Chapter 22 – Dark Knight Pt. 2

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Zzonkedd English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 867 words

Even Schenna who had tons of experience in battle felt almost as if paralyzed after hearing Reesha’s commands, who seemed to have a fearful aura around her. No less expected from one of the members from the hero party, Schenna was able to once again realize she was on a whole different level when it came to battle power.

By the looks of it, Reesha seemed to be acquainted with the black knight.

“I remember seeing you somewhere before. Luthors Raya, the second-in-command serving under Cardinal Dian from the religious country of Gafenna right?”

Gafenna was a heavily religious country located to the south of the Halcentius continent, which had complete control over the region and had previously conspired along with the Demon King to take over the entire continent. They had attacked the empire of Maxenti in the neighbour kingdom of Reyes with all their power, which took the five grand powers of Centius, Swead, the knight alliance of Loslow and the holy kingdom of Rinsr, led by the heroes of Hashel in order to successfully defeat the demon king, leaving Gafenna with nearly no remaining forces. After that, they began rebuilding their troops by joining the dark side and getting them to cooperate in order to take down the continent.

Luthors, the dark knight from Gafenna is well known for her bravery. According to the rumors, she had dealt with the main force of Reyes and had also fought the hero party yet still get out alive.

“I am indeed Luthors Raya, and I remember you well. This time I’ll put you to an end for sure”

Luthors used her giant blade as a cane (a walking stick to be more specific in this case) as she let out a rough breath, with her face filled in anguish.

“You have quite a powerful mental strength. Stand still for a bit, there’s poison circulating over your entire body so let me do something about it.”1

“Are you stupid? I’m from Gafenna, your enemy, are you aware of that!?”

“As soon as you step into this place, it doesn’t matter whether you’re from Gafenna or from anywhere else.”

Reesha tried to approach her in order to help out but Luthors refused to accept it and raised her sword.

In the neutral country of Priden, it didn’t matter whoever the person was or their race, everyone was welcome. This rule was brought up back in the days of its foundation by the heroes and it was never ever to be broken.

“Damn it…”

Eventually, the poison circulating through her body was too much to handle and Luthors collapsed, falling on Reesha’s hands who insisted on treating her no matter what.

“I’m sorry, but could you girls carry her over to the restaurant and treat her? I have some pending business over at the administrative district.”

“But…. Understood. We will carry her to one of the rooms upstairs.”

Schenna put her sword back in the scabbard and carried Luthors upstairs from the back entrance. Kishana went over to the commercial district in order to get the plants needed to remove the poison while Schenna took some ice from the freezer to lower Luthors fever.

“Schenna, there’s a new pair of underwear down on the first floor, so take care of removing her armor and change her up.”

“Yeah, leave it up to me.”

Schenna went downstairs to pick up the brand new underwear before heading back to the room. She was somewhat reluctant to remove her armor and dress her up with the new pair, but as someone’s life was on the line, she got rid of the hesitation.

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The black armor was filled with numerous scrapes, showing signs of her being injured in various battlefields.

Kishana starred at the suffering dark knight in front of her and began wondering what made her come here all the way from Gafenna.

“It’s slightly bitter, just put up with it.”

Kishana made her drink the elixir she had made with the flowers by grinding them together in a pot. She held her hand as she kept nursing the dark knight.

“You do know that the dark elves are fighting alongside Gafenna right? This girl probably lost her place in Gafenna and ended up here in Priden. She might have gotten us confused with an assassin that got sent to end her life.”2

“… Because she was an assassin herself?”

“Yeah well… When I first got to Priden, I couldn’t trust anyone around me for a long time. At the time, anyone there could have been an assassin sent to kill me so I lived in suspicion for a good while. That’s when Reesha-san appeared in my life and made me feel more secure.
She helped me with a lot of problems and gave me advice all the time, then shortly after, you arrived at this town too.”

Kishana kept on talking about this with Schenna due to finding a lot of similarities between her and Luthors.

Leaving their hometown and move to an unknown place was something both Kishana and Schenna knew very well.

The two of them spent the whole night nursing Luthors until they were greeted with a new morning.


  1. Silva: Hm… wait? When did she get poisoned again? Was she always poisoned in the first place?
  2. Silva: Hmm hmm…hmm…. well no, never mind, this dark knight can’t be a reincarnator, they’ve held hands but still no signs of recognition?

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