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My Little Master is an Otherworld Veteran

My Loli Master My Little Master is an Otherworld Veteran (異世界ベテラン幼女師匠) is a Japanese Web Novel written by Akashari (赤しゃり).

Category: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Gender Bender

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Laika Galactica is a grave sinner. The punishment meted out to him is a thousand years of confinement, a harsh sentence where the spirit wears down, longing for death yet unable to die. With each decay, his body is replaced, trapping him in what seems like eternal darkness.

After enduring an era that would drive any normal person to madness multiple times, his body has finally passed the thousand-year mark — transforming into that of a young, innocent girl.

And then, cast into an unknown land with no sense of direction, he meets a girl. Her name is “Momose Kaguya,” and her occupation is “Josikosei” (High School Girl).

This is the tale of a girl who wandered from another world and a Wizard (hikikomori) who has lost everything.

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