Chapter 47: The Demon King’s position

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 594 words
Proofreader: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The Demon King was supposed to have been slain by the Hero’s party.

“I can understand you’d doubt it. It’s true that the official story says the Demon King summoned by Gafenna was defeated, but in reality, what happened was that the summoning pact was rewritten, and the Demon King was summoned again with a harmless body.”

According to Reesha, the Demon King was a life-form similar to the gods of old legends, so there was no realistic way of defeating him. After battling against him, the Hero’s party succeeded in forming a second pact with him, then when the Demon King turned defenseless, they secretly transported him to a palace deep inside the fortress city of Shalteux.

“This is also kept a secret from the Five Grand Powers. Then again, the way they treated the Demon King was like they just summoned him to treat him like a weapon. Now he’s living a decent life in the palace.”
“But…couldn’t that potentially become the spark to ignite another war? Especially if the Grand Power of Rinsr were to know about that, they would have a reason to launch an attack on Priden.”

Schenna carefully tried to advice Reesha.

If word came out that the supposedly defeated Demon King was sheltered in Priden, they would be considered heretics to be exterminated by Rinsr, which then would cause all the Five Great Powers to look at Priden as an enemy. For them it would be a justified cause, and also a chance to remove the Hero’s party from its stance, allowing them to expand their territories.

“Considering how ambitious the holy kingdom of Rinsr is, they wouldn’t hesitate to do that. But Priden is a neutral country, so even a harmless Demon King will be welcome here.”

Schenna painfully realized that being a neutral country where any race was welcome was like a double-edged sword, while it sounded like a splendid idea on paper, if anything went wrong, it could just as easily crumble down and be destroyed.

“Anyway, let’s stop with the disturbing stories here. We’re here to help with the restaurant after all.”
“I’m thankful for the help, but is it really okay for you to bring the Demon King?”

Schenna asked Reesha, her opinion representing that of Kishana and Luthors as well.

“I don’t want to treat him like an outcast, and I thought a change of scenery was needed to liven him up. And he can’t use any attacking magic in his current form, the new pact also forbids him of killing people.”
“Yup, that’s how it is. All I can use now is supportive and healing magic only. Things like this.”

The Demon King took Schenna’s hand and in an instant, his body changed into hers.

Due to the change, the clothes he was wearing were torn in some places and left him half-naked, and as he stood straight up in a magnificent pose, she did not know where to place her gaze on.

Considering he was a Demon King, his magic level was clearly high.
Just thinking of what would happen if he could use magic attacks made Schenna shiver.

“Excuse me. I know you’re opening today so I’ve come as your first custo-…”1

The owner of that familiar voice opened the front door, looking for breakfast.
When she laid eyes on a half-naked Schenna, her voice turned stiff and only said a short sentence.

“…Thanks for the treat.”

Then Sareenea gently closed the door and left the restaurant.


  1. Silva: oopsie?

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