Chapter 18 – Acting

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Zzonkedd English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 748 words

Schenna blushed and avoided contact as she spoke to her first love in her previous life.

“It’s been a while. Have you been doing well in this world?”

“Yeah, I…. I’ve been doing great”1

“I see that you’re having issues living as a woman judging by your masculine choice of words. You know, that sudden virgin reaction is not suitable for such a beautiful girl!”

The young elf straight up pointed out Schenna’s worries of living as a woman.

Could it be that she’s sharp? Or was Schenna just that easy to see through? It might as well be both.

The young elf proceeded to her self introduction.

“My name in this world is Sareenea Distohl. Also as you can see, I’m an elf.”

“… I’m Schenna Urablatt.”

“There’s no need to force yourself to talk like a girl, I don’t mind if you use a more masculine tone. Schenna… If my memory doesn’t fail me, that’s the name of a female knight from the northern part of Hashel.”

Schenna had no reason to keep it a secret and told her straight away that she was the female knight she spoke about.

Knowing that her name had spread throughout countries really made her feel happy as a knight, but it didn’t matter at this point.

“Well, feel free to take a seat.”

Schenna took a seat at the guest’s chair and went back to the business talk.2

“Just to let you know, I won’t be giving discounts just because we knew each other in our previous lives. However, depending on the conditions, I might just let you have it for free.”

“That would be great! So, what are the conditions?”

“It’s quite simple. All you have to do is to perform an act and say the following words I’m about to write down on this paper”

Schenna was already expecting something crazy to come out, but then again saving money was more important right now so she agreed to the terms.

“Alright, understood. I’m fine with these terms.”

“Let me just tell you that there’s no going back, okay?”

“I might be a woman here but I still think like a man, and a man doesn’t go back on his words.”

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Sareenea began writing down some stuff with a grin on her face.

In her previous life, she was a problematic girl who seemed to be pretty hard to approach, but her behavior now was quite chill and approachable.

“Mrs. Knight, it’s done! Shall we get you started then?”

Sareenea put down the pen and showed Schenna the paper.

Upon checking the content, she felt like she had fallen into a state of hallucination as the feeling of cold sweat ran throughout her body.

‘I want to take back what I said about her being chill now’ is what she thought at the time.

“Not going back on your word right?”

Schenna was feeling tied down as Sareenea approached her face and kept telling her over and over that there was nowhere to run.

‘Let’s also change up the outfit’ – said Sareenea in high spirits as she arranged the sword and armor she had gotten from the blacksmith.

Schenna memorized the lines written in the paper and got ready to begin the act.

“I am the captain of the third Imperial Guard corps, Schenna Urablatt! I won’t yield to a creature as vulgar as the orcs!”

After finishing her acting she looked at Sareenea, “I… I give up, I rather die than take all this embarrassment!” then she saw a child and their parents, staring at her with a cold expression on their faces.

Sareenea who already had enough fun applauded Schenna, then instantly changed expression as she greeted the customers.

“Damn it… I was having so much fun that I accidentally forgot to take down the stores ‘open’ signboard”

In the midst of this awkward situation, Sareenea grabbed a glass bottle from the shelf and handed it to the family, which left the store without saying a word.

After the family left the store, one of the guards rushed inside and dragged them all the way to the administrative district to explain what had happened. On top of getting scolded quite badly, Schenna had to present her personal identification, in which they found her to be in the Holy Bow of the Forest Guild. They had Reesha come to the administrative district in order to take care of the situation and thanks to that, they were finally released.


  1. She once again addressed herself as ore/俺 and corrected with watashi/私
  2. Silva: Hm… ok, so you’re not gonna ask how she got here? It’s all business for you huh…

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