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Chapter 1

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Author: Gerazza Original Source: Scribble Hub

Your fault……

It’s all your fault…….

If only you didn’t exist……..

You should’ve been the one…….


Die Die

Die Die Die


My body immediately sprung up from my bed.

My hand wouldn’t stop shaking.

I’m fully covered in sweat.

My body shivers as my mind keeps on reminiscing about that day.

My heart wouldn’t stop beating loudly.

Calm down, it’s just a dream.

Taking slow deep breath, my body started to calm down a bit.

I picked up the glass of water on the desk next to my bed.

As I carried it towards my mouth, the water rippled and splashed around the glass, on the borderline of spilling due to the shaking of my hand.

Chugging down all the content in one breath, I immediately put the glass back.

That dream again…..

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It’s been haunting me ever since then.

No, I can’t get hold back by the pass.

For her, I need to move forward.

There’s probably no chance for me to be able to go back to sleep so I got up from my bed.

I immediately placed my hand to the wall as to not lose balance.

I slowly walked out my room, towards the room next to me.

A quiet, gentle breathing could be heard from the bed inside.

Seeing her face, my body immediately calmed down.

Her gentle innocent face that’s undisturbed by the world.

Her rhytmical calm breathing.

Her hair that’s unruffled even though she’s been sleeping for hours.

Yes, she’s the only reason I’m still living.

Without Cielle, I would’ve probably ended this life myself.

I’m not allowed to fall in despair as long as she’s still here.

Grief, blame, regret, I’ll take them all on.

As long as I can make her happy.

After gently stroking her head for a bit, I exited and headed down to the living room.

There, an old woman currently sat on the sofa, as if waiting for me.

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“I hope you haven’t forget about our deal.”

“Of course.”

I was only allowed to live here for 1 month.

It’s already been 3 weeks since auntie first allowed us here.

After that, me and my sister have to find somewhere else to live.

Due to all the savings I had in the past, if it’s only for a few months, we should be fine.

The problem is, I haven’t even finished highschool yet, thus I won’t be able to find a decent job.

Sooner or later my saving would run out.

I need to find a stable job for her.

“I’m going to visit their grave. Don’t tell her about it.”

“Just go.”

WIth her cold words, I exit the house.

Walking towards the grave, my mind wandered about the future.

Even if I were to find a stable income, she would probably be lonely staying at home alone.

Well, she’s about the right age to start elementary school, though that means extra expenses.

In the end, it all goes back to money.

Without realizing, I seem to have already arrive.

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Standing in front of the grave, I joined my hand together.

After paying my respect to my parent’s grave, I walked back to my auntie’s house.


Along the way, a newspaper carried by the wind got stuck on my foot.

Picking it up, I intended to throw it away, but a certain article on the cover immediately attracted my interest.

‘Amadeus Academy: grand opening

Looking for highschoolers. Guaranteed stable line of work upon graduation. Free entrance fee. Includes accomodation for the student and one invited guest. Come join us and make your own destiny.’

There’s more to the articles, but I couldn’t care less about them.

Is this real?

No, if it managed to make it’s page on the cover of a newspaper then the news is undoubtedly real.

The free entrance fee is probably due to it being a grand opening, which means the school is new, and they sacrifice a bit of profit to get a lot of people attending first and gain name from that.

Even so, it still feels shady for some reason.

No, I can’t be picky.

If it’s really how like the newspaper states, then this would be my opportunity.

Well, I could just ask and reconfirm about this when I get there anyway.

With my determination set, I followed the map on the newspaper.

Though for some reason, looking at the location, I can’t help but feel like I know this place……

“Wait, what the hell……”

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No wait, you’ve got to be kidding me, right?

In front of me, lies a gate and gigantic walls surrounding what I presume to be the academy.

There’s a mountain inside and I could even see large trees one would expect from a forest from behind the gate.

Even when I was walking from a distance away, it didn’t seem like I could see the end of the wall.

It’s big enough to make a city.

I thought about turning back due to how suspicous it is, but that’s not really an option is it?

Seriously, how is something like this even possible?

