Chapter 50: Magic and Abilities

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 830 words
Proofreader: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Schenna retreated to her room on the second floor to calculate the earnings of that day.
Kishana had left to take a bath in the hot springs in the residential district, while Luthors was focusing on meditating in her room.

“Hey, do you think we can chat for a bit?”
“Ah, Grana. You really helped us out today. You can sit on that…”

After knocking on the door, Grana appeared in front of Schenna. Then snapping his fingers, he activated some magic.

“Don’t be so alarmed. I’ve only isolated this room in a subspace. This way we’ll be alone unless I undo the magic or someone opens the door from outside.”

He just said something outrageous with a straight face, before smiling suggestively while still looking like Schenna.
When Schenna looked at him again, she was made aware once again of how perfectly he had copied her looks and voice, so much she almost felt like she was looking into a mirror.

“This is a really interesting place. I was a bit surprised when I saw Luthors again, but I noticed something peculiar in your and Kishana’s souls. If I were to borrow the words from your past life, you two were reincarnated into a different world, right?”
“…Yeah. I guess you can notice things like that since you’re a Demon King.”
“The souls of you two have both the scent of a male and female mixed, and also possess a different color. Compared to the mere existence of you two, even my space warping magic seems trivial.”

Grana had used his soul identification abilities and concluded that Schenna had come from a different world.
The magic Grana could use was way more ancient than any of the cultures aware of magic that resided currently in Hashel. It was as powerful as the long lost high-level magic from archaic civilizations, or maybe even more powerful.

“I was able to tell from our handshake earlier. I know it was rude, but I took a peek at your past. It seems you’re leading a life filled with hardships.”
“I can’t say I approve of you peeking into other people’s pasts. But wouldn’t my life be nothing when seen by a creature close to a god, a Demon King like you?”

After everything he had said, it was not too surprising he would have the magic and abilities to look at her past.

“I have no regrets in tossing away my life as the lower rank noble, Schenna Urablatt. After all, because of that I was able to meet Kishana and Luthors, start this restaurant…”
“Do you really think that way? Are you sure that there isn’t even a speck of regret somewhere in your heart for having run away from the Urablatt family that adopted and raised you?”

Grana switched from Schenna’s appearance to that of Reesha and spoke with her voice and attitude.

“Are you…are you trying to say you could even attempt to understand how I feel?! And please stop using Reesha’s appearance to deceive me!”
“That’s not my intention at all. And I can understand how you feel really well since I was also reincarnated from another world. And I also went through hardships for having to live as the opposite sex.”

This time Grana took Kishana’s appearance, speaking while accurately pinpointing the weak parts of Schenna’s mind.

“You turned down every guy who confessed to you in Hashel, you even ran away from the commander that confessed to you and came to the neutral country of Priden. Met Luthors Raya while trying to start a new life. And were you not happy when a girl in this world confessed to you?”
“Well…Yeah, I was happy because of that. But at the same time, it was frustrating.”

He changed to Luthors appearance then, and as Schenna hung her head down, she spoke about her honest feelings.

“While I do like you, it’s only as a friend. If I had been able to muster the courage to confess in my past life, maybe I would have been more open to emotions like love in this world.

I was afraid that Sareenea…no, Kashiyama-san would end up hating me.”

When Grana changed to Sareenea’s shape, Schenna’s reply didn’t come from the mind of Schenna Urablatt, but from Kouta from the past.

“Your feelings have not changed, even if you can’t change what happened in the past or move on from it. Being raised by the Urablatt family, your troubles from switching sex, Luthors’ confession, and your lover from the past, all of that is still part of you.”

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A moment later he had switched to Schenna’s shape and hugged her as he spoke.
Schenna had never even dreamed she would be consoled like that by the Demon King feared throughout that world, but she accepted his embrace. And even if it was just some kind of magic, it was plenty to warm her heart.


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