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Chapter 7

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Author: Gerazza Original Source: Scribble Hub

Today’s class was about beastiary.

Turns out it’s a study about the creatures that’re at Anaris.

There are animals that’re familiar to us, such as wolves, boars, and bears.

But there are a lot more creature that’s completely out of this world, slimes, goblins, orcs, dragons, and lots more.

Today we only studied on the less harmful monsters that can usually be found near the outskirts of towns on Anaris.

The teacher said that we don’t have to memorize every detail about them, but only the important bits, and yet she went into detail with her explanation anyway.

Considering that we’ll eventually go to Anaris on our 2nd year, I kept notes on their characteristics, their nature, where they usually live, what makes them dangerous, and their weakspots.

Ru got called by Cure in the middle of the lesson, and as Cure said the teacher didn’t say anything about it.

Ru looked overjoyed being called by Cure, there’s no trace of that sleepiness that she had when she was listening to the lesson.

So Ru is not the studious type, that’s not surprising.

Maybe it’s because I enjoyed hearing about those fantastical creatures but time flew by quickly and soon class was over.

This time the moment the teacher left, I immediately got up and head to the door.

The door swung open and before Frillia could shout out in her usual loud voice, I pushed her out.

“Don’t go coming to my classroom and shouting out so loudly everyday geez.” (Misa)

“Hehe, but it’s fun though.” (Frillia)

“So? Where are we going?” (Misa)

“Let’s go to Anaria today!” (Frillia)

“Ehhh!?” (Misa)

Where did that come from!?

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“Cure already went and took Ru to Anaria, we should catch up! I have a meeting to go to in Anaria anyway so it’s perfect.” (Frillia)

“But…..” (Misa)

“I already brought El with me.”(Kanae)

“El is here~” (Cielle)

El came out from behind Kanae and hugged me.

“Gai’s also already waiting on the other side so we should hurry. He’ll be our escort for today.” (Frillia)

“Then, I guess it’s fine.” (Misa)

I’m a little concerned since from the beastiary class just now there seems to be a lot of dangerous monsters on Anaria, but there’s Frillia, Kanae, and even Gai to protect us so we should be fine.

We went out from the school building through the backdoor in the direction of the training field, though instead of going left to where the training field is, we went right.

The density of the trees increased as we walked deeper and deeper.

All of a sudden, I felt sick.

“Misa, are you holding up okay? We just crossed over and the difference in mana density is quite big so you might feel quite nauseous.” (Frillia)

“I’ll…..manage.” (Misa)

I tried my best to keep myself steady.

By the time we met up with Gai, the nauseating feeling was gone.

I’m still feeling a bit dizzy though.

El looked like she’s completely fine.

Gai had the large sword from hefore hanging on his back.

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While being guided by Gai, we walked through this forest.

“How do you even know that we’re going to the right direction?” (Misa)

“Hmmm? Ahhh, we just got used to the feel of the direction, can’t say much more than that. Though if you’re worried, your ID card’s gps function works even here so if you ever get lost you can use that.” (Frillia)

I took out my ID card and did as she told and true enough, I can see a town quite a distance away being shown there.

There’s also a lake somewhat nearby?

After a bit of walking, we’re finally out from the forest, greeted by the wide grassland that separated the forest from the town.

The air feels refreshing.

There’s a really nice breeze going on, and the sun just had the right amount of heat.

“For now we should just go to town first then we can search for Cure and Rurune after.” (Frillia)

I would be lying if I’m not excited to see how the town looks like.

“Though president called it a town, it’s actually the capital of this kingdom so do keep that in mind.” (Kanae)

We walked to the town in a relaxed pace.

On the way, we encountered a monster I just learnt about today on class, slimes.

It’s body was made out of liquid that somehow kept it’s shape to more or less a sphere.

It moved just like how you would expect a water balloon would move if someone were to push it.

Sometimes it hopped off from the ground in an attempt to hit Gai, though even when it did hit him, it just splashed back on the ground.

“Be careful around the slimes. Though Gai makes them look completely harmless, they actually got a small dose of paralyzing liquid. It’s dose is really low and at most it’ll only give you a numb feeling but keep that in mind.” (Frillia)

“Yea, today’s class was bestiary and I just learnt about them.” (Misa)

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“Ohhh, then that’s good. Since you haven’t had combat or magic class yet, don’t separate from us and never come to Anaria alone.” (Frillia)

“I don’t think I’ll ever will but okay.” (Misa)

Not long after, the town could be seen in the distance.