I know that this land has been owned by someone from long ago, but I never expected that someone would make an academy in it.

I walk towards the gate.

The way in is somewhat similar to that of a train station.

I walk to what looks like a receptionist.

“Good morning. Are you here to register for the school?”

“Ahhh, yes. Is it true that I can get accomodation here for me and another person I bring while I attend the academy?”

“Yes, accomodation is free. Upon entering, the students would be given a fixed amount of points for food and other expenses regardless of the number of people they invite so the students have to manage those themselves though.”


“Ahhhh, you must’ve heard of us from the newspaper only. Here, you can get details about this academy here.”

She gave me a phamplet containing everything about the school.

It seems that any kind of transaction inside uses something called Value Point or VP for short.

So technically they can bring any number of people they want, but the amount of VP they have to spend increases.

Furthermore, about the work after graduation, it seems that one can still live inside the academy even after graduation by working there.

There seems to be other facilities like elementary schools, malls, cafes and other stuffs too, anything one would expect from a city.

Wait, it feels like this academy is another country on itself.

Now, let’s rationalize for a bit.

If I were to attend here, Though I can’t really say I won’t have to worry about living expenses anymore, it seems that our future is a little more guaranteed here.

One could see it as a fresh start.

If I were to let this opportunity goes, I don’t think I’ll get any like it ever again.

It’s definitely way better than living in the streets.

I mean, I’m fine with that, but I can’t drag Cielle through something like that with me.

“Alright, sign me up, please.”

“How much people would you be bringing with you?”

“Only one.”

“Understood. Here’s the key to enter the academy. Please prepare all your belongings as you can’t exit the academy upon entering.”

She handed me 2 transparent cards.

After explaining that I would be leaving tommorow, there’s no doubt that there’s an expression of joy in her face.

Well, I didn’t explain in details of where I’m going, since there’s really no reason to.

She really wants me to leave, huh?

My parents’ relationship with this auntie has never really been good.

When my parents died, the family’s wealth was inhereted to auntie since I’m just a highschooler.

She’s probably delighted due to the fact that nothing’s constraining her anymore.

Well, not like I care.

I walked to my sister’s room.


Seems like she’s awake.

She’s currently sitting on her bed, Rubbing her sleepy eyes.

“Yo, El.”

She got up from her bed and immediately hugged me.

Due to the clear difference in height, her arms can only circled around my legs, as she leaned her head on my tummy.

I caressed her head gently, in which she enjoyed.

“El, we’re going to be moving out tommorow.”

“Where are we going…?”

“It’s somewhere close to where Nii would be attending highschool at.”

She didn’t say anything further, but after hugging me tightly one more time, she parted with me and started packing her stuffs.

She’s always been so obedient and trusts me fully.

With that, I leave her alone to pack and go to my room to begin packing my own thing.

Well, with that said though, there’s really not that much belongings that I have.

I’d never been the type to keep stuffs I don’t need anyway.

After a few minutes, I managed to pack all my stuffs inside a small backpack.

I visited Cielle with the intention of helping her pack up but it seems like she’s finished as well.

I was planning to go back to the academy tommorow, but since we finished quite quickly, I guess we can go now.

I want to get out of this house as soon as I can anyway.

She would probably be glad to get rid of us as soon as possible too.

“El, would you be okay if we go today?”


Though I didn’t expect her to decline, I also didn’t expect her to accept so easily without asking anything about it……

Seems like aunt’s currently out.

Well, I’m not the type to wait for someone like her.

She would probably know that we’re gone after she checked our room anyway, so there’s no reason to wait around.

With that settled, the two of us walk to the academy.

Using the card just like one would on a subway, we get in through the gate.

The moment we swiped it, the transparent card immediately had some writings in it.

Name, win, lose, streak, along with a photo of me.

Wait, when did they even…..

I guess this serves as identification?

On the backside, it transform to something akin to a smartphone overlay.

It actually works like one would expect from a smartphone.

I don’t really keep up with the technology trend, but I don’t think something like this is widely distributed throughout the world.

In fact, it’s the first time I’ve ever seen it.

