Chapter 19 – Japanese Meals are Complicated

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Zzonkedd English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 911 words

“As soon as I got informed that you were taken by the guards as a suspect I was really worried, I’m glad it was no big deal but please refrain from doing anything that might be misunderstood as an evil act!”

Both Schenna and Sareenea lowered their heads as they got scolded quite hard by Reesha.
Leaving Reesha behind, who still had work to do over at the administrative district, the other two headed back to the commercial district, straight back to Sareenea’s store as she got back to work on Schenna’s request.

“Well, a promise is a promise so drop by the store in a week and I’ll have it ready for you to take, for free.”

“Okay…” — said Schenna as if her soul was about to leave her body.1

Behind Schenna, the figure of Sareenea concentrating hard on her work began to overlap with Kashiyama Madoka, the love of Schenna in her previous life.

Schenna had just gone through a lot of trouble because of her but then again, she had forgiven her all too easily. She was well aware that her attitude towards Sareenea was way too soft. Schenna didn’t feel comfortable next to Sareenea and tried to leave her store immediately, however…

Sareenea noticed the uncomfortable look on her face and said reassuringly, “You don’t look good, what’s wrong? That realistic act fueled my will to work harder so don’t you worry about anything!”

She then proceeded to take out some sort of small machine from her breasts and playback Schenna’s embarrass-filled voice.2

As she heard her voice from the machine, which was some sort of recording device, she swore deep in her heart to never forgive her again.

She then went back to the restaurant and informed Kishana about the situation, and that the freezer would be ready in about a week.

“You did it! Now we can start conserving the ingredients”


“What’s the matter? You look somewhat depressed, did something happen?”

Schenna then explained to Kishana how the alchemist turned out to be Kashiyama Madoka and how they got taken to the administrative district after getting caught with Schenna’s act.
Without being able to conceal her face in shock of knowing that there were more people from the plane crash being present in this world4, even more so due to the fact that this time, it was her first love, she couldn’t help but feel it was fate.

“I can imagine your re-encounter with your first love from 18 years ago being tough. She was a really smart and beautiful girl, but apparently she had been working on doujinshi on the side.”5


Kishana explained what doujinshi was to Schenna as best as she could and Schenna seemed to somewhat understand it.

Schenna had not eaten anything since morning and the sound coming from her stomach gave it away.

“Sorry, is there anything to eat?”

“Just wait a bit!”

Kishana began cooking in the kitchen.

She cut an onion and chicken meat to match a one-person meal, then added some salt to it.
Instantly moving it to an iron fry pan, switching around the sides of the meat to make sure both were well cooked and finished it within 5 minutes.

“Here you go, a fine yakitori plate! I bought the chicken parts from the market and tried to figure out the best dishes to cook with it, but in the end nothing beats yakitori, from children to adults, it’s a plate that pleases just about anyone. On top of that, the preparation doesn’t take that long either.”

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This time she couldn’t prepare a charcoal brazier to cook the yakitori, but even with a frying pan, the pleasant smell and good taste were still there.

“I also made some spiedini grilled on skewers. That one is an Italian dish made with cow meat instead of chicken meat.”6

That dish was prepared with a bit of lemon added to it, along with some herbs to enhance the smell of the dishes, which made Schenna’s appetite grow even bigger.

“Both of them are good dishes to have on our menu. Provided with some sake, it should fill up the restaurant at night with adventurers.”

“Not really, there’s a big problem with yakitori. We don’t have soy sauce to make tare sauce so it feels like it will be lacking in terms of taste.”

In order to make the tare sauce to dip the yakitori in, they really needed the soy sauce. Since they weren’t familiar with the details of how to make soy sauce, it seemed like all hope was lost.

“So the conclusion is, making Japanese food is kind of hopeless. Even for any type of fried food, soy sauce is necessary7, on the other hand western food seems to be way more within our reach.”

Pigs didn’t exist in this world either so ham and bacon was also out of their reach.8 They could technically do it if they were to breed wild boars but once again, just like soy sauce, it seemed like a lost cause.

“There’s no point in focusing on what we can’t do anyways, let’s concentrate on what we can do for now.”

“… I guess you’re right”

The taste of the spiedini turned out just fine so the overall result was still on the positive side.9

From Schenna’s point of view, positive results far outweigh the negative ones, so she gently pushed Kishana’s back and tried to cheer her up.


  1. I’m not the biggest fan of Schenna’s attitude towards everything seriously, it’s like everything is a pain in the *** for her or just not impressive enough
  2. She didn’t tell her about Madoka, just the freezer
  3. That attitude again…
  4. But didn’t they say Madoka didn’t go on the trip?
  5. Zzonkedd: How does she know, and what does that have to do with being beautiful and smart?

    Silva: I suppose they were not talking about Madoka if this is Kishana speaking.

    Zzonkedd: Actually I made a small mistake here, I said ‘… for me to deal with my first love…’ but it was Kishana talking to Schenna, saying it must’ve been tough for her

  7. No, not really, do Japanese really dip fried food in soy sauce?
  8. Zzonkedd: A world with no pigs T_T

    Silva: Nooooo my beacon!

  9. This might be confusing, basically here what I mean is even if they can’t make the other dishes, Kishana was still able to make spiedini and have it taste just fine so in terms of results, it was okay

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