Chapter 2

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Author: Gerazza Original Source: Scribble Hub

“This place is damn huge……”

Imagine a 3 stars hotel, the academy is twice that size, probably.

and that’s only the building, not counting the sports field, gymnasium, and other places.

I’ve sent off my sister to the elementary division before I went here.

This school is rather empty for it’s size, though.

Even now, walking to the event hall, I see no one around me.

Am I early, late, or is there really no one else?

Well, only one way to find out.

I opened the door to the event hall.


Yep, I guess I’m at the wrong place.

I immediately turn back.

“Ahhhh, waaaiiittttt.”

Trying to ignore the sound behind me, I walked as fast as possible, but my hand immediately got caught.

“Why are you leaving?”

“Yea, I entered the wrong room, now if you’ll…..”

“Wait wait waaiiitt.”

She immediately circled around and stood in front of me.

A girl with light violet hair and a pair of crystal purple eyes.

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She’s wearing a maid costume, the typical black and white one you see on animes, along with the headress and stockings too.

Yea, I don’t want to get involved with this at all.

“You’re a new student, right? I’m your senpai, you know?”

“Y-yea. Wait, I thought the school opens this year.”

“The public grand opening is this year, but last year, a selected few already attend this school. More importantly, why aren’t you wearing your uniform?”

Wait, there’s a uniform?

I didn’t get it at all when entering so I thought anything goes.

“No, I didn’t know this school has uniform.”

“Of course it has! What kind of school would it be without uniforms?”

I mean, this school is already pretty abnormal anyway……

“So is that maid outfit the uniform for girls?”

“N-No, it’s…..”

“President, don’t suddenly run out like that.”

Another girl’s voice came from behind me.

She has braided green hair and wear a pairs of glasses, behind it a pair of red blue eyes are currently looking at us.

She’s wearing what I guess to be the school uniform, which consists of a frilly white blouse with black vest that haves a crest on the right top side, along with a cute lacy white ribbon tie and a mini skirt.

“Rinrin, the first kouhai to arrive is here, though he’s not wearing his uniform.”

“There’s probably a spare uniform or two on the student council room.”

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“Let’s go there, then!”

Without minding my opinion, the girl in maid dress who I presumed is the student council president pulled me excitedly.

The girl with glasses followed along us from behind.

“So, kouhai, what’s your name?”


“Wait, are you a…..”

“I’m a boy…..”

Due to my parent’s naming sense, I got a girly name like Misa.

Even worse, my body physique and even my face are somewhat girly.

I can’t even cut my hair short since it’ll cost money to do so, and cutting it myself would probably make it messy and ugly.

My voice is not really high pitch, but high enough for it to make one doubt if it’s a girl or a boy.

Thus, some may mistake me as a girl at first sight.

“W-well, I’m Frillia, and I’m the student council president for this year.”

So my thought was right.

“Kanae. I serve as the student council secretary.”

“Nice to meet you, Frillia-senpai and Kanae-senpai.”

“Nice to meet you too. Ahhh, you can also drop the senpai.”

“But that would be…..”

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“It’s fine it’s fine. We’re only a year apart anyway.”

“Then, Frillia and Kanae.”

“Yes, let’s get along, Misa.”

Frillia gave me a teasing smile.

I had a bad feeling looking at that smile.

Tch, I knew I should’ve escaped back then.

Entering the student council room, the first thing I noticed is how messy it is.

Books and papers lying around everywhere, boxes with various stuffs messily placed on the chairs and floors, it’s just a mess.

“It should be around here somewhere……”

Kanae looks around what looks to be a closet.


I can hear the sound of the student council door clicking behind me.

Frillia’s facing me, with her hand holding her ID card.

Wait, did she just locked the door?

While I was in a daze, both of my hands are suddenly held down from behind.

“Wait, what are you doing!?”

Frillia walks to the closet and takes out one set of the girl’s uniform.

Wait, you can’t be serious, right?