Maybe a prototype from a certain electronic company?

Geez, how much budget does this school even have?

Looking around, there’s multiple road in which I’m clueless where each of it leads.

Should I just try a direction and hope for the best?

“Do you need any guidance?”

The receptionist who handled me before appear again before me.

Wait, is it really okay for her to leave her post like that?

“Ummm, where would our accomodation be?”

Yea, first thing first has got to be that.

She nods and starts walking on the road that leads to the left.

I hold my El’s hand and follow her.

“Wait, what the hell……”

Rows and rows of houses that can be expected from an entire housing complex are in front of me.

Is this really an academy?

I’m starting to doubt it’s credibility.

“Students would usually live in the dorm but seeing as you are bringing your little sister along, a house would be better. Though you won’t be getting free meals like you would’ve if you live in the dorm, you get the freedom to do anything you want to your house.”

So there’s even a dorm for those who lives alone, huh?

I really can’t imagine the budget they use to make this whole ‘academy’.

“Does living here mean I’m renting this place?”

“You don’t need to be concern about the rent price as a first year student, though after you enter second year, there’ll be monthly fee.”

So it’s nothing I need to worry for a year, huh?

“Do you need help with anything else?”

“Ummm, do you have something like, a map of this whole academy?”

“You can open the map feature provided on your card for that.”

Wait, it can do that?

I took out my card and pressed on the compas icon there.

The whole academy’s topography appeared.

I can zoom in and out however I want, and there’s even an indicator of where I am.

this basically serves as a gps huh?

I have to check out the other apps on this card later.

“Alright, if there’s no further questions, I’ll excuse myself. You can check the school schedule on your card but there’s still 2 weeks till the opening ceremony so until then it’s free time. If you need any help you can use your card to call an administrative.”

“Ahhh, alright.”

“Then, I’ll be going now.”

With that, the receptionist lady left us.

“Nii, this house is amazing.”

Cielle’s eyes are filled with excitement as she sees the house we’ll be living.

True enough, for something prepared for a student, this is a bit much……

It’s a big house that’s usually around a housing complex, probably enough for a family of 5 to live in together without getting cramped.

We walked towards the door.

When I tried to push it open, it doesn’t budge.


“Nii, El thinks it’s like this.”

Cielle takes out her card and swipe it on the silver plate next to the door.

A sound of a lock being opened could immediately be heard.

Whoaaa, just like a hotel room.

We walked into the house and closed the door behind us, in which the lock sound could be heard again, probably means that it’s locked now.

So the only ones that can enter these houses are their designated owners.

The sky’s starting to get dark as dusk approaches.

“El, how about we unpack later and go buy ingedients for today’s dinner first?”

“Unnnn, if Nii says so.”

I swiped the card again at the door and opened the map.

“Seems to be a bit of distance form here, but it’s not too far.”

Cielle followed what I do and opens the map on her card.

What a fast learner.

She looked impressed by what this card can do.

We walked towards the market.

On the way, I looked around on what this card have.

There’s one that I particularly want to check, the academy manual.

Hmmm, it’s like what one would expect from an online academy website, neatly organized.

I scrolled down and slowly read through while we walk.

Cielle seemed to be doing the same thing too.


Hmmmm, so basically the only currency here is this VP and there’s no physical form of it so it’s like digital money.

One can gain more VP via trade, as in trade directly, part time work, and such.

The school seems to give VP to the students every month too, though only towards students so it’s a fixed amount for every students.

All of these are pretty much easy to understand, but there’s one thing that really concerns me.

When one’s VP run out, that person can be bought by others for a certain amount of VP, depending on the academy’s judgement of the said person.

Bought, it probably means something bordering to slavery, or so I have a feeling.

Though it is said too that the required amount is not something one can earn just form the school’s provided fund.

Well, it’s nothing to think about if I don’t let me and my sister run out of VP, but it’s something to pay in mind.

We were given 10.000 VP from the start, with 80/20 share.

I immediately transfer 3.000 VP to my sister just to balance it out.

Not long after that, we reached the market.

