Chapter 13

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Author: Gerazza Original Source: Scribble Hub

“Hmmm~? Seems like Ru should be back by tommorow~” (Cure)

“Ehhh, really!?” (Misa)

It’s been 2 weeks since the whole dragon incident.

While we’re lazing around in the living room, Cure suddenly said that.

As to why she’s here in the first place, she got forced to take another day off by Frillia.

Seems like Frillia scheduled it so Cure would have a day off once every 3 days.

Gai will be in Anaria whenever that’s the case so unless something totally outrageous happen, it’s unlikely for Ridona to be in any danger.

Ahhh, Ridona is the name of the capital that we were at before, Ridona, the capital of Yurusia kingdom.

“Frills who tends to over-worry about stuff messaged me that so Ru’s definitely back to health~” (Cure)

“That’s a relief to hear. Maybe I should cook up a feast for Ru then.” (Misa)

“She would definitely be delighted~” (Cure)

I’ll give it my best!

“Then, can I watch you cook~?” (Cure)

“N-No, I prefer not…..” (Misa)

“Isn’t it fine? Your voice was really calm and soothing, I was surprised when I first hear you humming happily while cooking~” (Cure)

“It’s embarassing!” (Misa)

Last week I had ask for Rosa to teach me plant magic.

Since Rosa didn’t know how the devices work so I settled on learning it the way people in Anaria would.

She taught me basic plant magics that’re really useful for me.

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They’re mostly consisted of magics to enchance the herbs, fruits, and vegeatables I used for cooking to make them more delicious and give the person who ate it some nice effects.

Body reinforcement, increased recovery, resistance to hot and cold, and a lot more.

It’s to the point where I could put my hand on top of a fire and not feel it’s heat at all.

Still, the amount of mana it costed was massive.

Individually they don’t cost a lot of mana, but there are a lot of ingredients used for cooking and having to use plant magic on each one of them was tedious and very mana-consuming.

In the end Rosa taught me a way to use my magic to all the ingredients I was going to use all at once without using much mana, but that involved singing.

No, I mean I remember that the common sense teacher mentioned something about using a song being the most mana-efficient way to cast magic along with dancing, but still…..

In the end, I always hum a gentle tone whenever I’m cooking, even that much would enchance the ingredients I used.

Of course, I always make sure no one was around when I did it but 3 days ago I got careless and Cure happened to be there while I was cooking.

In my defense, Cure sneaked into my house without my consent!

I regret giving her the access to my door.

No, it’s Cure we’re talking about so it probably wouldn’t have made a difference.

“Hehe, seeing you acting embarassed is always a pleasure~” (Cure)

“Ahhh mou!” (Misa)

“You’re too cute for your own good Misa~” (Cure)

She hugged me tightly.

“A-Anyway, will Frillia, Kanae, and Gai be here to celebrate Ru’s full recovery and return?” (Misa)

“We’re done with the dragon assault case so there’s nothing preventing them from coming~” (Cure)

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“Ehhh!? You’ve solved the case?” (Misa)

“Yea. Turns out there was an adventurer who stole an egg from it’s nest and brought it to Ridona, which then was bought by a noble. The dragon was rampaging in search of it’s egg.” (Cure)

“Is that so…..” (Misa)

“Well, don’t mind it too much~ The adventurer and noble in question were already punished for their wrongdoings~” (Cure)

“How about the egg?” (Misa)

“What they’ll do with it is still being discussed~ Mostly cause since the dragon is not there anymore, if we put the egg back it’ll only fall prey to predators anyway~” (Cure)

I kinda feel bad for the dragon now, since it was only trying to protect it’s egg.

Though at the same time it put me and Ru in danger through it’s actions, so it’s not like I can completely forgive it.

“Ahhh~ Can I stay over again today~?” (Cure)

“Ehhhh? Again?” (Misa)

“Do you mind~?” (Cure)

“N-No, it’s not like I particularly mind……” (Misa)

“Then it’s settled~” (Cure)

Ever since the first time she had that sleepover, she’s always been so pushy to stay over whenever she’s on this side.

I don’t really mind it but it would be nice if she would stop hugging me so tightly when sleeping.

Ahhh, since we don’t have an extra room for guests to stay, she’s always sleeping with me in my room whenever she stayed over.

She would always use me like a hugging pillow though.

It gets quite troublesome whenever I wake up in the morning, being unable to break free and having to wait for her to wake up.

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I would usually train my magic a bit while waiting for her to wake up.

Of course not the humming one since that would be embarassing if she were to wake up and heard me, I was taught how to use magic using magic circles.

