Chapter 25 – Oath

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Zzonkedd English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 798 words

Luthors waved her hand to signal Schenna to come closer.

“I don’t want to admit it, but it’s just like you said. After being betrayed by Gafenna, I pretty much treated everyone else in Halcentius as my enemy. I heard rumors about the existence of a neutral country built by the heroes, but after having fought them so many times I never thought they would ever allow me to stay here. I thought about getting revenge but… my older sister Carla, who was the leader of the group, ordered me to live on. Upon seeing her die in front of my eyes to save me, she gave me such an unreasonable order. I fell into the depths of despair and ended up here.”

In order to oppose the hero and the Five Great Powers, Gafenna plotted to revive the Demon God, a being even stronger than a Demon King.

In order to revive the Demon God, the blood and the souls of strong soldiers were needed. Both Luthors and her older sister Carla were chosen as sacrifices.
Both of them were proud knights who were willing to give up their lives on the battlefield, but being used as a sacrifice was something they couldn’t stand.

The opposition continued, but most of the dark knights had already been annihilated. Luthors tried to shake off her pursuers but ended up getting poisoned along the way, ending up in the country of Priden.

Schenna listened to Luthors story until the very end and gently patted her head.

“It’s safe here so you don’t have to worry about anything. Reesha-san also asked us to treat you so we won’t do anything harmful. Also, I’m sure your sister will be happy to know that you’re safe.”

“D… Don’t treat me like a child! Know your place!”

Luthors blushed and dived into the sheets, then Schenna left a change of underwear on the corner of the bed.

Schenna was happy to see that the girl, who was both physically and mentally weakened, was now filled with energy.

As Sareenea finished her breakfast, she took Schenna downstairs in order to let her know her honest opinion in regards to the food.

“Your cooking is definitely top-notch! To be able to satisfy both my stomach and my mind, you’re quite the sinful knight.”

“Thanks. By the way, how’s the refrigerator coming along?”

“No problems at all. I’ll have it done by today and plan on testing it tomorrow.”

[Schenna’s thoughts] I want to thank Sareenea for making the refrigerator all by herself.
Being able to store the ingredients and experimenting on new recipes for the menu is something I’m really grateful for.

At the same time that Schenna saw Sareenea off to the front entrance, Reesha returned from the administrative district.

“Hey there. How’s her condition?”

“Good morning! Well, she’s still not one hundred percent recovered but her condition is quite stable already.”

“I’m glad to hear that. Also as for her treatment from now on, we decided to listen to what she has to say and keep her under my supervision.”

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It seemed like part of the council wanted her to be convicted, but Reesha’s words had a lot of weight and so it was decided to keep Luthors safe under the condition that she would provide information about Gafenna.

“So that brings me to the last topic, which is her accommodation, would you girls mind if she stayed with you over at the restaurant?”

“That’s…. fine by us, but if Luthors refuses then we’ll have to decline.”

Reesha was obviously planning on keeping her there so that she could keep Luthors under supervision, but Schenna had no intention of forcing her to stay.
The decision was completely up to Luthors.

“That’s fine with me. I’ll be in your care. I have nowhere to return to nor anyone to pledge my loyalty to. I’m actually glad you took me on seriously and let our swords do the talking for us. Also, that illustration of us seems to be pretty intimate.”

Luthors shared the same sentiment as she listened to Schenna’s thoughts while heading downstairs.

It would seem that she had a huge misunderstanding from that last sentence of hers, Schenna hastily tried to correct her.

“While I agree that I could feel your overflowing emotions from the sword clash, but that illustration was a big misunderstanding okay?”

“Yeah, our position in that illustration should be the complete opposite right? Even if you had not struggled so hard to hide it, I would still understand your true intentions.”

Luthors approached Schenna and kissed the back of her hand.

Schenna wanted to cheer Luthors on the new chapter of her life, but she was overtaken by the stomachache brought upon by the anxieties that began piling up.


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