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Chapter 3

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Author: Gerazza Original Source: Scribble Hub

“I knew I shouldn’t have accepted it……”

I regret ever getting lured by the VP.

“I got to say president, you got a good taste.”

“Fufufu, so cute~”

“And why am I getting caught in this whole fiasco too?”

“Come on now, it’s a student council activity, so every member has to participate.”

Along with Frillia who hired me, Kanae, Cure, and Gai are here too.

Where is here? A huge mansion somewhat deep inside the housing complex.

It takes 5 house worth of spaces, so that should already explain how massive this place is.

And the predicament I’m in is……

“Ugghhh, I can’t bend my body at all. Even standing still is painful.”

I’m wearing an overly luxurious ballgown, something that’s often seen in medieval animes and light novels.

It has a light pink color overall, with some white here and there.

It fits tightly on my body, as if it’s tailor-made just for me.

Frills and laces covers the dress everywhere.

Of course I’m also wearing a corset underneath this dress.

The skirt makes it really hard to walk, not to mention the shoes I’m wearing.

Practicality basically doesn’t exist at all in this whole outfit.

The job that Frillia assigned to me, is to be her dressing up doll for the day.

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She told me only after I entered the mansion and by that time, this whole mansion is already on a complete lockdown so I couldn’t escape.

Unable to escape, along with Frillia’s somehow inhuman strength, in the end, there was nothing I could do.

After she finished dressing me up, she took off the lockdown on mansion and invited the other three, reason being I couldn’t run away anyway in this whole getup.

And thus, this whole situation somehow came to this.

“I really want to go home…..”

“Awwww, don’t. I’ll pay you extra, so stay here for the night.”

“No, even if you say so, I have to take care of my little sister at home.”

“Well, she can just stay here wi…..”

“No way!”

There’s no way I could let my little sister see me like this.

Yesterday I somehow managed to get home and hid the fact that all those stuffs happened.

“Let’s see…… Ahhh, here it is. Misa’s little sister’s contact, 15.000 VP. Buy.”

“Wait, what are you even doing!?”

Without minding me, she called my sister with her card.

I try to stop her, but immediately lose balance, in which Cure hugs me from behind to prevent me from falling.

“Hello hello, anyone there? Ahhh, Imouto-san, this is a friend of your big brother, I would like to inform you that he’ll be staying here today

for a bit of group project.”

“No, El, tha…..”

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My mouth was immediately muffled by Kanae.

“Oohhh, you like to come as well? Sure, I’ll send the adress to your map. Call me again when you arrive. Mmmm, okay, bye.”

With that, Frillia ends the call.

“You guys are really evil you know?”

Gai, you’re not much better!

How could you just stand there in silence while watching me suffer?

“Ummm, why are you glaring at me?”

“Alright, enough of this, we need to get ready to welcome little sister here. Gai, would you please?”

Wait, what did she mean by……


In one swift motion, Gai lifts me up in a princess carry.

No wait, this is too embarassing!

I try everything to get down, but Gai’s well built body isn’t for nothing as it shows no sign of budging.

“Gai, let me down!”

“Even if you say that…… It’s the president’s order. Besides, it’s not like I’m happy carrying a guy on my arm.”

He starts walking, in which I responsively circle my hand around his neck as to not fall off.

No wait, what am I even doing……!

“Look at her, being all tsundere.”

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Tch, what are you grinning for, Frillia?

“Gai, if you drop her, I’ll break your ar…… Ahem, I mean, I’ll be angry.”

Cure’s terrifying…..

I can see sweats started forming on Gai’s forehead.

From Frillia’s “dress up room” on the 3rd floor, Gai carried me all down to the first floor.

For the whole time, I hold on to Gai tightly due to how unexpectedly terrifying it is descending down the stairs while being carried.

“If only Gai’s more prince-like, this would’ve made a wonderful scene.”

“If it’s for Misa, I would gladly be the witch who traps her on top of a tower. Then I can play with her all day~”

Cure is definitely terrifying…….

Horrifyingly, I feel like what she said can’t be taken as a joke.

As we arrive on the first floor, the doorbell rang.

“Ohhh, she’s quick.”

Way too quick!

How did she get here so quickly?

True enough, as Frillia opened the door, Cielle is there.

At least considering the whole makeover, there’s no way she would know that it’s me from fir…


She looked at me and tilted her head.

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No way!

“Hmmm, how did you find out?”

Frillia looked genuinely interested.

“There’s no way El would mistook Nii for anyone else.”

She said it proudly.

“Ahhh, such a cute little sister. Is being cute a heredity in your family!?”

Cure immediately sprung ahead and hugged my little sister.

“Still, what is Nii doing……?”

