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Chapter 4

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Author: Gerazza Original Source: Scribble Hub

“Uuuu, I don’t want to enter…..” (Misa)

I’m currently standing in front of my classroom’s door.

As expected, the uniform sent to me was that of the girl’s, so I had no choice but to wear it.

Still, this is really embarassing!

The only saving grace would be no one but the student council members knew about it, or else imagining myself being seen as someone who enjoys crossdressing…..

It sent shivers through my body just thinking about that.

“Are you okay?” (Woman)

“Hyaaaahhh…..!?” (Misa)

Surprised by the sudden voice from behind me, I let out a weird sound.

A girl, no wait, a woman……?

She’s stood close to me while having a puzzled look.

Her height was the same as mine, and her face looked really young but she’s not wearing a uniform so she’s probably a teacher.

“Sensei?” (Misa)

“Yes! Come now, don’t stand around in front of the classroom. Homeroom is about to start.” (Sensei)

She opened the door and pushed me inside.

Everyone’s attention were focused on me.

I stiffened up, but sensei gave me another gentle push.

There seems to only be 1 empty seat left…….and it’s right in the middle of the classroom.

Isn’t this strange!?

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Wouldn’t the last empty seat usually be the ones on the corner of the classroom?

I walked there and took a seat.

I feel like everyone are staring at me too much…..

“Hai~ Once again, welcome to Amedeus academy! I’ll be your homeroom teacher for the next 3 years. Everyone can call me Rani-sensei or Ran-sensei, whichever you prefer. Now then, let’s start with self-introduction shall we?” (Rani)

The self-introduction session went on, but I was too nervous to pay much attention to any of them.

Before I noticed, the girl sitting next to me was poking my arm.

Everyone’s currently looking at my direction.

Is it my turn already!?

I immediately stood up from my seat.

“U-Ummmm, I’m Misa…..I hope we can get along.” (Misa)

I sat back down right after.

I couldn’t help it, okay!?

I couldn’t think of anything else to say!

The self-introduction proceeded smoothly and soon the last guy finished his self-introduction.

“Alright~, now that we’ve finished with our introduction, let’s decide who will be the class president and vice president. Anyone want to volunteer?” (Rani)

When she asked that, no one raised their hand.

“Hmmm, then let’s vote instead! Do you have anyone you want to nominate?” (Rani)

The class stayed silent and looked around.

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No wait, why is everyone looking at me!?

“Rani sensei, how about Misa?” (Student)

“Indeed, she did join the student council before the semester even started.” (Student)

“Is there even any other competition?” (Student)

Uuuu, so it’s because of that.

“W-Wait, I…..!” (Misa)

“Then, since the whole class agreed Misa will be the class president.” (Rani)

Before I can even complain, Rani-sensei already cut the discussion short.

After that, they went on picking the vice president, though I was not paying attention.

Muuu, this is all because Frillia dragged me and introduced me as a student council member like that!

No, but I do feel grateful for her for giving me those VP 2 days ago.

No no no, but thanks to that at the end of the day, Cure……

I could feel my face going red just thinking about it.

She even recorded the whole thing…..

“Alright, with that out of the way. Let’s discuss our curriculum!” (Rani)

“!” (Misa)

I got a bit surprised when what I thought was just a regular whiteboard in front of the class turned out to actually be some kind of a monitor.

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Seems like Ran-sensei could manipulate what it shows with her card.

It’s too high tech for me to understand at the very least.

Seems like I’m not the only one surprised about it.

“These are what you would mainly be studying in the 1st semester.” (Rani)

On the board, a list of curriculum was displayed.

Common sense

The first 2 are normal but the other 3……

“Rani-sensei, what does common sense, beastiary, and plants mean?” (Student)

Good to know everyone else regarded it as strange too.

“After homeroom we’ll be having history class and coincidentally I’m also the teacher who’ll be teaching history so let’s get right on it.” (Rani)

Ran-sensei seemingly ignored that guy’s question.

Of course, the guy feel dejected getting ignored like that.

“The moment you stepped into Amadeus academy, you’ve actually stepped into another world~” (Rani)

Ran-sensei said something that can only be taken as a joke with her playful tone, but she didn’t look like she’s joking.

“Do know that your existence has been erased from earth.” (Rani)

“What!?” (Student)

“Rani-sensei, what do you mean?” (Student)

Her words brought bewilderment to everyone in class,

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“Now now, settle down. Let me explain fully first, okay?” (Rani)

As she said that, the ruckus that was made by the class immediately came to a sudden stop it almost felt unnatural.

