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Chapter 12 – Reesha’s Deal Pt. 1

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Zzonkedd English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 829 words

“I’m sorry for entering like this but I did knock.”


“Just call me Reesha.”

Schenna humbly responded due to how surprised she was, while Reesha who seemed to be in control of the situation approached both of them.

After all, she was a member of the group that defeated the Demon King, as well as one of the founders of Priden. Schenna had only seen one of the members in an audience back when she was in Hashel, but to have one as a neighbor right now was beyond her imagination.

“I came here to talk business today! Are you guys aware of the empty space over at the commercial district?”

“Not me, I just recently came over to Priden. How about you Kishana?”

“Yeah I do know about it, but do you know each other?”

As Schenna explained the whole situation to both Kishana and Reesha, Kishana was absolutely astonished.

Reesha cleared up her throat and got the conversation going again.

“What do you guys think about opening a restaurant over there? There’s no need to think about any hard details, just the idea. For reincarnated individuals like you, it should be awesome since the two of you are not from here, the dishes you can prepare are bound to be innovative!”

Kishana was even more surprised after having her identity seen through since Reesha knew she was a reincarnated person.

Reesha took out some documents from her bag and showed it to them.

“This is a document required to enter the guild ‘Holy Bow of the Forest’. If you sign this, we can get you the free spot, cover the cost for the building and hook you up with 3,000 gold coins.”

“3,000 gold coins!?!? But, we don’t have any special cooking skills…”

“The pickles Kishana made and the pasta that Schenna cooked were quite incredible in my opinion.”

“Besides, both you and this town would benefit from your cooperation in the restaurant, rather than having Schenna doing monster-hunting right? I’ll be waiting for a reply within the next week, and I hope it’s a good one!”

Reesha patted both of them on the shoulder and took off.

The idea of opening a restaurant is really attractive, however, just the thought of not living up to the expectations is a bit intimidating.

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‘Just to pay back the loan I would have to kill 30 daemons for that…’

“So… Reesha-san was one of the heroes and she knew about us being reincarnated into this world?”

“Yeah, she heard our conversation all the way back from the stall.”

Kishana thought of Reesha as the sweet neighbor next door. She was the one who helped Kishana with everything when she got to Priden.

Now that she thought about it, Dark Elves and the Elves had been living in a big pile of grudges for many years.

“I told you before that the Dark Elves were in hostile terms with both Humans and Elves right? This is a place made by the hero party for every race to be able to live in neutrality and peace, however, not everyone is like that. I lied to you Schenna.”

The lie was about her telling Schenna that she didn’t want to take part in monster subjugation.

She had tried to find parties for it before, but people wouldn’t accept her as a Dark Elf.
Even if she tried to find one, she would be assigned to the most dangerous roles, often putting her life at risk and receiving less money than everyone else.

Schenna felt bad for her and was angry at all those who had been unfair towards her, she clenched her fists1 tight and continued listening to her story.

“I could endure it until that point since I knew in those parties, there were people who had their relatives killed by Dark Elves. But one day, I partied up with three other male humans as a scout. The monsters we had to kill were deep down a cave and we successfully completed the mission but… I was ***** by them.”2

“Kishana… it’s okay if you want to stop talking about it. I understand very well why you don’t want to take part in monster subjugation.”

“Sorry for lying to you… I didn’t want to talk about this to anyone but between best friends, I want there to be no secrets!”

For someone who dreamed of living a whole new life in this ‘peaceful’ area, that treatment had been far too cruel. Luckily, a party led by Reesha who was hunting different monsters nearby happened to come across her and saved her life.

Schenna hugged Kishana with conviction and said;

“As a knight, I’ll protect you from now on. And about the restaurant.. let’s both give it a try!”

“Thanks, that really makes me happy. As long as you’re with me I don’t mind.”

The two of them signed the document and with that, the deal was sealed.



  1. Zzonkedd: Here I say she held her fist tight but I’ll be dead honest, I don’t know how to put it into words, it’s basically when you’re angry at something or someone and you make a fist shape of your hand and just squeeze it hard out of anger.

    Silva: Wouldn’t that be what they call: clenching the fists?

    Zzonkedd: CLENCHING! THAT’S THE WORD! Oh my god, it’s been torturing me so much, like I forgot that word countless times

  2. Zzonkked: Yikes

    Silva: Wow… just, wow…

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