Chapter 36 – Fledgling and Historied Nations

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Aurum English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 564 words
Proofreader: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“Where… Where is this?”
“A guest room at the palace in the administrative district. Reesha carried your unconscious body here as you were dying.”

Kishana took hold of Schenna’s hands and broke down in tears as she explained what had happened.
As Reesha was about to shut herself up in her office to work, a note fell from the ceiling. Seeing the address of the restaurant and a map in Schenna’s handwriting, she started to get a bad premonition and started putting feelers out1, that’s when she got the slight sense of Schenna being on the floor of an isolation cell in the administration building and headed out to save her.

“I see. And Kishana gave me an antidote I guess?”
“No, that wasn’t her.”

When Reesha enters, Schenna gets up to give her thanks and apologize for the trouble.
“Thank you so much for saving me. And… I’m sorry, your standing must’ve taken a hit because of me.”
“I should be the one apologizing. The responsibility for this whole case with Karyu lies with us, we’ve caused you guys quite a bit of trouble.”

The poison Schenna took was tricky to clear out, she was lucky to have had a medicine wrapped up in her bag that was effective against it, stopping it from killing her.

“I wrapped some handy medicines in there besides just the antidote huh.”2

Once she moved Schenna to the guest room, Reesha called on Karyu to explain what had led to her being on the floor of the isolation cell. According to his report, Schenna had lashed out and resisted arrest, eventually leading to her attempting suicide by ingesting a poison she was carrying on her person.

“No way! That guy wanted to use me to poison Kishana and Luthors…”

In her excitement to deny the claims, Schenna’s words got stuck in her throat as she threw a coughing fit. Kishana rubbed Schenna’s back and gave her some water to calm her down.

“Sareena has used an alchemical item to record your voice before, hasn’t she? It was found alongside the antidote you were given, with the conversation between you two as it really happened.” With that Reesha pulled out a recording device from her pocket and the conversation between Schenna and Karyu began to play out.3

As it played the source of the poison and Karyu’s crimes became clear as day, when Reesha pressed Karyu for an explanation, his response was “This isn’t me. This is some sort of conspiracy!”

“The brass has already received this evidence. The official process will happen tomorrow, but he’s set to be extradited to his home country of Rinsr.”

The Holy Kingdom of Rinsr possesses a great amount of influence among the Five Great Nations and actively supported the flow of goods and capital to found the neutral state of Priden. It’s Priden’s policy to leave matters of handing down punishments to Rinsr to avoid stirring up trouble with them. The top brass decided to get this situation over quickly and send him off without any fuss.4

“It might seem pathetic, but with Priden’s position as a fledgling nation, we have to show respect to the prestigious and historied Rinsr of the Five Great Nations. Though personally, I’d prefer to see him punished according to Priden’s own laws.”

As Reesha’s facial expression grew clouded, she turned around to take her leave.


  1. She’s using magic to gather information on Schenna’s location

  2. Wao, Schenna happened to have an effective antidote in her bag, what a coincidence~ The plot armor is so thicc
  3. Just how many items is Schenna carrying in her bag? And when did she activate that recorder? Did she perhaps plan all this in advance? Nay… based on her personality, it’s got to be a coincidence and one big fat plot armor!
  4. Considering how it ends, Schenna’s bag seemed to just be a giant Deux ex Machina in this chapter.

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