Chapter 18

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Author: Gerazza Original Source: Scribble Hub

“Ummm, Misa, may I ask approval for…..”

“No, Approve mine first!”

“Misa, all we need is your approval now.”

As soon as the bell rang, a lot of my classmates got up and surrounded me.

I’m indeed part of the student council but I’m basically just a ghost member, you know?

These stuffs should really be handled by Frillia and Kanae.

Still, they seem a bit desperate on getting their clubs approved despite never having voiced an opinion regarding the lack of existence of one before Frillia made the announcement.

I could guess why though, Frillia addded that each club will be getting monthly VP to help get their activities going.

The minimum requirement to make a club is only 3 people too, so it’s easy for a group of friends with the same interest to make a club about something.

“Ummm, in order to not have 2 similar clubs made, I’ll be taking your request forms and reviewing them later.” (Misa)

Well, I’ll make Frillia review them that is.

Everyone handed me their forms, of course not without showing their best puppy eyes.

Geez, it’s not in my hand anyway, Frillia will be the one deciding them.

After receiving everyone’s paper, I headed towards the student council room as per usual.

There’s quite a few people lining up in front of the room, though they made way for me to enter when they saw me.

“Cure, where’s Frillia?” (Misa)

“She said she had something to do in Anaria~” (Cure)

“Ehhhh!?” (Misa)

“She also left you a message~ “I’ll leave it to you” or so she said~” (Cure)

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“EEEHHHHH!?” (Misa)

No, what do you mean you’ll leave it to me!?

“Misa-sama, a lady should not raise her voice.” (Anna)

“I’m sorry……No wait, where did you came from!? Moreover, why!?” (Misa)

“I have been standing here the whole time. A lady should have more awareness on her surroundings.” (Anna)

“Frills sent Anna here to help sort out the documents and such~” (Cure)

Uuuu, I still feel uncomfortable around Anna, but Cure is here so she won’t be able to do much to me.

“I had sorted out the documents that had come before Misa-sama’s arrival.” (Anna)

She gestured towards the stacks of papers on the table.

Complaining further would be meaningless.

Thankfully there’s not too much.

I let out a sigh and accepted my fate.

Mou, I’ll make Frillia pay for this!

Anna has sorted out the requests neatly into sports club, cultural club, and ??? club.

…..I’ll just ignore the ??? club stack for now.

There’s quite a lot of requests on the normally popular sports club.

Track&field, basketball, baseball, soccer, the list goes on.

The main issue is the number of members though.

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For the single game sports then that might not be too much of an issue but for the team game sports, it’s quite concerning.

No, in the first place…..

“Is there even a point in making a sports club…..?” (Misa)

“Hmmm~?” (Cure)

“I mean, we’re cut off from the rest of the world. There would be no goal to aim towards and no one to compete with, as we’ll only be interacting with those inside this academy. Unless you’re saying there’s other school inside this academy other than this one that I’m not aware of.” (Misa)

“There’s none~ Indeed, it’s quite troubling isn’t it~” (Cure)

“Don’t act like this has nothing to do with you!” (Misa)

How can I approve any of these?

“It’s the reason Frills is going to Anaria today in the first place though~” (Cure)

“What do you mean?” (Misa)

“She’s trying to introduce the concept of school clubs to the schools in Anaria~ She’s probably having a discussion with the king right at this moment~” (Cure)

Then shouldn’t she make the club announcement after she gets the approval?

And besides, imagining someone like Leon playing something like basketball…..He would definitely look cool but it’s completely out of place.

Also, does she plan to have us compete with the nobles in Anaria if her suggestion were to get accepted?

Their compulsory education includes combat training since Anaria’s a world filled with monsters, so wouldn’t they be way more fit physically than the people from this side?

“Will Frillia be returning today?” (Misa)

“Hmmm~? She said she should be back before night falls~” (Cure)

Then I’ll just sort them out and put them on hold.

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It’s not something I should carelessly approve.

As for the cultural clubs, there’s also quite a lot of familliar clubs that’re normally popular in a normal school.

Most of the cultural clubs don’t need much apart from a small room so it’s not as hard to make a decision as opposed to sports club.

Most sports club needs a specialized field or court after all.

The ones that don’t seem to have any issue, I approved them.

There’s also a list of empty rooms throughout the school so I also assign them to a room based on the number of members and their club activities.

