Chapter 34

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Author: Gerazza Original Source: Scribble Hub

I’m still a bit perplexed about what El told me yesterday.

After we finished buying the seeds, Firana-oneesama brought us to a cafe.

There, El finally told the backstory of how she got scouted to be the Asa’s maid.

Haaahhh, to think something ridiculous like that happened.

Muuu, I didn’t expect her to be wandering around on her own.

I thought she was always with Cure or Frillia supervising her whenever she crossed over to Anaria so I didn’t have any concern.

It’s all in the past but I do need to scold her later about going somewhere without supervision.

When I was still lying around in bed, I saw Firana-oneesama looking all dressed up.

“Are you going somewhere Firana-oneesama?” (Misa)

“Indeed. I have some business to take care of.” (Firana)

“I see. Be careful on your way.” (Misa)

Firana-oneesama gave me a reassuring smile and left the room.

Haaahhh, I expected myself to spend some time with Firana-oneesama today but since she’s busy, it can’t be helped.

I have nothing to do now.

Hmmm, I guess the best thing I can do for now is to go to the library to prepare for Tuesday.

I mean, Firana-oneesama would still teach me anyway tommorow, but might as well get some studying done early.

With that decided, I went out of my room and headed towards the school building.

Firana-oneesama already gave me a thorough trip around the school so I had no difficulty in finding where it was.

Still, I expected as much but the school is much more quiet now since it’s a holiday.

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No, it’s not like the school was ever loud in the first place since everyone here is a noble and have to keep up their appearance but still, it’s a different kind of quiet.

The wooden door creaked as I opened the door.

Good, thankfully it’s not closed on holiday or anything like that.

It’s a bit dark in here…..

I do remember reading about exposure to bright light not being good for books.

I looked around inside but there was no one in sight.

Is there no librarian here?

It’s a bit concerning that there’s no one here but the door is not locked so I would assume access is not forbidden.

…..I’m not trespassing right?

I go into the library further.

It’s quite a big library, it’s big enough that I probably won’t have the stamina to run from one side to the other.

Well, I did come here but I have no idea where everything is.

I was planning to ask the librarian but i’ve seen no one since coming here.

I just wandered around the library, occasionally checking the books on the bookshelves before putting them back.

Muuu, I’m not going to get anything done at this rate.

If it’s come to this, I’ll just take a some random books and read it through regardless of the content.

Deciding so, I picked up a few random books from the bookshelves and brought them to the reading area.

Unsurprisingly, there’s no one here too.

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Still, there’s no clock inside this library, or at least I didn’t see one so far.

I’ll have to rely on my internal clock to not overstay here.

I had breakfast a bit earlier than usual so I guess I can tell the time from my hunger later as long as I don’t get too absorbed on the books.

“Hohoho, I did not expect someone would be visiting the library today.”

Before I had the chance to open the book I was holding, a voice came from behind me.

Looking back, an old man who I can only describe as someone resembling the perception of my world about wizards walked out form one of the corridors.

Old wrinkly face, long white hair and beard while wearing a purple robe.

“What books do you have here?”

He walked closer and examined the the books stacked on the table as well as the one on my hand.

“Pretty diversed book you picked up isn’t it.”

“Ummm, it is actually my first time visiting this library. The librarian was not there when I came in so I just wandered around and picked a few random books.” (Misa)

I came out and told him the truth.

“Ahhh, we must have passed by each other. I am the librarian of this library, you can call me Vildra. It is quite a rare occasion for someone to be visiting this library on a Sunday, so I was reading my book at the back and ended up missing you. I apologize for that.” (Vildra)

“N-No, it is fine. I am Misa.” (Misa)

“Misa is it? Misa, do you have any book you particularly want to read? I will help you get it. This library can get pretty confusing after all.” (Vildra)

What book do I even want to read?

I guess something related to history for Tuesday, but if I say that would that not be to vague.

Other than that…..

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“Is there a book about plants?” (Misa)

“Plants? That is quite an odd choice.” (Vildra)

“I-Is there not any avaible here?” (Misa)

“No no, just a little surprised.” (Vildra)

He snapped his fingers out of nowhere.

I was not sure what he was doing but soon after, books started floating towards us.

Is this magic?

No wait, there are small little human look-alike carrying the books.

Are these possibly spirits?

This is the first time I ever see spirits outside of Rosa and Igret.

They trembled when they noticed that they were being looked at by me, then fled behind Vildra.

“Can you see these little guys, Misa?” (Vildra)

“Y-Yes.” (Misa)

“Hoho, that is quite a rare thing to see!” (Vildra)

He looked at me closer.

“Do you have a contract with a spirit? Moreover, recently?” (Vildra)

Ehhhh, wait, how did he know?

“I do have a contract with one, but it was a long time ago. How did you know?” (Misa)

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“As I mentioned, it is quite uncommon for someone to suddenly ask about plants unless they are interested in gardening or if they are in love and are trying to find some romantic flowers. You don’t seem to be either of those people.” (Vildra)

I see, that’s a sound argument.

“I assume you have a contract with a plant spirit then?” (Vildra)

“Yes indeed.” (Misa)

“Would you not have already learn about most of the plants there are then? The plant spirits I knew are quite a playful bunch and they were always happy to talk about plants.” (Vildra)

A playful bunch?

Rosa’s quite the polar opposite of that, she’s always calm and collected.

“Ummm, that is….. I am one of the crosser transferring to this school for the next 3 months.” (Misa)

“Ahhh, the rumored crosser. That means you are contracted with a high rank plant spirit?” (Vildra)

“Ehhh, how did you…..?” (Misa)

That sudden question caught me off-guard, I didn’t have the mind to pretend and brushed it off.

I didn’t expect him to suddenly brought out the topic like that.

Firana-oneesama told me to not tell people about me having a contract with a high rank spirit but he brought the conversation himself, not me!

“Hohoho, this old man has seen more than you can think. It is not a widely known fact, but these little guys are usually quite shy and won’t make a contract with anyone they haven’t been keeping an eye on for a few years at the very least. Unlike high rank spirits who make a contract of equal-footing, these guys can only make a master-servant contract after all. They won’t make a contract with someone they do not trust completely.” (Vildra)

“I have never heard of that…..” (Misa)

“It’s no surprise. It is something only known to those who have interacted with a lot of spirits after all. With that in mind, only high rank spirits would be adventurous enough to make a contract with someone who they’ve only met for a short period of time. Though it indeed differs depending on the spirits, high rank spirits in general can read the intent in your heart and judge whether you are a good person or not.” (Vildra)

I see, so there’s something like that.

I mean, it’s not my fault that I exposed myself having contract with a high rank spirit.

No, I guess it did came to this because I asked for books about plants but how am I supposed to know it would lead to this!

“Hoho, no need to be so concerned. I don’t plan on exposing your secret to anyone. I rather not get in trouble with high rank spirits after all.” (Vildra)

He probably saw me troubled and reassured me as so.

“I know a few high rank spirits and they can indeed be, how do you call it……A pain, ahem, I mean a bit difficult to handle.” (Vildra)

I’m starting to question who this old man really is.

There’s no way a regular old librarian would be this well-versed in knowledge regarding spirits.

Also, I may not be knowledgeable about this world but I do at least know that spirits being close to someone like this is rare.

Even now they’re still hiding behind him, occasionally peeking out to look at me.

And he said that he knows a few high spirits on top of that, I can’t imagine who Vildra is.

Such thoughts circled around my mind.

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