Chapter 44: Preparations for the opening

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 681 words
Proofreader: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

In preparation for the opening of the restaurant the next day, Kishana took a large pot and boiled beef tendons with red wine to enhance its flavor.
At the same time, Schenna was to instructing Luthers on how to prepare pancakes and crepes.

“Then you just fry it on both sides, pour some honey or special jam on top and it’s done. Try a bite now.”
“It has a really soft texture and the sweetness of the honey mixes well with it, making it delicious. I can assume this would be a popular dessert for women and children.”

Schenna had followed Kishana’s recipe for it, and it looked like she had successfully replicated its flavor.
After that, Luthors tried to make them herself the way she was taught, and when pouring the jam she tried to draw a cute cat with it.

“Huh?! This is so cute I almost feel bad eating it! I didn’t know you had this kind of talent.”
“I drew it thinking it would enhance its appearance a bit, but I’m glad you like it.”

It looked so good that if there had been cameras or social media, she would have loved to take a picture of it.
There was nothing wrong with the taste either, so it was good enough for it to be sold in the restaurant. When Kishana saw it, she also expressed her surprise at how well it came out.

“This is really amazing! Luthors, can you draw other shapes as well?”
“Let me try…”

Luthors then attempted to draw a dog, bird, and even a dark elf with the characteristic long ears representing Kishana.

Schenna and Kishana stared dumbfounded at her results. Before long, Kishana held Luthors’ hand and asked her.

“Luthors, please be in charge of making the pancakes!”
“Huh? But I’ll have to leave every now and then to gather Dark Cores, what will happen when I’m not here?”
“If Schenna and I can improve to the point where we can draw simple animals, we’ll cover for you.”
“In that case, I’ll gladly help with that too.”

And in that way, Luthors was appointed as being in charge of the pancakes. Then they moved on to the crepes.
They put flour, sugar, and salt on a bowl and mixed it together, then put oil on a pan and let it heat up.
The fire was set to low fire, and the mix from the bowl1 was poured into the pan and spread on it.
Once it took color, it was flipped and soon after the wrapping for the crepes was done.

“And that finished the preparation for the wrapping. Now we only need to prepare whipped cream and fruits and wrap them with this, and the crepes will be complete.”
Schenna then took strawberries and whipped cream from their ingredients and mixed them together, then let Luthors taste the finished product.

“From what I can see it looks like crepes can be eaten even when walking around, in contrast to how pancakes are.”
“Yeah, exactly. Kishana and I used to eat them while walking all the time too. And while I did use strawberries this time, bananas or tangerines can be used too and bring more variety to the flavor.”

After that Luthors took the challenge to prepare one herself, using bananas for the filling this time. Then she let Schenna taste it.

“Yeah, bananas are good too. I think you understood quite well how to make pancakes and crepes, but do you have any questions maybe?”
“No, I’m okay. Whenever I’m free I’ll help out making pancakes and crepes.”

This was the first time Schenna was teaching someone how to cook so she had been worried about what would happen if some things did not make sense or she was unable to explain something, but there had been no reason for those worries.


  1. Nomad def: according to author-san this totally won’t become a bunch of burnt powder
    Silva: Hahaha, the author forgot about “mixing” them with eggs/water and whatnot xD

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