The music club is a bit troublesome, I’m not sure if we have any soundproof room in the school so I’ll put it on hold until Frillia’s back.

Book appreciation club….. It shouldn’t be too hard to get books from outside the academy if we were to ask founder-sama, buying books from Anaria shouldn’t be too much of a problem too.

Keeping up the pace, I checked each and every one of the requests and approved those that I see have no problem.

It didn’t take as long as I thought to finish the cultural club stack.

Now there’s just one left.

I gaze at the top request on the ??? stack and just reading what’s there I already lost my motivation to go through them.

Let’s just ignore them and have Frillia deal with it later.

I stretched out my sore body.

“Good work~ Are you finished~?” (Cure)

“For the most part. The rest are stuffs I can’t approve without confirming with Frillia first.” (Misa)

I got up from my seat and sat on Cure’s lap as per usual.

Anna served me up a cup of tea and a slice of cake.

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I cut a small piece of the cake and ate it.

Haaaahhh, sweet stuffs are really nice after an exhausting day.

The tea Anna provided also goes well with the cake.

Like that, I enjoyed the little tea time while waiting for Frillia to come back.

“Ahhh Misa, sorry for the trouble. Thanks for helping.” (Frillia)

“Geez, next time at least tell me before you just shove your work to me.” (Misa)

“Haha, i’ll keep in mind next time.” (Frillia)

Don’t just laugh it off, geez!

Frillia took a seat and looked through the requests I’ve not done.

“So how did the negotiation went?” (Misa)

“Hmmm? Ahhh, the king’s interested in the concept, though he would like to send a couple of students from their side here to see for themselves. It’s something out of their realm of imagination after all.” (Frillia)

“Ehhh, would the people from Anaria be fine here? The mana density is way lower here after all.” (Misa)

“Misa~ We have Anna standing right here with us, don’t we~?” (Cure)

Ahhh, that’s right!

Anna’s from Anaria, how could I forget.

So I guess it is indeed possible for people on that side to cross over to here.

“Well yea, though there’s a conditioning process they have to go through first. We lower the mana density in the air little by little till it matches our world, so they can get used to it.” (Frillia)

“If that’s the case, then why is there no conditioning process for people on this side to cross over?” (Misa)

“Normally there is but well, I forgot to do so when I first brought you to Anaria.” (Frillia)

Frillia showed a playful ‘oops, my bad’ face.

“Unlike the other way though, the most that’ll happen for people on this side crossing over to a place with higher mana density is fainting. For people on that side, it’s a life-threatening thing to no condition themselves first.” (Frillia)

“Fainting is bad enough!” (Misa)

She’s treating it too lightly!

Running out of things to say, I wait there silently while enjoying a new piece of cake Anna served.

Hmmm, I might get fat……

‘Nono, I rarely ever eat cakes outside of some occasions so it’s fine! Besides, the daily meal that I cooked are well-balanced and I worked out often!’ I convinced myself as such.

Looking at Frillia, she went through those requests way faster than I did.

I doubt she’s skimming through, it’s probably because she’s used to these kinds of work.

After a mere 30 minutes, she finished all of them.

“Alright, I need to head over to Anaria again. You two take care.” (Frillia)

“You sure are busy.” (Misa)

“I only have myself to blame. I need to look through the documents of the students from that side and decide who should come on this exchange program.” (Frillia)

“Can you really call it an exchange program if no one’s coming there from this side?” (Misa)

“Hmmm, didn’t I mention it to you yet? I do indeed plan to have some students from this side to cross over. Well, mostly the 2nd years but there’s a couple of 1st years I have in mind.” (Frillia)

Muuu, I have a bad feeling…..

“You don’t mean…..” (Misa)

“Nah don’t worry, I have some other people in mind. Anyway, I should go.” (Frillia)

With that, Frillia went back to Anaria with Anna from the special door in this student council room.

Cure escorted me back home, though she won’t be staying over tonight since she also had some stuffs to do.

El was already waiting at home when I got back.

I cooked up a simple dinner, which El seemed to enjoy.

After taking a quick bath, I went straight to bed.

It’s quite an exciting thought to think that school will be having clubs soon.

The atmosphere in the school has always been a little…..quiet.

With this, there should be more activities to do around the school, everyone won’t just be rotting away in their dorm room with nothing to do.

It didn’t take long for me to fall asleep.

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