It’s really big and it’s surrounded by tall walls.

I could see people come and go on through the town’s gate.

When we got closer, people took a glance at us and then continued on their things.

Yup, contrary to my expectations they didn’t react much even though we’re dressed so differently than them.

“Ahhh Frillia-sama. Are you going to stay over for today?” (Gatekeeper)

“So you’re on gatekeeping today Rayas. Nah, don’t think I will, it’s just a quick meet up for today to discuss our schedule and see where it match.” (Frillia)

So the gatekeeper’s name is Rayas.

Frillia seems to be on a pretty friendly term with him.

“Ohhh, is it regarding the monster fluctuation?” (Rayas)

“Yea, I was asked to accompany the investigation. My schedule is a bit tight for the month so I need to see which day will be free for the both of us.” (Frillia)

Indeed, Frillia always looked so busy, and yet she always had time to do her sheenanigans and came to my class.

“It’s tough being a representative huh? Best of luck to you. So, who’s the new girl?” (Rayas)

“Her name’s Misa, a new student council member. She’s a first year. And the little one is Cielle, her sister.” (Frillia)

“Another first year? Commander also brought a first year with her a few hours ago. Are you sure it’s okay to bring her here? I don’t know about the details but aren’t the people of your world only allowed to come here on their 2nd year?” (Rayas)

“It’s fine! She’s with me anyway and it’ll be a nice experience for her.” (Frillia)

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“Then I won’t question it more. Also, Gai, can I spar with you again later?” (Rayas)

“Sure. I’ll wait for you at the usual place.” (Gai)

“Ahhh, by the way, do you know where Cure went to?” (Frillia)

“The commander? I’m pretty sure she went to the training ground.” (Rayas)

“Is that so? I’ll check there then, thanks.” (Frillia)

With that, we entered the town.

I didn’t join in on their conversation, or to be exact I still haven’t learn about this world’s common sense so I don’t want to do anything unneccesary if I don’t have to.

I looked around excitedly.

The scenery was unlike any I’ve ever seen before.

It really gave off a fantasy feel.

Well, it’s indeed a fantasy world though.

I kept close to Frillia while holding El’s hand.

We kept walking forward to the center of the town, where a majestic castle can be seen in the distance.

“Frillia, when that gatekeeper said commander, did he meant…..?” (Misa)

“Yea, it’s as you expected. That’s what most of the knights call her here.” (Frillia)

“Amazing…..” (Misa)

“Like I said before, if it’s anything relating to combat be it direct physical combat, magic, or mixed, she’s the strongest. Though I said she’s the strongest in our year, it’s a bit of an understatement. It’s to the point where the teachers couldn’t lay a hand on her even when they went many againts one. It’s the reason why she got permission to not attend class and do whatever she wants.” (Frillia)

To think it’s to that extent.

“The only one who can beat her from our world is probably Founder-sama, considering even in this world he’s seen as a hero. But yea, even in this world her power is considered abnormal. There are still those above her here, but not much. She’s well respected by every knights in this kingdom.” (Frillia)

“Unbelievable.” (Misa)

It’s something you truly cannot imagine with how she usually acts.

After a small inspection, we entered the castle grounds.

I didn’t expect we would actually enter here, considering it’s, you know, a castle.

It didn’t seem like a place where someone can just enter lightly like that.

“Gai, can you bring Misa and El to the training ground? I’ll go ahead and finish my business.” (Frillia)

Gai gave a nod and started walking in a different direction than Frillia.

I followed Gai along.

The castle is very fancy, elegant, and pretty.

It’s everything I would imagine a castle being like.

We passed by a few maids from time to time, looking quite busy.

I could also see people with gorgeous clothing chatting around, be it either on the hall or sitting on a designated spot in the garden that surrounds this casstle.

I would guess that they’re nobles.

Though I’m not much of a fan of them unlike El, I’ve also read a few fantasy novels so I got a somewhat rough image of what this world would be like.

Well, reading about it and seeing it directly were a completely different experience though.

Sounds of metal clashing with each other can be heard in the distance after a bit.

We’re walking to that direction.

Are they currently sparring or something?


I heard a familiar voice mentioning a familiar name.

…..What’re they doing?

Following along Ru’s voice not too long after was a small tremor that could be felt even from where we’re standing.

No seriously, what’re they doing!?

“We should hurry.” (Gai)

We ran towards where the sound came from, which I would assume is the training ground.

We entered a building and came out on the other side.