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“Ahhhh, it seems we run out of the boy’s uniform. How unfortunate.”

No, that’s definitely an act!

I tried to break free, but Kanae is somehow inhumanly strong.

“I guess there’s no choice but to let you wear the girl’s uniform. We can’t have a student dress improperly on the first day.”

“G-Get away!”

Without giving me a chance to resist, they skillfully dressed me while somehow still pinning me down.

In less than a minute, they took off my clothes and put the uniform neatly on me, complete with stockings and strap ankle shoes.

“Whoaaaahhhh, it looks better than I thought.”


The skirt is so short that I feel like people would be able to see what’s underneath it if I bend my body even a little.

“Since we’ve gone this far, some light make up won’t hurt, right?”

“Definitely. President is as wise as always.”

Now you’re just starting a two man act.

She took out what I presumed to be a make up box.

Is there any way to escape?

There is none.

The door is locked, the windows are blocked by a bunch of stuffs which means I’ll get caught before I even get close, and even if I somehow managed to get out, they hid my clothes on the closet so I have no way to change back.

Tch, I should’ve been careful.

“President, you should change back to your uniform while I do her make up.”

Her? I didn’t mishear, right?

“Alright, I’ll leave it to you, Kanae.”

With that, she enters another room next to this one.

“Now, be a good girl and…..”

Without letting her finish her sentence, I take a seat on one of the empty chairs.

“Look at you being all tsundere even though you don’t hate it. Good.”

Satisfied with my choice, she starts putting make up on me.

Even if I struggle, with how abnormally strong she is I would not be able to escape.

Not to mention the door is locked.

“Kanae, you’re amazing…..”

“Thank you for the compliment, president.”

I’m currently looking on the mirror.

Cherry pink glossy lips, a little blushed cheeks, and luscious eye lashes.

Long tidy blond hair with a cute little hairpin on the right to prevent the front hair from covering the eyes.

The pair of purple eyes looks straight back at me.

I don’t even…..

Why am I here again?

Kanae looked at her wristwatch and immediately paniced.

“Ahhh, president, we’re late!”

“I was enchanted by Misa for too long! How bewitching. Misa, you’re so cruel.”

“Like it’s my fault!”

Frillia immediately unlocked the door.

The 3 of us ran back through the school corridor towards the event hall.

Dammit, how could girls run with these shoes and skirt?

As we got closer, I could hear the sound of announcement being made clearer and clearer.

“And lastly, let’s hear the closing word from the student council president.”

As we opened the door, all the students inside look at us.

The once empty seats are now filled with students.

There’s a guy and a girl standing on the stage at front.

Even though I’m panting badly, the other two seems fine from all that running.

Geez, how much stamina does these two have?

I tried to walk to an empty seat, but both of my hands are held by Frillia and Kanae.

“Wait, what are you two doing?”

Not answering me, they just gave me a smile.

The stage is clearly for student council presidents so why are you both preventing me from going to my seat?

They dragged me all the way to the stage.

The two people on the stage seemed to not have been notified about this at all, so they’re about as confused as I am.

Without minding the confusion, the student council president took the mic provided.

I stood in line with the other two along with Kanae.

I had no choice, even now Kanae is still holding my hand tightly.

“We from the student council would like to welcome everyone here for entering Amadeus Academy. I’m going to believe that everyone already know how this school works so I won’t go into further detail about that. What I would like to introduce to everyone, however, is the whole student council body. We’re the ones that’ll be managing peace and order around school along with the enforcement department.”

With that, she beckoned us to go forward.

Following the other three, I lined up with them.

No, seriously, I’m not part of the student council.

“I myself am the student council president, Frillia, 2nd year student. The guy with red hair and menacing face is Gai, a fellow second year, he works as the vice president. The girl with wavy black violet hair and a gentle look is Cure from 2nd year. She serves as the treasurer. The girl with green hair and glasses is the 2nd year Kanae, the secretary of the student council.”

