Chapter 22

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Author: Gerazza Original Source: Scribble Hub

When I woke up, Firana-oneesama was not hugging me anymore.

In fact, she’s not even on the bed.

I looked around and saw her sitting on the sofa.

She seemed to have also noticed that I woke up.

“Good morning. Did I accidently wake you up Misa?” (Firana)

“N-No, I usually wake up quite early in the morning. I am more surprised that Firana-oneesama woke up even earlier than me.” (Misa)

“It is not that big of a deal once you get used to it right? I simply got used to waking up even earlier than Misa.” (Firana)

I walked over to her and noticed that she’s actually not just sitting around.

“Sewing……No, embroidery?” (Misa)

“Yes, I am currently embroidering your uniform. Your first guess is not too far off though, I can also sew clothes on my own.” (Firana)

That’s quite amazing, though there’s something concerning about her sentence.

“My uniform?” (Misa)

“Yes. The uniform that the school gave to us are like an empty canvas, and the nobles are free to customize it as they wish.” (Firana)

She stopped her embroidery for a second and held up the uniform so I can see it.

…..She said it’s a uniform but isn’t this just a dress?

The ‘uniform’ in her hand is a plain white one-piece dress reaching slightly below the knees, though even if I said plain the quality is obvious from first glance.

There’s flower embroidery and other patterns of various colors all over the dress though, which I assume was what Firana-oneesama was working on.

On the table there’s something akin to a blazer which I would assume is worn on top of the dress, the color of it is a dark-ish red, and when I look closer there’s similar flower embroidery around.

There’s also a pair of pure white stockings on the table, of course with flower embroidery.

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“I had finished embroidering the blazer and stockings while Misa was still asleep. The dress is taking quite a bit of time in comparison since I need to add frills and laces too to not make it too plain.” (Firana)

“Ummm, can I see what the uniform is originally like?” (Misa)

“There is a couple of sets in the dresser that I have not done yet if you are curious.” (Firana)

Taking her words, I opened the dresser and searched for it.

True enough, there’s a set of uniform similar to the one Firana took out, but everything looks plain in comparison cause of the lack of decorations.

I much prefer this simple uniform though, Firana-oneesama turned the uniform into something quite elegant and extravagant.

While I was thinking that, Firana-oneesama seems to be finished embroidering my dress.

“Here, can you try it on?” (Firana)

“Is it really okay to change the uniform this much….?” (Misa)

“They gave out these uniforms so the students can be uniformed while still letting them show their personality and preference.” (Firana)

She convinced me as such.

Not being able to find an excuse, I obediently took off my clothes and put them on.

Firana-oneesama observed me closely.

“If I had a bit more time I can make more intricate patterns but this will do for now I suppose.” (Firana)

“Is this really neccesary…..?” (Misa)

“Of course it is. It is not an overexaggeration to say that you will only embarass your family’s name if you keep the uniform as they are.” (Firana)

In the first place, I don’t have a family name though…..

“When someone asks you about the embroidery on your uniform, I give you permission to bring my name to the conversation. Simply use my family name and most people would back off from trying anything funny to you.” (Firana)

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She seems quite confident, I wonder how influential the Seresia family really is……

Still, this uniform, they’re surprisingly easy to move in.

“Here Misa, catch.” (Firana)

Before I could react, Firana-oneesama threw something towards me.

My body unconsciously moved and catched it.

It’s one of the dolls that were on the ground.

“Ummm, may I ask why…..” (Misa)

“No need to mind it. I was just testing you a little.” (Firana)

She smiled as she said that.

Was she testing my reflex…..?

Even I myself was surprised that I caught it.

I didn’t have any time to react, but my body magically caught it.

I guess I have better reflex than I thought.

“Anyway, take off your uniform now. We need to wash our body first.” (Firana)

Now that she mentioned it, we haven’t taken a bath yet.

I obediently did as told and changed back to the clothes I was wearing.

Thankfully the uniform didn’t get wrinkled since I didn’t move much.

After taking a bath, we wore our uniform and head out towards the dining room for breakfast.

