Chapter 14 – Acquisition of Land and Building!

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Zzonkedd English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 615 words

The next day, the two friends went to the administrative district to take care of the paperwork for both the land and the building acquisition.
Schenna handed over the required documents and the 3,000 gold coins to the female receptionist, who led them to a private room.

“The person in charge will arrive shortly, please wait.”

After the business-like response, the receptionist left the room. Meanwhile, Kishana was restlessly wandering around.

“Back when I got my resident certificate, they didn’t bring me to this room…”

“When it comes to acquiring land and a building, they need to do a further investigation such as our background, the origin of our finances, and other delicate stuff like that. Just like how in our previous world, to get a loan you had to go through a complicated process like this.”

Seen from other people’s perspective, a female former Knight and a Dark Elf was quite an odd combination.
It would probably be okay, however, if the person in charge of the interview was to check their past in detail, it could definitely turn into a problematic situation.

After a while, the person in charge, a man with relatively large body build, entered the room as he greeted Schenna and Kishana.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. I work for the division that is in charge of the plots in the commercial district and I’ve already checked the documents sent to us by Reesha-sama, the guild leader of the Forest’s Holy Bow. Here’s the key for the building and the license for the property, please make sure you don’t lose it!”

The man in charge of the land bowed down to them and left the room. Leaving the two of them feeling relieved of not having their past being dug too deeply.

Schenna took both the key and the license, then she headed towards the spot the building was located along with Kishana.

Very few people were walking along the street and the sunshine was just perfect. As they arrived at the place, Kishana explained to Schenna that the empty plot previously belonged to a general store manager who died not too long ago, hence leaving the plot empty.

“There we have it, it looks ruined from the outside, doesn’t it.”

“But the inside is unexpected large so we won’t have any issues setting up the restaurant. As for the parts that are broken, I think we can take care of them ourselves.”

The building was a double-story wooden house with two entrances; the main entrance and the back door. After opening the door, they straight up opened the windows due to the insane amount of dust that had piled up. The floor also made cracking noises as they walked around, showing signs of decay.

As they went up to the second floor, they came across three private rooms, which was just perfect since they could wake up in the morning and get to work downstairs as soon as they greeted a new day.

After they were done checking every single detail in the interior of the building, they went back to the front entrance to check what they needed.

“It seems like we need to clean up the whole place first. When we’re done with that, we should start working on the menu.”

“Leave the cooking up to me, in our previous life cooking was my hobby, I even made food for the girls!”

“Oh, that sounds promising, alright! Shall we start and give it our best then!”

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Kishana was pretty confident due to her past life’s hobby.
Both Schenna and Kishana raised their hands and high-fived as they started their new job at a brand new restaurant.


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