“Erased might not be a good term to use, it’s more of once someone stop thinking about your existence for a moment, you’ll be forgotten forever. Ahhh of course we were thorough enough to make sure your registry but well, that’s a bit complicated to explain so I won’t dive deep into that.” (Rani)

I wanted to shout out ‘what could you possibly mean by that’ but for some reason I was unable to mutter a word.

“Now, stepping into another world may be a bit much, since this academy itself is actually still on earth, but we do border with another world different than ours. If you’ve read novels or manga or watched animes, then this is the world of sword and magic, where mythical creatures like dragons exist.” (Rani)

What does she mean by that?

She’s making less and less sense.

And strangely enough, no one was making a ruckus despite how ridiculous she’s spouting nonsense.

“Well, if you don’t believe me, try an utter even a single word. If you can I’ll give you 100000VP right here and now.” (Rani)

I tried doing so but like she implied, I couldn’t utter a single word.

It’s not as if I couldn’t open my mouth, but it’s as if a compelling force was forcing me to not say anything.

“This is magic. Ahhh, but we’ll only be learning magic on the 2nd semester okay~? Along with basic combat. Questing specifically will only be done on the 3rd semester but these will mostly be gathering and errand quests, while monster subjugation will be on the 4th semester, but well you can get a reccomendation letter and start questing early.” (Rani)

She casually spoke about things I couldn’t understand.

Magic? Questing? Monster subjugation?

“Ahhh, I’ve strayed from the topic. Basically, the founder of Amadeus academy made this place to see the possibility of people from earth coexisting with Anaris. Ahhh, Anaris is the other world connected to this place that I mentioned. We call it Cross World Project.” (Rani)

Is this really real?

What had I gotten me and my sister into?

“Now, that must be a lot to take in so we’ll end our lesson here. If you have any further question, feel free to meet me in the teacher’s office~” (Rani)

With that, she exited the room.

“What the hell…..” (Misa)

Though everyone was as bewildered as me, it didn’t turn to a ruckus.

Everyone just contemplated silently on their own.

“I’ve come!” (Frillia)

An overly energetic voice followed by the door being slammed open.

Of course, the moment I heard the voice I knew who exactly it was.

“Misa, I’ve come to pick you up!” (Frillia)

Frillia is there, with Kanae behind her.

Not leaving me any room to complain, she forcefully dragged me out.

Silence loomed as we walked.

“So, how was it?” (Frillia)

“Is what Ran-sensei said real?” (Misa)

“Indeed it is. Surprised?” (Frillia)

So it was not a joke.

“Very.” (Misa)

“It’s a lot to take in, though I’m sure you’ll accept it sooner or later. Everyone will.” (Frillia)

“What do you mean? Are we going to be forced to accept it by magic?” (Misa)

“No. The fact that you entered this academy in the first place is already a deciding factor, so does with everyone else.” (Frillia)

“?” (Misa)

“Those who can enter this academy are only those who’ve special circumstances in their life. Mainly, those who don’t have anywhere else to go.” (Frillia)

“!?” (Misa)

“Well, don’t look so surprised. But indeed it’s like that. Those who gave up on living but are too afraid to commit suicide, those who wanted to start a new life, those who are desperate for one reason or another, only those kinds of people can enter Amadeus academy in the first place.” (Frillia)

So that means that the only reason I was able to enter here, was because of my desperation?

“No but, I mean, it was publicly announced on newspaper wasn’t it?” (Misa)

“The newspaper themselves won’t come to those who don’t fulfill these conditions and even if they do, the conceal recognition magic it’s embedded with will make any readers who don’t fall under the intended readers to ignore it completely.” (Frillia)

“But with how big this academy is…….” (Misa)

“Again, it’s conceal recognition magic, albeit on a ridiculously way higher scale with insane complexity. You’ll have to ask founder-sama for the specifics.” (Frillia)

Anything’s possible with magic, huh?

“So everyone in the student council too…….” (Misa)

“Since you just entered, you wouldn’t know, but it’s the proper etiquette to not ask anything regarding the reason one entered this academy. Don’t pry into other people’s life before they came here. At the very least I do believe that you won’t be pleased if I were to ask you the same thing, right?” (Frillia)

Her tone this time was dead serious.

But I completely understood why she said so.

“I’ll keep that in mind.” (Misa)

“Yup, please do.” (Frillia)

We arrived at the student council room.

This room is still as messy as it was 3 days ago, huh?

“Well, with all those serious stuffs out of the way…..” (Frillia)

I could feel her hand touching my butt for a slight moment.

When I reflexively looked down, my skirt was fluttering upwards.

“!!!” (Misa)

“Hoho, you’re actually properly wearing panties, huh? A really cute pink one even. That’s unexpected.” (Frillia)

I immediately pushed it back down.

“FRILLIA!” (Misa)

My face was burning with embarassment.

