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Author: Gerazza Original Source: Scribble Hub

“Frillia-neechan, El will be going out for a bit.” (Cielle)

“Where are you going El? Let me get someone…..” (Frillia)

“No need. El will go alone.” (Cielle)

Fria-neechan looked at El seriously.

“You know that with what just happened yesterday there’s no way I can let you do that, right? I honestly don’t even want to give you permission to go but if I do that you’ll just teleport out on your own. So please at least let me assign a guard for you. Your big brother…. no, it’s big sister now. She’s not even awake after yesterday’s incident you know?” (Frillia)

“Unnn. El don’t want to make Nee and Frillia-neechan worry. That’s why El will introduce the one El will be going with.” (Cielle)

As if on cue, Vecto-jii teleported next to El.

Well, Vecto-jii is wearing a robe that covered his face though, so he looked really suspicious.

Frillia-neechan immediately became wary.

“El, who’s that?” (Frillia)

Frillia-neechan already had her hand on the device that’s on her back, in the shape of a baton.

“Frillia-neechan, this is V…..” (Cielle)

“No wait El, don’t tell her my name!” (Vecto)

“El wasn’t planning to tell her V…..” (Cielle)

“There you go again! You’re clearly doing this on purpose! Ghhh, I’ll just introduce myself.” (Vecto)

“No, I already have a guess. You’re Founder-sama, right?” (Frillia)

“I got found out?” (Vecto)

“It’s the only logical conclusion. Suddenly appearing here out of nowhere, and it’s definitely not invinsibility magic or recognition hindering magic which meant you teleported here. I don’t think anyone else would fit the criteria except Founder-sama.” (Frillia)

“Well, that deduction is good though even excluding El, I’m not the only one who have teleportation magic. In fact, it’s something that was taught me. Well in this case it’s true though, I’m the one commonly known as Founder-sama.” (Vecto)

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Frillia-neechan was let out a huge sigh.

“I had already expected as much when El showed her teleportation magic back then but it’s still quite shocking.” (Frillia)

“So, can El go?” (Cielle)

“How can I even object? Just please return before dinner so in case Misa woke up, she won’t be worried with you being gone.” (Frillia)

“Unnn. Then, El will be going.” (Cielle)

El held Vecto-jii’s hand and we both teleported out of the mansion.

All that came to El’s view after were lots of trees surrounding us, so Vecto-jii probably teleported us to a forest somewhere.

“So? You suddenly sent a message that you want to talk with me personally, what did you want to ask about?” (Vecto)

“Vecto-jii. Can El get stronger?” (Cielle)

Vecto-jii looked at El seriously.

“And why do you want to get stronger?” (Vecto)

“To protect Nee.” (Cielle)

Nee is too kind.

If something ever goes wrong, Nee will always blame herself.

Because of that, when Ru-neechan got heavily injured yesterday, Nee almost broke down.

If that is so, then El just have to get strong enough that El can prevent something like yesterday from happening.

“Nee had always protected El from as far as El could remember. On the other hand, El could never do anything for Nee.” (Cielle)

“It’s normal for someone your age to be protected you know?” (Vecto)

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“NO! El don’t want to take advantage of Nee’s kindness! Because El couldn’t do anything yesterday, Nee almost broke down! El don’t want that! El wants to protect Nee! That’s why, Vecto-jii, please…..!” (Cielle)

Before El noticed, tears were already falling down from El’s eyes.

Vecto-jii let out a sigh.

“I can’t exactly say no to a crying child.” (Vecto)

“Then…..” (Cielle)

“Well, I expected this to happen in the first place but I just want to know your reason and how serious you are. If you’d thought about it that much then I won’t question further. Besides, I know how frustrating it is to not be able to protect the ones you cherished.” (Vecto)

Vecto-jii had a solemn look as he said that.

“Here, wipe off your tears.” (Cielle)

Vecto-jii handed El a handkerchief.

“Now, let’s make a place to train.” (Vecto)

Vecto-jii snapped his fingers and the trees around us started to move by themselves, clearing out a wide open area.

“I had inspected you fully the other day and it was as I expected. In exchange for your abnormal amount of mana, no matter how much you train you won’t get stronger physically.” (Vecto)

“Then, how can El get stronger?” (Cielle)

“You just have to sharpen what you do have. Like I said, you have an abnormal amount of mana.” (Vecto)

“More than Vecto-jii?” (Cielle)

“Using me as a comparison is pointless. Well, let me put it like this. The teleportation magic you can use costs astronomical amount of mana. It’s to the point where a normal high ranking mage at his prime would faint just after one use. Mana develops more and more with age so for you to already have more than twice the amount of what a high ranking mage have with how young you are, I can only imagine how high that will go.” (Vecto)

“So El have a lot of resources to use?” (Cielle)