I would draw a magic circle in the air using mana by pouring it to the tip of my finger as I draw.

Basically it’s like turning the air as canvas and using my finger as the brush.

Well, you can’t actually see mana but the trail of mana would linger a bit in the air before fading back into the surroundings, making this method possible.

I have lots of plant seeds on my drawer and I would usually put a few on top of the table next to my bed whenever Cure was staying over.

Surprisingly the amount of mana needed to make a seed grow to a sapling is incomparable to the one I need to enchance my ingredients and keeping them fresh, incomparably low that is.

The thing that make it so is the sheer difference in amount.

Individually the mana needed to make a seed grow instantly like that is way more but when compared to the sheer amount of what I need to enchance and keep fresh…..

But yea, I would usually train my plant magic while being hugged by Cure.

After all, using a magic circle gives a more instantaneous result compared to humming.

In combat I can’t expect the ones attacking me to wait as I cast magic so I’m training myself to be able to draw as fast as possible.

It honestly would fall irrelevant once I get the permission to put magics on my ID cards in the 2nd semester though……

Let’s not think about it, yes!

The day went by uneventfully as me and Cure spent our time together.

“Misaaaaaaaaa!” (Rurune)

“Ru! Welkyaaahm!?” (Misa)

Before I could properly greet her, Ru hugged me with full force.

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Geez, she didn’t even slow down!

Thankfully Cure was behind me, preventing me from falling.

“Misa, long time no see!” (Rurune)

“It’s only been a little over 2 weeks. More importantly, are you really properly back to health?” (Misa)

“I’ve completely recovered!” (Rurune)

“Are you sure?” (Misa)

“Misa, you’re worrying too much~ Like I said, if Frills already gave the okay then she’s probably recovered a week ago.” (Cure)

“Ahhh, that’s true! I was already completely fine a week ago but Frillia wouldn’t listen.” (Rurune)

“Well, that’s just how Frills is~ Anyway, come inside~ Misa had personally cooked up a feast in celebration of your return.” (Cure)

“Really!? Then what are we waiting for, let’s enter!” (Rurune)

Setting aside the actual house owner, Cure and Rurune casually decided as so.

We went to the living room.

“By the way, where’s Frillia?” (Misa)

“Ahhh, she said she’s going to finish some stuffs real quick.” (Rurune)

“Hmmm~? After I specifically told her not to yesterday~? I’ll go and have a word with her then~” (Cure)

With that as her parting word, she went out.

“I have a feeling that Cure-sensei will drag Frillia here in a literal sense.” (Rurune)

“I can’t even refute that…..” (Misa)

We sit around waiting for Cure to come back.

The air felt a bit awkward…..

Any attempt I made to keep up a conversation ended up in failure, as she responded with a short answer which I couldn’t follow up with.

Uuuu, she’s not usually like this…..

As I thought, is she mad because of back then?

If only I……

No, contemplating wouldn’t do anything!

“Ummm, Ru!” (Misa)

I got up from my seat.

“I’m sorry!” (Misa)

I lowered my head as much as I could.

“Ehhhh? What…..?” (Rurune)

“I…..I put you in danger back then because I was such a burden. Because of me, you……” (Misa)

“No, where did that come from!? Back then it was obviously my fault, I proposed such a reckless idea and got the both of us in danger because of it!” (Rurune)

“But if I wasn’t there then you would’ve probably be fine until Frillia came back! Because you had to protect me, you ended up wounded so badly!” (Misa)

“Ahhh mou! My preparations to apologize went out the window with you acting like this! Listen, the whole thing was entirely my fault!” (Rurune)

“No, it was mine!” (Misa)

Minutes upon minutes we argued with each other.

Geez, I know that she’s trying to make me not feel bad for her injury but I’d already come to term with it.

“Grrrr, then let’s just say that we were both in fault and apologize to one another!” (Rurune)

Uuuu, I still want to disagree but I feel like we’ll be here for hours since neither of us are backing off.

“…..Fine then. I’m sorry for being a burd`en and put you in danger back then.” (Misa)

We shook our hands with one another, followed by a hug.

Then out of nowhere, Ru started giggling, before bursting to laughter.

“Mou, what are you laughing at?” (Misa)

“Haha, sorry. I got reminded of a similar argument I had with a friend.” (Rurune)

“Before you came to this academy?” (Misa)

“Yea. Well, there’s no reason to dwell in the past. Unlike me, she doesn’t have a reason to be here.” (Rurune)

Ru looked solemn as she said that, though she immediately shook it off and went back to her usual self.