Well, it’s basically a really large convinience store, or more like a supermarket based on it’s appearance.

That reminds me, there’s also a bazaar a distance away from here, so maybe those are like, traditional market?

Well, I can just check it tommorow.

We entered the market and it really does resembled a convinience store.

There’s no one here but the man that’s handling the cash register though.

Hmmmm, cooking ingedients such as potatoes, tomatoes, and such are around 5-15 VP.

Pre-made foods are around 50 VP.

There’s also utensils for around a few hundreds VP and even furnitures varying from around a few hundreds to thousands, though there’s not much of them.

Maybe there’s a specific shop for furnitures at the city?

Hmmmm, I didn’t check if we had cooking utensils at home or not.

If they’re sold here, then probably no, huh?

“Hmmm, Nii’s not sure if there’s cooking utensils or not in the house so let’s just buy some bento for today. Pick one you want.”


Well, I don’t plan to waste VP on a hunch so I’ll wait on buying them.

She looked around the variety of content there is and makes a difficult expression.

Hmmmm, true enough, there’s quite a lot of choice with different contents inside.

Hmmm, guess I’ll pick the one with karaage and salad in it.

My sister picked one with pickled plum rice and egg roll.

We head to the cashier and pay them, totalling in 120 VP.

We both use our own VP.

Well, I was insisting to pay for my sister’s too, but she declined it sharply.

With both of our meal on hand, we walked back to our home.


She seems like she wants to ask something, but is afraid to do so.

“What is it?”

“What will El be doing while Nii is away for school?”

“There’s an elementary school division here so El will be going there.”

“There is?”


I was surprised when I found out too.

While I was waiting for Cielle to pick her choice, I looked around the map and there it was, the elementary school division a bit of distance away from the main school building.

When I tap it, it gave information that it’s attendable by those around El’s age, though attending it won’t give her any monthly PP like it does for me, so probably merely for time consuming purpose.

After hearing me say that, El looks at her own card to see for herself.

“Ahhh, the one near the school?”

“Yea, are you okay with that El?”

“Unnnn, if Nii says so.”

I wonder if El’s really okay with it or if she’s just too shy to complaint.

Well, eitherway, some social interaction with kids her age would be good for El.

After finishing dinner, El took a bath while I look around the house.

The first floor consisted of dining room, kitchen, bathroom, living room and there’s even a backdoor towards a backyard.

The second floor consisted of 4 empty rooms with bed.

Seriously, this is way too overbearing for something provided by the school.

How much budget does the owner of this academy even have?

To create something as large scale as this, it’s an amount where even a country won’t be able to take lightly.

I walked back down and sat on the sofa in the living room.

The only worrying thing is probably the slavery thing when one runs out of VP.

Still, with this amount of VP, it’s pretty hard to run out of them, especially since the academy gives the students more every month.

On the other hand, even with minimal spending every month, it’s still impossible to amass enough VP to actually buy a person, I already checked and they are around millions of VP.

There’s probably something like gambling and such, or maybe a competition with VP as the prize.

Then again, it won’t concern me as I don’t have any intention to get caught up with that.

As long as I can live with my sister happily, that’s enough for me.

Though I won’t decline getting some VP the safe way since some insurance is never bad.

“Nii, I’ve finished using the baths.”

“Ahhhh, alright.”

I didn’t turn around due to my instinct.

I can hear water dripping behind me.

Is she still naked?

She probably is, or at least she’s only wearing her bath towel, both of which is not good, therefore it would be wise not to turn around.

After hearing her footsteps of going up to the second floor, I walked to the bath.

“Ahhh, this is relaxing.”

Dipping myself into the warm bath, I immediately relaxed.

The card seems to be water proof so I brought it with me.

I looked at the schedule on the card.

So the opening ceremony is in 2 weeks, on friday.

Wait, why on friday?

Strange…… Usually opening ceremony starts on monday so lesson can be started the next day.

Well, this whole academy is already strange in itself so a minor thing like this probably doesn’t matter too much.

In the meantime I guess I’ll have some free time to spend with my little sister.

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