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I thought so at first, but the room given to us is really big, isn’t it?

There’s even a bath connected to our room just for our own personal use.

I would assume every room has one, and just imagining that is kinda wild.

This dorm building is practically similar to a 5 star hotel at earth.

Thinking about it again though, it’s a dorm building for noble children, so I guess they have a lot of funds to build something this extravagant.

When we arrived at the dining room, there’s still not much people there.

We took a seat and a maid came over to bring us today’s breakfast choice.

There’s quite a variety of choices considering this is a dorm.

After taking our respective orders, the maid gave a bow and left towards what I assumed was the kitchen.

“I still cannot get used to this.” (Misa)

“The living environment or the uniform?” (Firana)

“The living environment. No wait, I guess I am also not used to this uniform.” (Misa)

“It is a privilege of those taking the noble course. Even if they told us to live independently, they will still provide the minimal amount of service so we can live comfortably.” (Firana)

I can’t really call this a minimal amount though.

“As for the uniform, there is no need to mind. It suits you quite well.” (Firana)

“That is not the part where I am concerned about though…..” (Misa)

I looked at Firana-oneesama’s appearance.

True enough, her uniform also has all kinds of embroidery, though they’re way more sophisticated and intricate than what I had.

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By the way, instead of the red blazer like the one I’m wearing, what she’s wearing is a grey blazer instead.

She said that it’s to distinguish what year you’re at, dark-ish red for the 1st year, dark blue for the 2nd year, and grey for the 3rd year.

“Sewing and embroidery are my hobby. Though it may be arrogant for me to say, I am quite confident in my skills.” (Firana)

“I can tell that Firana-oneesama is really good at it. Is it a common thing to be good at sewing and embroidery in Selesia family?” (Misa)

“No, it is a personal hobby of mine. Since I am the 2nd daughter, my lifestyle is not too pressured by my parents. They also cannot complain since this hobby of mine brings money and influence.” (Firana)

I wonder what she meant by that.

“Are you curious? It is not much of a secret since most people in this school knows about it.” (Firana)

“Can you elaborate further?” (Misa)

“I have my own clothing brand. It is quite famous if I do say so myself. I handcrafted each and every one of the said clothing and have it displayed at some shops in the capital.” (Firana)

That’s really quite amazing, to have your own clothing brand.

I also feel like she’s not exaggerating when she said it’s quite famous.

“If that is the case, then why not open up a shop of your own?” (Misa)

“Someone brought that up to me too once. I do not intend to sell anything that is not handcrafted by myself. With that said, opening up my own shop means I will have to make hundreds, or even thousands of clothes on my own everyday and that would simply not be possible while I am still attending school.” (Firana)

“I see.” (Misa)

Still, it’s quite amazing that she made each clothes on her own.

“Just for reference, how much clothes does Firana-oneesama normally make a day?” (Misa)

“About 30 on weekday and 100 on weekend, considering I have no other appointment. I would like to make more since they always sold out the day they are displayed, but it is simply not possible.” (Firana)

…..I don’t know much about sewing but isn’t that an unnaturally high amount?

Of course, it’s not enough to make a dedicated shop but still……

Also, she mentioned it being sold out the day they are displayed, just how famous is her brand to be able to do that?

“You have quite a puzzled expression on your face. I think you may have the wrong perception. Most of the clothes I made are not excusive goods for nobles, they are quite affordable for commoners too. I was always scolded that the price and quality do not match each other but making money is not the main reason I am selling them out.” (Firana)

“What would the other reasons be?” (Misa)

“Fufu, that is a secret.” (Firana)

She smiled playfully.

I can’t imagine why she would sell them cheaply if they are so high in quality.

Is it to spread her family’s name to the commoners…..?

I have no other guess apart from that.

“No need to think about it so hard. Look, our breakfast is here.” (Firana)

Just as she said, I can see the maid walking to us with our orders in the distance.

I tried to think about it more but I can’t come to any conclusion.

There’s no use in thinking about it too hard I suppose, since it mostly has nothing to do with me.

With that, we stopped our conversation and ate our breakfast.

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