Chapter 6 – The Elf’s True Colors

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Zzonkedd English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 477 words

The Elf handed a bag filled with coins to the landlord, which he checked thoroughly to see if the right amount was there.

After that, he warned Schenna that the punishment for these payment failures is quite high.

“I’ll leave for today but make sure you warn Kishana that I want the payment every single month from now on”

The landlord held the bag filled with gold coins tightly and left.
Schenna proceeds to hand over the armor to the Elf as she thanked her for the help in that tight situation.

“Uhm… Thanks for saving me there!”

“It’s okay, I owe it to my neighbor1 anyways. Moreover, I’m more interested in you two. Could it be that both of you are reincarnated?”


Schenna’s head was filled with panic as her identity was abruptly seen through so easily by the Elf.

Which reminds me, she seems to be the Elf that has opened an ornament stall right next to Kishana’s. I was so excited about being reunited with my best friend that I missed a lot of things around me.

“Right after you declined my neighbor’s fortune-telling, things became a bit weird. All of a sudden both of you began talking in a very manly way. I was only able to confirm it last night though. I’m sorry but I made use of my sharp hearing to listen to the conversation.”

The elf returned the armor to Schenna who still couldn’t hide her surprised face.

“You can have this back. I heard it’s worth way more than just a hundred gold coins”

“Ugh… Do you really believe us when we say we’re from another world and reborn here?”

The elf let out a burst of bold laughter, went behind Schenna and grabbed her breasts.

“Wha- ! Why are you grabbing my breasts all of a sudden!?”

“This is just my way of acknowledging you as a reincarnated individual. You’re such a cutie, would be a shame if I didn’t get to hear your adorable scream as I fondle your *****, right? Kouta-kun.”

When she called Schenna by her previous life’s name, she remembered she had not introduced herself yet.

“Sorry, my bad. I got to rub your breasts before even introducing myself. My name is Reesha Karyu, a pleasure to meet you.”

“Reesha…… wait it can’t be!”

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That name was not unfamiliar to Schenna. Reesha Karyu was one of the heroes who had taken part in the foundation of the neutral nation.

Meanwhile, Reesha was already at the front door of her house without Schenna even noticing. She opened the door and entered while giving Schenna a smile that gave the impression that she was making fun of her.2

As for Schenna, after getting her breasts fondled she felt like she had run out of strength and just sat there on the floor.


  1. Their stalls and room are conveniently next to each other.
  2. I’m assuming Reesha was living in the house next to them and had been eavesdropping since last night.

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