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Cross World Project

Cross World Project Cross World Project is an Original Web Novel written by Gerazzza. It is ongoing with 38 chapters.

Category: Fantasy, Gender Bender, Shoujo Ai, School Life, Slice of Life

All rights belong to Gerazzza and we have been given permission to host this novel. Be sure to visit his profile and leave some nice messages if you want! This novel was originally from Scribble Hub.

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The protagonist, having lost his parents with no relatives to take care of him and his little sister, was in a dilemma. Having no place to live and unable to get a job to support both him and his sister considering he’s just supposed to start high school this year, his future was looking grim. While pondering, a newspaper carried by the wind struck him with a “too good to be true” advertisement about a new academy. Having no other choice but to cling to that little hope, he went to attend the academy bringing his sister along, marking his first step towards a new life.

(Despite the seemingly dark intro on the first chapter, will be the usual fluffgasm slice of life with a pinch of fantasy. Since it’s a male protag, you can 100% expect a genderbend happening not too far into the chapters)

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