Chapter 45: Celebration

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Author: Kiriya Kadzuki Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1336 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 620 words
Proofreader: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Holding the expensive wine she procured from the commercial district high in one hand, Schenna began the celebration with a toast in Luthors’ room.

“To celebrate the opening of our restaurant tomorrow, cheers!”

After her simple exclamation, Kishana and Luthors carried their glasses to their lips. And although Schenna remembered having a tricky time the first time she drank together with Kishana, it had also resulted in one of the most fun nights she ever had and would remain as an important memory for her.

“Drinking while surrounded by beautiful girls really makes the wine taste better y’know. All the more when the wine is of good quality too.”
“That sounds like something an old man would say.”
“If we hadn’t been in that accident, we both would be old men by now.”

Kishana was already a heavy drinker, but whenever she was drunk she would blurt out whatever she was thinking, which made it tricky to deal with her.
Though she was right, if not for that accident, they would probably be older men employed by some company or another.
Her manners had also started to turn more masculine already, which Schenna took as another sign that she was acting without holding herself back.
Then Kishana changed her target to Luthors, and influenced by the power of alcohol, she sparked a conversation.

“If we’re being honest here, you seem like someone who would be way more popular around girls than men. Have you ever been confessed by anyone though?”
“Don’t force yourself to reply if you don’t want to talk about it.”
“You shut up old man. It’s a tradition to talk about one’s crush during a school trip.”

Using a ridiculous excuse to silence Schenna, Kishana seemed to lean more on Sareenea’s interests.
Staring into the wine in her glass, Luthors assumed a serious countenance and began to speak.

“My life was unrelated to those kinds of affairs, so I never really had anyone confess to me. But since I met Schenna and you, every day has been fun and fulfilling. So considering how much Schenna’s words changed me, I guess I can say my heart was captured by her.”

The Dark Knights were known as Gafenna’s commanding elite forces.
And being an outstanding one, it was not strange that Luthors did not have any sweet love stories to tell.

“Hmmm… this one’s hard to break. Luthors, are you really drinking?”
“No… I’m not really good handling alcohol.”
“Schenna said the same when I first met her… Do all female knights have stats that make them weak to alcohol or something?”

Schenna wanted to avoid creating a false stereotype so she just replied it was only her that was that way.
But Luthors also being weak to it was surprising.
Schenna had always imagined Luthors was a heavy drinker just like Kishana, but seeing that she still had not drunk a single drop of wine, it seemed she was telling the truth.

“But since I was invited by you two, I’ll drink one glass.”

She then emptied her glass in one go before abruptly hugging Schenna and showing a glimpse of her running crazy.

“Schenna…I love you! So if we were to marry…”1

Maybe the sudden alcohol intake had made her tongue slip, but one thing was obvious. Luthors was even weaker than Schenna was when it came to alcohol.
Luthors breath turned more regular as she dozed off and they carried her to the bed. They felt like they had ended up hearing something kept hidden in her heart, and with the complicated feelings brought by it, the celebration came to an end.


  1. Silva expresses joy at the lovey-dovey to come

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