The first thing to greet us was a large chunk of rock flying to our direction.

I closed my eyes and a loud smashing voice could be heard.

When I opened my eyes, Gai’s in front of me and El, holding his large sword in hand.

He then slam the ground, creating a large fissure traveling forward into the cloud of dusts.

“Hmmm~? Gai, is that you~?” (Cure)

Cure’s voice could clearly be heard and following it, a heavy gust of wind blew and cleared up the dusts.

“Ahhh Misa, welcome~” (Cure)

Before I noticed, Cure was already hugging me, and Gai was somehow stuck on the wall.

“Did you miss me~?” (Cure)

“N-No, that’s not exactly……” (Misa)


“It’s fine Ru, I’ve casted some protection magic so you won’t die from it’s attacks~ Well, it’ll still hurts really badly to the point where you could die of shock though~” (Cure)


Ru’s scream could clearly be heard.

When I looked at her direction, she’s currently frantically dodging attacks from a giant human-shape rock.

Everytime it missed it’s attack and hit the ground, rocks went flying all over the place and a hole was left on the ground where it’s fist landed.

“Cure, isn’t that dangerous!?” (Misa)

“Hmmm~? It’s fine~” (Frillia)

“That looks like anything but fine!” (Misa)

There’s a lot of knights here too watching Ru with a concerned face, though none of them were making a move.

“Ahhh, I have an idea~” (Cure)

Cure let go of me and walked to Ru.

As she arrived next to Ru, she whispered something to her.

Right after, Ru unnaturally ran to the golem and swung her fist.

The moment it landed, the giant rock monster got pushed back to the wall and crumbled down.

“See, you can do it if you try~” (Cure)

Since it didn’t seem dangerous anymore, I walked to the 2 of them.

“Ah, Misa!” (Rurune)

Ru hugged me the moment she saw me.

“Are you okay, Ru?” (Misa)

“Yep, I’m fine! Anyway, let’s have lunch together Misa! That’s enough for today right, Cure?” (Rurune)

“Ideally I would want you to be able to fight at least 5 of those simultaneously but since Misa is here, it can’t be helped. Let’s have lunch. Everyone~ I’ll be relying on you guys to be cleaning up this mess~ Gai, you’re on cleaning duty too~” (Cure)

“Yes commander!” (Knights)

“Cure, isn’t it a bit unreasonable to ask everyone to clean up over your mess?” (Misa)

“Hmmm~? It’s okay, it’s the way things usually goes~” (Cure)

She just ended the conversation like that and dragged me away.

Uuuu, is it the common sense of this world, or is it just Cure being Cure?

“What did Cure whispered to you back then Ru?” (Misa)

“Ahhh, that. Could you believe it? Cure was such a demon. She said she’ll take away the lunch you prepared for me if I don’t beat the golem.” (Rurune)

“No, I think asking you to beat the golem itself was the problem.” (Misa)

“We’ll be doing that from now on~ Whenever you don’t meet up to my standard, I’ll be taking away 1 bento box away.” (Cure)

“You demon!” (Rurune)

“Just do what I ask you to do and you’ll be fine~” (Cure)

If what she meant by that is doing something like today, I don’t think it would be fine…..

“Cure, don’t be too harsh on Ru okay?” (Misa)

“Yes~” (Cure)

We arrived at a cafetaria-like place.

“It’s completely empty.” (Misa)

“It’s training time after all~” (Cure)

We took a seat and started eating lunch.

Cure was also holding one of my bento box joyfully, since I bet she would sulk again if I gave one to Ru but not one to her.

“Misa, would you like to stay over here at Anaria tommorow until sunday~?” (Cure)

“Ehhh?” (Misa)

“You’re probably curious after seeing a tiny bit of this world, right?” (Cure)

“I do, but…..” (Misa)

I looked at El and she nodded back at me.

“Unnn, El don’t mind. El will be coming along too though.” (Cielle)

“Sure~ It’s reassuring to have El coming along too. I’ll partially be teaching Ru anyway so I won’t be able to give full attention to Misa.” (Cure)

“Unnn, leave it to El.” (Cielle)

Cure trusted El more than me…..

“Hehe, a field trip with Misa.” (Rurune)

“Now that you mention it, it does kinda feel like a field trip.” (Misa)

After we finished lunch, Cure escorted me and El back to earth with Ru.

She immediately returned to Anaria though, saying that she had something to take care.

We separated with Ru on the way as she went to the dorm and we went back to our home.

I’m quite excited for tommorow!

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