I decided not to ask further despite my curiousity, since I doubt it’s something she can openly talk about.

Not long after, Cure came back carrying Frillia on her shoulder.

Kanae and Gai are behind her, both dragged by Frillia’s other hand.

“I’m back~” (Cure)

“W-Welcome back.” (Misa)

“I expected Cure-sensei to carry Frillia, but I didn’t expect she would drag both Kanae and Gai too…..” (Rurune)

“Hmmm~? They were making a lot of excuses so I just drag them both too~” (Cure)

“Unlike president, I’m not so close with Rurune so I don’t feel like I should be here.” (Kanae)

“No, being the only guy here is a bit……” (Gai)

“And I was almost done with the paperworks, geez.” (Frillia)

The three uttered their excuses.

“Enough of that~ We should all celebrate Ru’s full recovery and return~” (Cure)

She sat the three of them down on the sofa.

With that, we began the party.

Well, though I said party it’s honestly closer to being a normal dinner.

Since tommorow’s Monday, we can’t exactly stay up too late.

“By the way, where’s El?” (Frillia)

“Ehhh? Ahhh, she said she was going to stay over at a friend’s house today. She’s been doing that quite often, usually when Cure’s here. Cure, did you scare her with your training or something?” (Misa)

“I didn’t~ I properly went easy on her like you asked~” (Cure)

“I can’t exactly trust your standard of going easy though…..” (Misa)

Well, El being closed enough with someone her age is a good thing anyway, though I’m quite curious of this friend of El’s.

Maybe I should ask her to introduce this friend to me when she gets back.

“Anyway, you seem to have more works than before Frillia.” (Misa)

“Yea, since the noble that caused the whole dragon incident was apprehended, I have to take care of his territory. Honestly, asking someone who’s not even a citizen of Yurusia, much less a noble.” (Frillia)

“How did you even get asked for something so big?” (Misa)

“Hmmm? Well it’s quite a long story but the gist of it is I met the prince while he was taking a leisure break from the castle undercovered. He grumbled about a lot of stuffs regarding the kingdom’s problems and I ended up giving my opinions on the matter which solved them, giving myself a good impression to him.” (Frillia)

“That’s…..quite the coincidence.” (Misa)

“I know right? I was quite surprised too when he revealed that he was the first prince of Yurusia Kingdom. Though I decline his offer to make me a noble of Yurusia Kingdom, he still pushed onto me a lot of fortune as well as employing me as his aide.” (Frillia)

“Whoa, Frillia’s amazing!” (Rurune)

As Ru said, it’s quite amazing for her to be able to get such an encounter.

“You didn’t decline?” (Misa)

“Well, this was around 10 months ago, before this academy was even built. I, or rather me and Kanae were both living off Cure and Gai’s earnings working as adventurers. I didn’t want to completely rely on them so I decided to accept it. From there I build off quite a reputation to the higher ups of the kingdom.” (Frillia)

“I ended up being her assistant since I had nothing to do.” (Kanae)

“Me and Gai getting recruited as knights was through Frillia too~” (Cure)

“Not having to put our life on the line everyday is an offer I can’t ignore. I’m not a battle maniac, though I can’t say the same for Cure.” (Gai)

Unnn, sorry for thinking that you were a battle maniac like Cure, Gai.

“The knights don’t go out to fight monsters?” (Misa)

“Only in emergency like the dragon incident~” (Cure)

“Other than the monthly expedition, we would only train in the training ground. We get paid quite a hefty amount for almost no work.” (Gai)

“It’s so boring though so I would usually went out on my own and hunt some monsters~ High grade materials sell for a lot, you know~?” (Cure)

So Frillia got rich by being the prince’s aide while Cure got rich by being Cure.

We continued dinner while having a light chat.

As soon as we finished, it’s already quite late so Frillia, Kanae, and Gai excused themselves out.

Cure and Ru though…..

“Misa, can I stay over again for today~?” (Cure)

“Me too! I want to have a sleepover!” (Rurune)

“Haaahhhh, fine. Do what you want.” (Misa)

I already expected this to happen.

Well, when I wanted to go borrow El’s room to sleep though, I got dragged by Cure to my room.

Cure wouldn’t let me sleep alone and Ru didn’t want to get left out so the 3 of us ended up sleeping together, with me being sandwiched at the center.

The bed is not really designed for 3 people but with Cure and Ru hugging me tightly, we managed to squeeze enough space for the 3 of us.

I couldn’t move my body at all though…..

Not too long after, I fell asleep under the two’s warm embrace.

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