She looked at me dubiously.

“Well you see, El was it? Your brother has always wanted to be a girl secretly and I helped make that dream came true.”

“What lies are you trying to spout to my little sister?”

“El understand. It makes perfect sense.”

“”Ehhh? It does?””

The voices of everyone overlapped together.

“Un. Nii…… Nee had always looked interested whenever we walked pass stores with cute dresses. Nee also seems to be really fond of makeup and cute dolls since she always intently looked at them when we walked past.”

Everyone looked at me with heartwarming eyes.

“N-No, you’ve got it all wrong!”

“There there, no need to be shy~”

Cure proceeded to gently pat my head, before going back to hugging my little sister.

“A real life tsundere.”

“Indeed president, we did the right thing yesterday.”

Ahhh mou!

I wasn’t looking at those thinking about having it for myself, I-I was thinking it would be great if I could buy El those stuffs!

Stop looking at me with those eyes!

“It’s okay, you don’t have to be a tsundere in front of us. You can be honest.”

“I’m not being a tsundere!”

“It’s okay Nee, El will still stay with Nee despite Nee’s hobby.”

No, don’t give me that understanding look!

“El is such a good little sister.”

Cure began caressing El.

“Uuuu, I want to dissapear. Gai, how long are you going to carry me!?”

“Ahhh yea, sorry.”

As he put me down, I lost my balance due to the heels I’m wearing.

Cure, who was hugging my little sister just a second ago is suddenly here, lending a hand so I don’t fall.


“Don’t mind. Though the blame…….”

Letting me go after she made sure I’m standing properly, she delivered a kick to Gai, knocking him back comically far, even as far as making him caved in the wall.

“Goes to Gai. Didn’t I tell you not to drop her? Be grateful that I didn’t break your arm~”

“Gai, pay up later for leaving a crack on my wall.”

What the hell is that super human strength?

Gai was also completely fine and treated it like nothing.

Is there not a single normal person in the student council?

Also, doesn’t the blame supposed to fall on Cure since she’s the one who kicked Gai there?

Gai didn’t seem to complain about it too and just shrugged it off.

“Nee is really pretty.”

When I noticed, El was already next to me, hugging me from the side.

“Isn’t she? She’s the cutest and prettiest girl in the world.”

Frillia showed a smug face as she said that.

“I understand that Misa’s cuteness will charm just about anyone but don’t go overboard, president.”

“Hehe, if Misa ever run out of VP, I’ll buy her and dress her up and lock her up in my room~”

“Cure-neechan, no. Nee will stay with El.”

“Hmmm? It’s okay, I’ll also buy El along of course.”

“Then it’s fine.”

It’s fine!?

“Misa, how about you transfer all your points now to me? El too of course. Then I’ll buy you both right after.”

“No thanks!”

“If Nee doesn’t agree then neither will El.”

“Awww. Then I’ll just wait for my chance.”


I might as well become her doll if I ever get bought by Cure.

“Anyway, Misa. Can you lend me your ID card?”

“I-It’s in the clothes I was wearing when I came here.”

“Hmmm? Is that so? One thing to keep in mind, you should always keep your ID card with you. Anna, can you grab it for me?”

“But it was you who stripped me without giving a chance to resist…..”

A maid who was standing a distance away immediately headed upstairs.

She returned in an instant or more like, she jumped down from the 3rd floor.

“Thank you Anna. This should do it.”

Frillia tapped her card againts mine then handed it back to me.

“I’ve transfered 200.000 VP to you as payment for today’s job.”


That’s an insanely large amount!

“Didn’t I say I’ll be paying way more than normal part time job?”

“Just for reference, how much does a normal job give?”

“Let’s see…..I think normally part time jobs would give hundreds to low thousands of VP per week, while a normal job would give a few tens

of thousands of VP per month.”

And I’m getting way way more than that for just a day!?

“Well, don’t mind so much Misa. Believe it or not the president is one of the highest VP holders here.”

“Hehe, you’re making me blush Kanae.”

To casually throw away 200.000 VP just like that……

“Well, even if it seems like a lot now, some insurance is never bad.”

“How do you even get that much VP?”

“Hmmm? Well, it’s a secret. Ahhh by the way, Cure has close to the amount of VP I have so she was being serious about instantly buying you

if you run out of VP. Do be careful, even I won’t be able to meddle in if Cure were to buy you.”

When I looked at Cure, she just gave me a smile.

“President, it’s about time.”

“Ahhh is it? Then Misa, your job for today is finished. You can also bring home the dress with you.”

“I don’t need it.”

“Then treat it as my last command. Take it home with you.”


With that, Kanae and Frillia headed upstairs.