Everyone then focused their attention at me.

“The last one, the cute blonde girl that’s clearly the cutest in the whole world is Misa, a member of the student council. By the way, she’s a first year.”

Mutters can immediately be heard around the hall, mostly talking about how did I even enter student council if I’m a first year.

No, I would like to ask that question as well.

I’m definitely not informed about this at all.

Besides, why would she…..


She….. this clever b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲.

I was planning to bear with it for today and change back to my real self on monday since i’ve not known anyone yet, but by introducing me as a student council member, there’s no way anyone wouldn’t know about me.

Tch, I’ve been way too careless.

And there’s something about being unable to exit anymore after entering mentioned by that receptionist.

I don’t think I’ll be able to escape with those tall walls surrounding this academy.

Since they knew where I live, I can’t really skip school either without a good reason, they probably have a master card or something to enter anywhere in this academy.

Besides, I can’t skip anyway since my sister is here.

“Now then, everyone please enjoy yourselves for the next 2 days. School will officially start at monday. I hope none of you will lose all of your VP that fast or else I might just buy you.”

She gave a playful wink and stepped back.

“And that’s it for the opening ceremony. Like the student council president had said, please don’t lose all your VP since the school wouldn’t be help responsible and is powerless to meddle in that matter if you were to be bought.”

With that, everyone started exiting the event hall.

Excited chatters can be heard all around.

No, I couldn’t care less about that, more importantly……


“Hmmmm? Do what, I wonder.”

She’s playing dumb.

“So this is the first student council member to join. So cuteeeee.”

Cure suddenly hugs me from behind.

“Are you sure it’s okay to recruit her without permission like that? Also, what the hell is with this ratio of men to women?”

“We have full authority regarding anything related to student council and school management to a certain extent. Besides, aren’t you happy to be surrounded by all these beautiful girls?”

“I-I-I’m a guy!”


Gai immediately showed a shocked face.

Hearing that, Cure tightened her hug even further for whatever reason.

“Wait wait wait, she’s a guy!?”

“Hehe, how cute.”

“You’re damn wicked, president.”

“Look at her, blushing so hard, maybe I should join in!”

Frillia walked closer to me and hug me, but from the front.

Ghhh, it’s hard to breathe…..

They’re both inhumanly strong that I can’t force my way out even if I want to.

“President, please keep your action in moderation. Though I understand how Misa’s cuteness can bewitch anyone.”

Kanae, you didn’t even try to stop her.

“Hmmm, wait. But what will you do about his….. her registration. Her documents would probably state that she’s a guy, right? Or did you already…..”

Ahhh, Gai makes a good point.

“I already altered it, of course.”

“Wait, is that even possible!?”

“Anything’s possible if you have enough VP here. It’s just changing a single word and yours was considerably cheaper since you didn’t gave the academy any documents regarding yourself so it only costed a few hundred thousand VP.”

A few hundred thousand!?

And she actually call it cheap!?

No, that actually clears out my previous thoughts.

There’s definitely a way to earn a lot of VP.

In theory, if there isn’t she would only get 120.000 VP in 1 year, and that’s considering she didn’t spend any, which is impossible.

Maybe part time job and such?

Since we have the next 2 days off, maybe I can get some decently paying work.

Though 10000 VP a month is probably enough, more couldn’t hurt, especially with the slavery system.

“Hmmmm? What’s with the serious expression?”

“N-no, I was just thinking about getting a job on the next 2 days.”

She suddenly released her hug and flashed a smile on me.

“Do you want to work for me?”

What? She’s offering work for me?

“By the way, I can pay way more than what a normal part time job would give. Don’t you want the VP?”

Tch, knowing her, it would probably be something ridiculous.

But still, I need to earn it, for my sister.

Ghhh, if I were to learn from my previous experiences, I should definitely steer clear from this, but is it really okay to be picky?

“So? Are you interested?”


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