Chapter 21 – Dark Knight

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Zzonkedd English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 852 words

After seeing Sareenea off the restaurant, Schenna came up with a suggestion regarding the dark core gathering.1

“So we need to start gathering these ‘dark cores’. At the very least I think we should make sure it’s someone skilled enough for the task.”

“Should we put up a request for someone over at the merchants guild?”

“I also thought about that, but I don’t think it will be that easy to find someone that will accept the request. Besides, wouldn’t it be bad if the refrigerator stops working while we wait for someone to apply?”

Raising the reward for the monster-hunting would definitely get them an applicant way faster, but with their current circumstances, they couldn’t afford to pay any extras.

The ideal solution would be to find someone who was also interested in the dark cores themselves, so that way Schenna and Kishana knew for a fact that they were hiring someone capable of performing the task without any issues.

By doing a commission style payment, they could simply get the hired person to be paid depending on their results, the more they brought, the more they would get.

Hiring someone to deliver a specific amount of dark cores for a set price per month was also not a bad idea.

“We also have to keep in mind that hiring someone for the task will require us to keep the sales up, or else we won’t be able to continue. Not to mention that we still have to pay back Reesha-san for the loan.”

“For that to happen, I really have to attract as many customers as I can with my dishes… Well Schenna, it seems like you have quite the talent for business management so I’ll leave all the details up to you.”

Schenna felt like she had quite a good amount of experience in taking care of things since back when she was still in the knight corps, she had to deal with the troubles of her subordinates and on top of that put up with her superior’s bad mood.

The most important part here would be to keep the cooking quality to the maximum in order to attract customers.

In order for that to happen, it meant that Kishana would have to bear the biggest responsibility and of course, Schenna was not fond of the idea of pushing the biggest burden onto Kishana.

“I’m sorry for having said all of that as if I’m some sort of a big shot. I know it feels like I’m making you carry all the weight by yourself, but trust me I’ll try my best as well.”

“What made you say that all of a sudden? … I know you’re working hard too! Don’t worry about me, I’m not holding anything against you at all, let’s both put all of our efforts into the business so that we can make the restaurant a success!”

As she was hugged by Kishana, Schenna could feel the gentle warmth coming from the dark elf after hearing her reassuring words.

They remained that way (hugging) until Schenna calmed down, Kishana then remembered something Sareenea had said—

“If Sareenea was here to see this, I bet she would say something like, ‘I knew it, you guys are just enjoying the yuri life,’ right?”

“Speaking of which, what’s up with you guys bringing up names of flowers2 out of nowhere?” — said Schenna as she inclined her head — to which Kishana blushed and explained the meaning behind it.

Schenna, shocked by the truth behind the words, overreacted and said, “I have no plans of doing such a thing with my best friend!”

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In the evening, after finishing trials and errors for various dishes that were good candidates for the restaurant’s menu, they took care of closing it for the day.

They then proceeded to find a restaurant that was thriving during this time of the day in order to take a reference from the way they managed their business.

“Alright, shall we go then?”

As Schenna began walking, Kishana suddenly raised her pointy ears and stopped.

“I feel like someone is getting into our restaurant from the back door.”

Kishana headed to the back door with Schenna right behind her. As they reached the back, they saw a female wearing black armor and mantle trying to breach into the restaurant.

“A dark elf!? Damn it, an assassin sent by Lord Dian?”

Judging by her looks, it would seem like the female dark knight had assumed a fighting stance as she swung her huge sword.

Schenna drew her sword from the scabbard and crossed sword with the black knight.

Schenna felt her knight skills awakening with the reverberating sound of the swords hitting each other, while Kishana just sank to the ground.

The dark knight was quite a powerful opponent, so Schenna took a more defensive fighting style in order to protect Kishana.

“Okay, that’s enough both of you.”

Schenna and her opponent, who both felt intimidated by those words, instantly stopped attacking each other.

Standing there was none other than Reesha herself, probably the last person Schenna was expecting.


  1. Zzonkedd: I wonder if this sounds too harsh… Basically she’s saying she escorted her outside after they had taken care of what they had to.
  2. Silva: Yuri is also known as “Lily”, which is the name of a flower.

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