon page in the support us section below.

Click here to start reading:
» Chapter 1-1 «