Chapter 46: Helper

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 737 words
Proofreader: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The next day, Schenna and Kishana finished the last preparations in the kitchen.

“You should go wake up Luthors soon.”
“Yeah… I really overdid it yesterday though. I didn’t think a single glass would knock her out.”

Kishana had drunk most of the wine, while Schenna and Luthors both had a single glass each.
Kishana normally had a strong change in behavior when drunk, but this time she had acted normally.
When Schenna recalled what happened the last night, she felt embarrassed to face Luthors.

“Luthors, I’m coming in.”

After knocking on the door, she went in. Luthors was standing in front of a mirror, looking at how the apron suited her.

“Good morning. I’m sorry for making you drink last night even though you said you weren’t used to it…”
“Ah, Schenna. Last night was fun. I only mentioned I was bad with it after you served me, so I don’t mind. Though lamentably my memories of everything that happened after I drank are too fuzzy and I can’t remember anything. I only hope I didn’t end up doing something really weird…”
“Don’t worry about that! I’m not too good with alcohol myself, so I understand how you feel.”

Since she didn’t seem to recall anything of what had happened, Schenna felt a bit reassured for the moment.

Her plan had only been to liven up the celebration with alcohol, but when she found out Luthors was a lightweight, it only turned awkward. If this had been her past life, it could have been seen as an abusive boss forcefully making his worker drink.

“You mentioned something about you two being old men if you were still alive in your past world? That was something only reincarnated people could say and it was really funny.”
“If a regular person who didn’t know anything about it heard you, they’d be really creeped out though.”

If she had not met Kishana, she probably would have never told anyone about her reincarnation. Then her life would have been spent with her hunting monsters, or become an adventurer, or maybe even a mercenary. A completely different path from the one her life had taken now.

“But then am I actually an old man or a girl… That doesn’t bother you?”
“Something like that isn’t a reason that would make me hate you or Kishana. Everyone has a thing or two they hide.”
“Then there’s something you hide from me too?”
“Heheh…that’s a secret.”

A meaningful smile spread on her lips. Schenna took her hand and led her downstairs to group up with Kishana. Schenna was still doubtful if Luthors really did forget what she had said the night before though.

Once she confirmed they were all present, she gave a few words as the manager.

“Today marks the date for the opening of our restaurant. This is my first time managing a business like this, so there will be many things I might struggle with, but if we all work together I believe we can succeed. Let’s work hard!”

After that, she bowed while Kishana and Luthors started clapping.

“That’s a good-spirited tone I hear. It suits the personality of a manager.”

Reesha had entered through the front door with a boy following after her. Schenna lightly bowed to her as well and thanked her.

“Thank you so much for coming to help us today. Is that…your child Reesha-san?”
“I see you’ve gotten better at joking after meeting Sareenea. He’s another helper for the restaurant.”

Reesha then introduced everyone to the boy, and when he saw Luthors, he spoke instinctively.

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“Oh… I recognize only one of them, from a long time ago. One of the Dark Knights of Gafenna.”

The boy apparently knew who Luthors was, but she only tilted her head in puzzlement, unable to remember anything.

“I don’t remember ever meeting a child. Who are you?”

It was possible the boy had heard stories about Luthors before, but the way he spoke had given the impression he had known her from long ago.

“Well, you probably can’t tell with this body. Maybe you would know me if I said I’m the Demon King you worked together with to try to defeat the Heroes before?”

The boy claiming to be the Demon King peered into Luthors eyes as if communicating through them and Luthors took half a step back as her face turned pale.


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