“Yes, under normal circumstances you won’t ever run out of mana. Well, if you’re spamming high level magic one after another though that’s a different story, but in the first place a case where you would have to do that would almost never happen.” (Vecto)

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“A dragon?” (Cielle)

“A normal dragon would drop dead with one or two tier 10 magic, considering they’re not resistant or immune to the said element. An elder dragon would be more troublesome, but in the first place unless you seek them yourself it would be very unlikely for you to meet one.” (Vecto)

“Was Vecto-jii here yesterday?” (Cielle)

“Ahhh, I was not at the area when the dragon attacked but I did see the damage it did. That’s a good example of what a normal dragon’s power is like. Anyway, we’re getting off topic.” (Vecto)

Vecto-jii clapped his hand as if to say that the discussion was over.

“Here, a prototype on a device I’ve been working on. I’ve adjusted the size for you.” (Vecto)

Vecto-jii handed El a pair of guns, a holster, and a pouch.

El wore the holster and put the guns there, and tied up the pouch to El’s thighs.

“Those guns are the device I mentioned. They work like how a normal device would, for example like how you activate teleportation magic.” (Vecto)

“What’s the magic inside?” (Cielle)

“That’s where it differs from other devices. Inside the pouch are magazines used for the gun.” (Vecto)

El looked inside the pouch but there’s nothing inside.

“Vecto-jii, have you finally gone senile and forgot to put the magazines in?” (Cielle)

“No, I’m not old enough to go senile yet! It’s a magic pouch. I’ve set the owner to you so it should work. Open your palm and try imagining a gun magazine to appear there. Ahhh wait, do you know how a gun magazine looks like?” (Vecto)

El did as Vecto-jii told and surprisingly, it appeared out of thin air.

“Good, so you do know. Now, that magazine is still empty and so is all the magazines inside so you can’t actually use magic yet. There’s currently 20 magazines inside including the one on your hand now. Each magazine can store up to 12 magics so with both guns in hand, you have access to 24 magics at once. That would add it up to 240 magics that you can carry and switch around anytime!” (Vecto)

Vecto-jii said smugly.

“Where could El fill the magazines with magic?” (Cielle)

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“Ahhh, I haven’t thought about that. You can’t exactly ask the magic moderator back at the academy considering your age and the fact that this is a new prototype.” (Vecto)

“Vecto-jii, dissapointing.” (Cielle)

“No, I…..I can’t refute that.” (Vecto)

Vecto-jii hung his head down.

I walked closer and pat it.

“I’ll make a special terminal for you to connect to the magic archive that I had made. That way you can change around the magics inside the magazines on your own. Give me 5, no, 3 days.” (Vecto)

“Unnn, El will wait.” (Cielle)

“Then El, do you have any more question regarding the device?” (Vecto)

“Hmmm, since there are 20 magazines, El can’t decide which to come out?” (Cielle)

“Ahhh, you can label it in your mind when you put the magazines back in, like magazine 1, 2, 3 or label them as offensive magazine 1, recovery magazine 1, and many more. Basically you just have to imprint what to think about when taking it out. You understand?” (Vecto)

“Unnn.” (Cielle)

“Then, if there’s no more questions, you should head back for today. It’s starting to get dark anyway and you promised to return before dinner, right? Do you want me to teleport you back?” (Vecto)

“No need. Thank you for listening to El’s selfish request, Vecto-jii.” (Cielle)

“Umu. I’ll message you when I finish the terminal. Now, go ahead.” (Vecto)

El teleported back to El’s room in Frillia-neechan’s mansion.

When El walked out, Cure-neechan and Frillia-neechan came out from Nee’s room.

Cure-neechan immediately went and hug El the moment she saw El.

“Haaahhh~ Misa and El are both nice to hug.” (Cure)

“Ahhh El, welcome back. Wait, are those guns?” (Frillia)

“Unnn. V….Founder-sama gave them to me. They’re devices.” (Cielle)

“So it’s true that El is friend with Founder-sama~” (Cure)

“Yeah, he came here a few hours ago to pick her up. Still, for him to give you a device like that…..” (Frillia)

“Founder-sama said that they’re a new prototype.” (Cielle)

When El explained all the features to Cure-neechan and Frillia-neechan, they both looked at El with wide eyes.

“What the hell is that device…..” (Frillia)

“There’s no way anyone wouldn’t get jealous~” (Cure)

“And moreover, you get it for free. I can imagine if it were to be sold then it would reach a price that even me nor Cure could buy.” (Frillia)

“Yes~ So take care of them properly, okay~?” (Cure)

“Unnn. Has Nee woke up yet?” (Cielle)

“Ahhh~ she did, but she cried herself back to sleep~” (Cure)

“There’s still quite a bit of time before dinner so if you want to take a nap first then feel free. I’ll have Anna wake you up later.” (Frillia)

“Unnn, then El will take that offer.” (Cielle)

El had originally wanted to see Nee first but since Nee just fell back to sleep then it can’t be helped.

