Chapter 17

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Author: Gerazza Original Source: Scribble Hub

When I returned back to my room, Miri was already waiting inside.

She helped me change to a night attire then left me alone.

I laid myself down on the bed.


I expected this would happen, but try as I might I can’t fall asleep.

It’s definitely because of the nap I had before dinner.

I can’t exactly go out to the garden too since I’m currently dressed like this.

“Misa.” (Rosa)

Just as I was wondering what to do, Rosa appeared in the room.

“Ahhh Rosa, welcome back. Did you finish your talk with the fire spirit?” (Misa)

“Indeed. Thankfully, he didn’t blow up anything this time, though constantly being on edge was quite exhausting nonetheless.” (Rosa)

Rosa let out a tired sigh.

“Have the two of you known each other for long?” (Misa)

“Considering human lifespan, you could consider it long. His kind is not one I would interact with frequently though, just from time to time. His element feeds on mine after all.” (Rosa)

True enough, fire and plant don’t seem to have any compatibility at all when you think about it.

No, it’s beneficial for the fire since the plants can serve as fuel to make the fire even bigger, but the plant side will always be on the losing half of the deal.

“If you don’t mind me asking, how did you become acquintance with Igret-sama?” (Misa)

“Tis not such an exciting story to tell. It was more of a one-sided encounter pushed by himself alone.” (Rosa)

“So Rosa didn’t have any consent on the matter when you first met?” (Misa)

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“Indeed. That guy always has good intentions in mind but he’s a blockhead who only knows how to do things through brute force. His temper is also quite unstable, though the same can be said for most fire spirits.” (Rosa)

My first meeting with him was him throwing fire magic towards our direction without looking who he’s targetting so I could imagine that on top of my head easily.

“Do be careful if you’re around him, or more to the point, be careful with any spirits you meet.” (Rosa)

“Ehhh?” (Misa)

“Most spirits can’t control their power before they make a contract. If their mood turns sour then they could unconsciously go on a rampage.” (Rosa)

“I see.” (Misa)

I’ll keep that in mind the next time I meet other spirits.

“Anyway, as I was trying to say back then before Igret rudely interrupted us, I’m quite interested in your world.” (Rosa)

“Is that so?” (Misa)

“That is so. A world that sustained without the presence spirits or magics, it’s something out of the realm of imagination for those from this world.” (Rosa)

“Will you be fine moving around though? The mana density in our world is far lower.” (Misa)

“As long as it’s not a world completely devoid of life, specifically plants, then it should be of no concern.” (Rosa)

Excluding my house, there does seem to be moderate amount of trees around.

It’s not like an urban city devoid of plants, empty spots here and there have trees all around.

Next to the academy there’s even a forest connecting to this world.

“Our contract would also let me absorb some mana from you for places where there’s not as much plants. It’s only a tiny bit so it won’t be anything life-threatening as long as it’s not for an extended amount of time.” (Rosa)

“How long would that be?” (Misa)

“With your mana, I would say a week.” (Rosa)

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I won’t have to worry about it too much then.

I’m also quite looking forward to showing Rosa about various stuffs on earth.

Just as there’s so much things that I couldn’t imagine real in this world, the people of this world would most likely wonder about how things work over at earth without magic.

No, our world has a concept of fantasy through various games, books, and other media so people from our world who consume those kind of stuffs might not see the stuffs here as completely out of their imagination.

I can’t say the same for myself though, the only exposure I had with those were from my sisters and friends, and I never really caught interest in them.

Though come to think of it, how much of the academy itself has implemented magic to the facilities?

There’s no way our ID cards don’t have magic built into them, considering they can be used to cast magic itself, maybe there are other normal things that were built not solely with technology, but with a mix of magic too.

A small yawn escaped my mouth.

“I’m sorry. I sometimes forget that humans need rest. I’ll excuse myself now.” (Rosa)

“Ahhh no, I was actually having trouble going to sleep before you came along. Thank you for the company.” (Misa)

“I’ll be glad to be your conversation partner anytime you’re on this side.” (Rosa)

Rosa then disappeared from the room.

It didn’t take me long for me to fell asleep after I lay myself back down on the bed.

Me and El returned uneventfully.

Both Leon and Asa had something to do in the morning so they couldn’t see us off.

Likewise, Miri had her morning tasks to do.

El came to my room in the morning and after I changed to the clothes I came with, we teleported back to our home.

Hopefully it’s fine to leave the clothes they provided to me for the night in the room like that.

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“El, wanna go grab breakfast outside?” (Misa)

“Un.” (Cielle)

I’m honestly too tired to be bothered to cook.

Not physically of course, I slept really well yesterday.

Considering it was only a single day, there was too much going on geez.

I brought this upon myself though.

As the saying goes, curiosity killed the cat.

It was to confirm the thing behind El’s behaviours though so I don’t regret it one bit.

As I was deciding where to eat, a school notification came on my ID card.

