Chapter 16 – Hot Springs with Reesha

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Zzonkedd English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 638 words

The next morning, Schenna grabbed her sword and stepped outside the house without waking up Kishana to practice her sword swings.

Ever since she got into the knight corps, every morning she would head to the training grounds and practice by herself.

As a result, not only had she improved her combat skills and mentality, she was also able to forget the fact that she had turned into a woman.

Even when she wasn’t in the Hashel knight corps anymore, she still held a strong will to protect Kishana, which was a promise she made to her and did not plan on breaking it.

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Meanwhile, as she was completely focused on her practice, Reesha showed up right behind her and gave her a greeting.

“Good morning. Waking up early sure gives you energy.”

“Good morning, did I wake you up? I’m sorry if I did.”

“You know, soaking in the hot spring early in the morning is what old folks do. Shall we go there too?”

“To the hot springs?”

Schenna holstered her sword and her face started turning red. She blushed and immediately began stressing out.

She was still very self-conscious about the last time Kishana took her there, it would be even worse this time since Reesha was tagging along.

Reesha noticed her embarrassment and teased her a bit.

“Unlike humans, I may look young for my age, but remember, I’m close to my 200’s this year so there’s nothing to worry about.”

“No… I’m not concerned about that at all.”

“Hehe, such a cute response. You’ve been swinging that sword there for a while so I bet you’re covered in sweat. If you don’t wash it, you’ll end up having Kishana run away from you!”

If Kishana were to come out from the front door, she would also point out the pungent smell of sweat. Either way, avoiding the hot springs was pretty much impossible so she reluctantly accepted Reesha’s invitation.

It wasn’t a bad feeling at all to be walking in the town this early in the morning, it was really quiet, the air was cool, and the chirping of the birds was pleasant to the ear.

‘I wonder how old Reesha is if we were to convert 200 Elven years to human years…’

‘Her face does look rather young, but then again what about Kishana who is 18 years old and already has such a developed body? …This is really confusing.’

I kept thinking about this until we arrived at the hot springs which gladly, were once again empty on the women’s side.

Both Schenna and Reesha took a quick shower, then took a quick look at the view as they entered the bath.

“Morning baths are great aren’t they.”

“Yeah……” —Agreed Schenna from as far from Reesha as possible.

Reesha didn’t hold back, she went close to Schenna and whispered into her ear:

“Does it still bother you being in a woman’s body after having lived a whole life as Kouta?”

“… To be honest, it’s still complicated. Kishana told me I should get used to it but it’s not that easy… Then again, if I had been born as a boy here, I probably wouldn’t have left the knight corps and I would have missed my chance to meet Kishana, so I feel like it was all for the best.”

“I see. Had you been born a boy, you would be living a completely different life.”

What Reesha said was a fact, my life right now could be completely different if my gender didn’t change.

It was only because we got to meet once again that my life changed for the better, and I bet Kishana felt the same way.

They were able to overcome their dark pasts thanks to their reunion and finally be able to look forward to a bright future.


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