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Chapter 1 – Prologue

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Zzonkedd English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 849 words

Hashel, a magical kingdom located to the northern part of the Halcentius continent.

Over there, belonging to a lower rank noble’s family, a girl called Schenna Urablatt lives her life somewhat different from other girls, carrying a special particularity. That particularity would be that she, is actually a high school boy who remembers his previous life and that he was reborn in this different world as a girl.

Born as the third daughter of the Urablatt family soon turning 18 years old, currently working for the Knights army as the commanding officer, however that was not Schenna’s intention.

Even though she was born in a noble family, it was but a lower social status family so she had no special authority over anything or anyone, not to mention she was never spoken to by the families from higher social status, and as for their older sister, she had already left to marry a local feudal lord and living a happy life.

Aiming for Priden, a neutral country located to the south of Hashel, she hid in a caravan and promptly arrived at Shalteux, a fortress located in Priden.

“I really don’t mind being reborn but out of all things being reborn as a girl, kind of puts me on the spot..”

Back when I was still a boy attending a private high school and working hard on my club activities, it sure was a happy fulfilling period of time.

However, after the plane crash during our school’s field trip, being kicked off to a different world and opening my eyes just to see I was actually a baby girl, no way I could not be shocked by that.

During my childhood as I was growing up, I didn’t really feel any difference or awkwardness. However as time passed, my body grew into something I wasn’t accustomed to and I began getting confessed by guys which made me feel conflicted countless times.
Obviously, if I had no memories of my previous life none of this would seem weird, but having this happen to the new me was just depressing.

In order for Schenna to be able to live a manly life, she entered Hashel’s Knight Order and due to her previous life’s potential, was able to furthermore improve her performance as a Knight.

However, even here she couldn’t escape the reality of being a woman and was confronted with a marriage proposal from the leader of the Knight Order.

The leader of the order was a guy who liked to show off his power and authority, turning him down wouldn’t affect her at all since she didn’t care for social status but it would surely cause trouble to her foster parents and that was something she couldn’t bring herself to do.

She then chose to throw away her honor and social status, and live an independent life over at Priden.

Shalteux’s castle was a place with overflowing neutrality, even other races besides humans were allowed to run their business and live there.

As Schenna moved through an alley in Priden, she found a corner with a female elf with a bunch of accessories and bracelets spread on top of wrapping cloth, what seemed to be a stall for ornament sales. Next to that stall was another elf who was dressed in a way that gave the impression of being a fortune teller, letting out a funny laugh and calling Schenna over.

“Young lady, let me see what the future holds in regards to your love life”

For a moment there I almost failed to notice her calling me as she referred to me as a young lady.
I’m barely holding any money with me, on top of that I came all the way here to escape my love life so I’ll politely decline the offer.

“I appreciate the offer but I have no interest in my love life”

“Please don’t say that! For such a beautiful young lady like you, I’ll even make it cheaper…..”

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As the fortune teller grabbed Schenna by the arm, they both fell in a very awkward sensation.

“Kouta… is that you? No wait, it’s you for sure!”

“…. Yasuhiro?”

Kouta was Schenna’s name in her previous life.
Yasuhiro was Kouta’s best friend, a boy from the same high school as Kouta who happened to be sitting next to him in the plane during the tragic field trip.

As I look closely, Yasuhiro is now a delicate brown skinned female dark elf.

“That armor.. that’s from the northern knights right? I heard rumors of the great deeds of a female knight but… that was you!?”

“I’m surprised as well. Didn’t expect to meet anyone with memories from their previous lives… In fact, meeting you here didn’t even cross my mind, and as a dark elf on top of it”

“Kinda gives this nostalgic and happy feeling. Well with that settled it’s already closing time, plus I bet you have a lot to talk about so follow me, I’ll take you to my room”

And so the dark elf closed up the shop and led Schenna to her room.


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