Gai also went along with them.

“Cure, you’re not going with them?”

“Ahhh, what they’re going to do has nothing to do with me. Here, I’ll help you get back~”

“No, I-….”

“Your little sister is currently asleep. You sure you can carry her in that outfit~?”


True enough to her words, seems like El had fallen asleep while still hugging me.

Cure carefully separated her from me and carried El in her arms.

“Can you walk~?”

“Y-Yes, if we’re going slowly.”

“There’s no rush so it’s fine.”

With that, I followed her from behind.

Keeping my balance while wearing this dress and heels is indeed as hard as I thought.

Both of my hands are pinching up the sides of the dress’ skirt so they don’t drag themselves on the ground.

“Misa, you look just like a princess~”

“…..I’m not happy with that compliment.”

“I wonder if that’s really true.”

her tone suddenly changed from her usual playful tone to a more serious one.

“Of co-…”

“There’s no real reason to keep up a front like that you know? The others may joked around about it but I can see that you’re genuinely happy deep inside.”


There’s……no way that that’s true.

“Is there a reason why you have to keep it a secret so much?”


“Well, if you don’t want to tell me it’s fine. I won’t push you to talk about something you’re uncomfortable with.”

“I have to be strong.”


“To protect my sister, I have to be strong! I have to be someone who El can rely on, someone who can protect her from harm. We only have each other!”

“…..So it’s like that.”

Moments of silence past, though it wasn’t long before Cure broke it.

“Misa, do you believe that you have to put up a front and try to act tough to protect yourself and your sister?”

“Of course! If I were to be looked down by everyone, then……”

“I wonder about that. How did you get roped by Frillia and Kanae in the first place?”

“I got tricked by them.”

“Exactly. I’m sure deep in your thought back then, when you were following along with their antics, you were thinking ‘even if they try to do anything bad to me I can just force my way out since they’re both just weak girls’. Am I wrong?”


“But in the end you realized it’s always been them who have the upper advantage. Be it scheming, information manipulation, and even strength. Do you know? New students were not even required to wear the uniform on that opening ceremony. In the first place, the uniforms wouldn’t be distributed to the new students until tommorow. You were probably too flustered to even notice that everyone who attended that opening ceremony, none of them were wearing the uniform.”


“Though my view might not match with some people, in my opinion it’s fine for you to present yourself as weak. Carelessness is the best way to get an edge over your opponent. Your experience so far should speak for itself.”

I couldn’t say anything to refute her.

All of what she said were basically true.

“Well, I bet it’s partially because it’s embarassing too so it’s fine to act the way you always had in front of others. Just know that you can be honest to yourself when you’re with me.”


We then continue to walk in silence.

“Thank you…..”

“Hehe, don’t mind it. If you really want to, I’m not joking about giving all your points to me and let me buy you.”

“I’ll politely decline.”

“Too bad~”

That’s right, things are not the same as it was in the past.

Even when I made the resolve to move forward, I’m still tied by the chains of the past.

It is as Cure said.

Who cares what others thought about me, they can even look down on me all they want.

When it actually matters, I just have to turn the tables on them and make them regret underestimating me.

But still, even then……

“It’s still really embarassing though.”

“Hehe, Misa is so much of a tsundere~”


We continued to walk to my home.

When we arrived, Cure laid down El on the bed in her room.

“Thank you for the help”

Cure only giggled as I thanked her.

She then stood there, with no indication that she intended to leave.

“U-Ummm, are you not going back?”

“Hmmm~~~ I wonder if I should be so hurried~”

“It’s getting late, so you should.”

“Then~ Can you take off that dress by yourself if I leave~?”


That’s right, with how constricting this outfit is, I can’t even extend my hand to reach the zipper in my back.

“T-Then, could you help me?”

“Should I~? if Misa say ‘Cure-oneechan, please strip this lewd Misa’ then I just might do it~”


“Oh, you won’t~? Then I guess I’ll just go straight home, it’s getting dark anyway~”

She walked towards the front door.


“What is it~?”

It’s embarassing!

Really really embarassing!

But….. I have no choice.

My face turned red just thinking about me saying such a line.

“C-Cure-oneechan, p-please……s-strip this l-lewd Misa.”

“Yes~! Good girl.”

Uuuuu, I can feel my face burning from the shame.

Cure unzipped the zipper on the back of the dress and untied the corset constricting me.

“You should be able to do the rest yourself. Then, I’ll be going~”

Cure opened the door.

“Ahhh, by the way, I was recording that.”

Cure with her card that I didn’t notice she was holding all this playbacked the video of me saying that in an embarrased state.

“Misa is so cute~”

With that, she left my house.




my face was completely red.

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