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My Little Master is an Otherworld Veteran

My Loli Master My Little Master is an Otherworld Veteran (異世界ベテラン幼女師匠) is a Japanese Web Novel written by Akashari (赤しゃり).

Category: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Gender Bender

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Laika Galactica was a grave criminal. The punishment imposed on him was the capital punishment of a thousand years of confinement, his mind abraded and not even granted the relief of death. He was locked in what seemed like a perpetual darkness, his flesh replaced each time it decayed.

After spending a thousand years—enough time for an average person to go mad several times over—like that, the body he ended up with was that of… a frail little girl.

As he was pushed off into the world with no explanation, he encountered a single girl. Her name – “Momose Kaguya”. Her profession – “High School Girl”.

This is a story of a girl who wandered in from another world and a Wizard (shut-in) who had lost everything.

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