Besides, El’s kinda sleepy from using teleportation.

El return to El’s room and went to take a nap as suggested.

2 days later El and Nee returned back to our home at earth.

Ru-neechan hasn’t recovered fully yet so she’s still at Anaria.

Cure-neechan and Frillia-neechan are still busy getting to the bottom of what caused the dragon to attack, so they’re still at Anaria too with Kanae-neechan and Gai-niichan.

El can finally be with Nee together, just the two of us.

Since it’s been so long, it’s okay for El to act spoiled, right?

“Nee, come with El.” (Cielle)

After dinner, El started operation “getting spoiled”.

El pulled Nee along to the living room.

Nee didn’t resist and followed El obediently.

“Can Nee sit here?” (Cielle)

El pointed at the sofa.

“Nee don’t know what El wants to do, but okay.” (Misa)

Nee obediently sat at the sofa.

El then immediately get up on the sofa and lay down, with El’s head on Nee’s laps.

Nee was surprised at first, but she began stroking El’s head gently.

Unnn, this is bliss.

“Hehe, aren’t you acting spoiled?” (Misa)

With how comfortable Nee’s lap pillow was and Nee gently stroking El’s head, El fell asleep.

The next day Nee went to school like usual.

Even until now, Nee still hasn’t realized that the elementary school next to Nee’s school is completely empty, and that El would usually just teleport somewhere else.

Well, if Vecto-jii is here then it would be a different story though.

El got a message from Vecto-jii just as El thought about that.

‘The terminal is finished, can you send me the coordinates to your home?’ was what’s written.

El teleported back home to El’s room and sent the coordinates to Vecto-jii.

Vecto-jii teleported next to El with a glass tube and a computer…..?

“Is this your room?” (Vecto)

“Vecto-jii pervert.” (Cielle)

“You’re the one who sent the coordinates to me! Anyway, this is perfect.” (Vecto)

Vecto-jii set up the computer-like thing on an empty corner of El’s room and connect the glass tube to it with a cable.

“This should be simple enough for you to use. Here is the terminal. You can browse through all the existing magics that I’ve put in the magic archive here. To input the magic into your magazines, put your magazine to the glass tube and then just like a normal computer, you can just copy and paste the magic. Amazing right?” (Vecto)

He explained with a smug look.

“Unnn. El will try.” (Cielle)

El took out and put one of the magazine to the glass tube.

On the screen there are boxes from tier 1 to 10, then there’s a box with magazine written on it.

When El pressed the tier 1 box, it then show a different screen, this time showing various elements.

Pressing on one of the element brought up a list of magics in the category of that element.

El went back to the home screen and tried to press the tier 10 box, but it showed an access denied message.

“Ahhh, I’ve blocked off access to tier 8, 9 and 10 magics.” (Vecto)

“Booo.” (Cielle)

“When you get older I’ll unlock it. In the first place, tier 9 and 10 are off limits to everyone but me anyway. The mana cost for them are too big, most tier 10 costs the same amount of mana as teleportation magic, not to mention there are even magics that cost more.” (Vecto)

After picking up 12 magics from different tiers and elements, El copied and pasted them to the magazine.

Each time a magic was copied, the tube glowed for a bit, the process took around as long as the tier El tried to copy, so tier 1 took around 1 second and tier 7 took around 7 seconds.

When finished, El took out the magazine from the tube and put it inside the gun.

El thought about one of the magic that El put in.

There was an image and a small video attached to the magic when El was copying them to the magazine so imagining it is easy.

A small ball of water appeared out of thin air, before falling to the glass that El had prepared.

“It seems like it works well.” (Vecto)

“Vecto-jii, thank you.” (Cielle)

“I don’t think I need to remind you but always remember why I gave you this in the first place.” (Vecto)

“To protect Nee.” (Cielle)

“Umu. I’ve given you the neccesary tools to use up your resources so all you have to do now is practice. Though I would’ve like it if I can supervise you myself, but I also have other things to attend to so you have to find someone else.” (Vecto)

“Unnn. El will go ask Cure-neechan.” (Cielle)

“Oh, you have someone in mind? Is she strong?’ (Vecto)

“Unnn. Cure-neechan is the one who beat the dragon.” (Cielle)

“Is that so? I’ll leave it to her then. Don’t practice without her supervision, okay?” (Vecto)

“Okay.” (Cielle)

Vecto-jii got up from the ground.

“Alright, it’s about time for me to go. Take good care of that prototype.” (Vecto)

Vecto-jii teleported away.

With this, El can finally protect Nee.

El will work hard to master this!

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