“Haha, that reaction is so cute.” (Frillia)

“President, this is sexual harassment.” (Kanae)


“Did you call me~?” (Cure)

Someone suddenly hugged me from behind.

Needless to say, it was Cure.

Where did she come from?

“Cure, get off me!” (Misa)

Why is everyone in the student council like this!?

And they’re both supposed to be part of the highest VP holders in this academy!?

“Ehhh~? Hmmm~ Frills, I have this video I want to show you~” (Cure)

It took me a second before realizing what she meant by that.

“No, that!” (Misa)

“Hmmmm~? What is it Misa?” (Cure)

“…..No, never mind, f-feel free to keep on hugging me…..” (Misa)

She happily smiled as I said so.

This is blackmailing!

“Ehhh, what’s that about a video Cure?” (Frillia)

“Nothing~ nevermind, hehe.” (Cure)

“Now I’m really curious. How much do you want for it?” (Frillia)

“I’m not going to sell it for anything~” (Cure)

She playfully said so.

She then easily lifted me up and took a seat with me on her laps.

“Ghhh, if you go that far then there’s nothing I can do. Kanae, do I still have time?” (Frillia)

“No, we need to go now if we want to make it.” (Kanae)

“Ehhhh? but I haven’t had my fill of Misa yet!” (Frillia)

“It’s you who arranged the meeting so being late is not an option.” (Kanae)

And just like that, Kanae dragged Frillia away.

Now it’s just the two of us here, which was quite worrying in it’s own aspect.

“So~ I believe your homeroom is Rani-sensei. Did she and Frillia already filled you in~?” (Cure)

“Yes.” (Misa)

“You accepted it quite quickly~ Good girl~” (Cure)

She patted my head.

“No, I’m still honestly trying to take it all in. Though that would explain the superhuman strength that the 3 of you have.” (Misa)

“Hmmm~? Whatever could you mean? We never used magic in front of you so far~” (Cure)

“No, that’s a definitely a lie. I mean, you’re all so strong.” (Misa)

Yea, that would be the reason why th……

“Rather than us being strong, it’s more of Misa being weak though~?” (Cure)

“No way!” (Misa)

“It’s true though~ Even I was surprised by how weak and dainty you were.” (Cure)

No, I can’t believe that!

I mean sure, compared to other guys I’m on the weaker side but still!

“There there, don’t mind it~” (Cure)

She patted my head again.

Uuuu, this is frustrating!

I’ll prove to them later that my physical strength is normal, and that it’s just them that’s abnormal!

“Anyway Misa~ are you interested in going to Anaris? Normally first year are not allowed to cross to the other side but since I’ll be with you it’s okay~” (Cure)

“No…..I mean, I do, but if we do so then we’ll have to come home late right? I can’t leave my sister like that.” (Misa)

“Hehe, Misa has such a doting personality, it’s so cute.” (Cure)

She started poking on my cheeks

“Still, how am I going to explain this whole thing to El?” (Misa)

“Hmmm~? I thought El already knew though?” (Cure)

“What? There’s no way.” (Misa)

How would she even know?

“Hmmm, that’s strange~? Why don’t we ask her directly then?” (Cure)

Cure took out her card.

Of course, since Frillia could easily buy El’s contact, then there’s no reason Cure couldn’t.

“El~? Wanna come? Your sister is here~ Ahhh kay, I’ll send you the location to your card.” (Cure)

Just like that, the call ended.

“Would she even be able to enter here?” (Misa)

“El could.” (Cielle)

“…….EHHHHHH!?” (Misa)

Before I noticed, El was already in the room, standing next to me and Cure.

No, when did she enter!?

The door didn’t even opened!

Was she hiding in this room this whole time!?

“Oooo~ As I thought, El got teleportation magic~” (Cure)

Though her tone was still as playful as ever, she also sounded surprised.

“No Cure, wasn’t it you who teleported her!?” (Misa)

“That wouldn’t be possible~ The only one who knew about teleportation magic from our world is founder-sama.” (Cure)

“Then she was hiding……” (Misa)

“I did, but El didn’t. She came here on her own.” (Cure)

“Un.” (Cielle)

El proceeded to hug me.

“T-Then how…..!?” (Misa)

“I want to know too~” (Cure)

“A lolicon uncle gave the magic to me.” (Cielle)

“HAAAAHHHHH!?!?” (Misa)

“By lolicon uncle, do you mean……” (Cure)


“El, sleepy.” (Cielle)

Saying that, El jumped onto my lap and immediately fell slept while hugging me.

Nono, you can’t just leave the story uncompleted like that El!

No, but I can’t wake her up when she’s sleeping so peacefully like this.

Ahhh mou, there’s even less things that I understand now!

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