“Ahhh, Frillia sure works fast.” (Misa)

“Nnn?” (Cielle)

“We just discussed it a couple of days ago about the lack of things to do in school and how there’s no clubs and such. Frillia said she’ll work on it but I’m surprised she finished preparing this quickly.” (Misa)

Unlike me, most students would just go straight back to the dormitories since there’s nothing to do at school after classes are over.

There are some who gets a part-time job to fill up the empty time but they’re definitely part of the minority.

Considering the 2nd year’s circumstances, it’s understandable that there was nothing like clubs when we first attended.

In any case, I’m glad that everyone will have more to look forward to.

Festivals…..might not be achieveable for now.

There’s no one to attend it after all since we’re cut off from the rest of the world.

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That reminds me, I know how the students got chosen to attend in the first place, but how did the teachers and other people working at various places got recruited?


However much I think about it I can’t come to any conclusion.

Maybe I’ll ask Frillia about it tommorow.

“Welcome!” (Waitress)

Entering the shop, the waitress energetically welcomed us.

The shop’s was completely empty.

I took a seat with El deep inside the shop.

“Ummm, El?” (Misa)

“Nnn?” (Cielle)

“Nevermind” (Misa)

I was about to tell her not to sit on my lap but faced againts her who’s looking up to me cutely with pleading eyes, I had no chance of victory.

Uuuu, I didn’t spend any time with her at all yesterday so I guess this is fine.

After giving our respective orders, I took out my ID card and paid for my meal.

Of course, I insisted to El that I would pay for hers, but she wouldn’t comply.

“Nee, El have more than enough VP thanks to working as Asa-hime’s maid. El’s more worried about Nee.” (Cielle)

“Muuu….” (Misa)

My VP is definitely on a slow decline.

I currently only have around 60.000 VP left.

I still indeed get my monthly VP but since I was given that much VP by Frillia from the start, I’ve become a bit too loose on my spendings……

No but, it’s mostly on plants and cooking ingredients so it’s justified!

Still, maybe I should get a part-time job or something like I originally intended.

Ehhh, now that I think about it, VP doesn’t neccesarily work exactly like normal money, they’re Value Points after all.

Wouldn’t me being friends with Leon and having a contract with Rosa be considered valuable?

El got her VP from being Asa’s maid after all.

“How do you get VP El? Does it automatically give you after you done something that’s considered valuable or…..?” (Misa)

“Report center, there’s one.” (Cielle)

“Ehhh?” (Misa)

Now that she mentioned it, there is indeed a building close to school called report center on the map.

“A building to report things that’re considered valuable. Vecto-jii was the one who directed El there.” (Cielle)

“Maybe I should pay it a visit when I have some free time then.” (Misa)

Still, why didn’t the school taught us about something like that?


No, it’s pretty obvious isn’t it?

Since first year normally won’t even get the chance to go to Anaria, there’s no way to get VP other than the monthly 10.000 VP and doing part time jobs, and part time jobs immediately give you VP as soon as your shift is over so the report center has no relation in regards to that.

Frillia did mention that Value points outside of the part time jobs provided on this side can only be gained from doing something that’s considered of value on Anaria.

Killing monsters, making connections, helping to solve a conflict, there’s a lot of ways to gain VP once we’re on our 2nd year and allowed to cross over.

The only ones who have a head start on this are me and Ru, since both of us are dragged along by the student council members.

Well, i’m already forbidden to cross over to Anaria though….

Ru on the other hand is still allowed to do so, under Cure’s supervision.

El is special on her own since she has connections with Founder-sama.

The more I think about it, the more out of place I feel.

Ghhh, again with the negative thoughts!

I should really learn how to stop comparing myself to others.

“Sorry for the wait!” (Waitress)

The waitress came with our meal, serving it up before leaving us alone.

Still, this shop is pretty much completely empty apart from the two of us.

I would’ve guessed there would be more people considering it’s not too far from school, the interior and atmosphere of the shop is really good too.

….no wait, I keep on forgetting that I’m a special case since I never had to worry about VP thanks to Frillia giving me 200.000 VP from the start.

The dorm also gives out free meal so there’s not much reason to go out.

Still, I wonder if there’s anyone else living in the housing complex like me and El?

I never actually saw anyone heading here apart from the usual freeloaders that came to my house.

I guess Frillia is technically one too, though with that said I can’t even be certain that she spends the night on this side or not.

She seems to often be busy with business on the other side, and there’s not much reason for her to not spend the night there if so considering she has her own mansion on Anaria.

With a bit of difficulty, I enjoyed the meal in front of me with El sitting on my lap.

We headed straight back home after breakfast.

Arriving home, I immediately went to my room and throw my body to the bed.

The bed at the castle was nice but as expected, I couldn’t settle down sleeping in a place like that.

I only planned to lay down for a bit but ended up unable to resist the urge to sleep.

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