Chapter 27

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Author: Gerazza Original Source: Scribble Hub

“Kyaaahhh!?” (Misa)

I fell to the ground on my butt.

“That’s enough!” (Rubalt)

The teacher got in between us and ended the spar.

Muuu, as expected, this is impossible…..

“I apologize for being rough. Are you okay?” (Vora)

The guy who just beat me down, Vora Rufias, lent a hand towards me.

“Y-Yeah.” (Misa)

I took his stretched out hand and stood up.

I tried my best not to let out a sigh.

We’re currently on swordsmanship class.

I never had any experience with using a sword or any other weapons so there’s no way I could do well in this class.

History and general knowledge, I can still ask Firana-oneesama to teach me but swordsmanship is just impossible.

I don’t have the physique to do this in the first place.

It took me all I had to lift up the sword with both of my hands.

“I think you should try and pick a lighter weapon. A sword is definitely impossible with your phsique.” (Rubalt)

This guy is the teacher for today’s swordsmanship class.

Rubalt, commander of the 4th knight order.

He’s quite a special existence, being able to climb up to the commander position as a commoner, or so I heard from my classmates.

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My only impression so far about him is that he has no idea how low the limit of a normal girl’s strength and stamina are.

Before we started sparring, he told us to run 10 laps first for warm up.

Many of my fellow female classmates already resigned just from that.

Those girls who resigned all went to the infirmary to rest.

I wish I did too…..

The small amount of girls left currently are those who aimed to be a knight in the first place.

I definitely shouldn’t be here, but I couldn’t get myself to drop out now else all attention will be redirected at me and I can’t stand that.

Muuu, but in the first place I’ve already become the center of attention from that lost where I barely even swing my sword, so maybe I should.

“Misa, was it? I’ll try and guide you as best as I can for today.” (Rubalt)

“Should Rubalt-sensei not guide the others instead? It is a shame for me to say, but I do not think I can keep up with this lesson.” (Misa)

Rubalt-sensei showed a troubled look.

“Though I do appreciate the sentiment, it would be better to guide my other classmates instead. I simply do not have the physique to do well in this class.” (Misa)

Rubalt-sensei looked like he wanted to say something, but ended up keeping it to himself.

He threw one last apology before going to my classmates.

Haaahhhh, it’s not like I’m particularly tired since we were given time to rest after running those laps, and my spar is not exactly exhausting considering I only threw one sloppy swing before being brought down.

I moved away from the training ground and took a seat on the grass.

I hope my uniform didn’t get dirtied.

In the first place, why is there no clothes made specially for swordsmanship class?

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The boy uniform won’t pose too much of a problem but the girl uniform, we’re wearing a white dress.

I mean, they somehow made it easy to move in but a dress is still a dress!

And it’s white no less so it’s super easy to get dirtied.

I’ve only fallen to my butt so that’s probably the only place that got dirtied, at least the front side is still clean from what I can see.

I believe there’s a general magic for these kinds of situation, though since I’m contracted to Rosa I won’t be able to use them.

That reminds me, since I have nothing to do anyway, I should probably call Rosa here so I can pass some time.

I did so and not long after, Rosa appeared next to me.

She looked quite tired.

“Ahhh, did I call you at a bad time?” (Misa)

“No, you actually saved me. Igret came to my place and asked me to play with him for a bit.” (Rosa)

“…..I see.” (Misa)

I can imagine Igret dragging Rosa around on his pace quite easily.

“That reminds me, when we first met Igret he was with Shirenia-sama right? Is it normal for spirits to be near their contractor?” (Misa)

“Indeed, it is more common for spirits who have made a contract to be near their contractor. Under normal circumstances spirits would stick close so they can protect their contractor in the case of danger. Spirits in general don’t have much to do so staying close with our contractor would usually give us some form of entertainment regardless.” (Rosa)

“Ummm, that….. I’m sorry.” (Misa)

“As I’ve said, you don’t need to mind it too much. Our circumstances are quite special after all.” (Rosa)

Rosa then looked towards the training ground.

“Are you not going to join them?” (Rosa)

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“It’s impossible. I don’t have the physique for it. I can barely even lift the sword with both of my hands.” (Misa)

“I see. The way of the sword is something you have to put a lot of time in, it’s not something you can simply learn in a day, even more so when physique is weak.” (Rosa)

“My thoughts exactly.” (Misa)

See, even Rosa agreed with me.

“That reminds me. I’ve not taught you how to fight using your magic. You did say that your world has no threats from monsters like this side, so I ended up thinking it was not neccesary. Though if you’re going to live here for 3 months, then I should teach you properly.” (Rosa)

“Ehhh? Plant magic has offensive magics?” (Misa)

“No, plant magic doesn’t have direct offensive magics like most other elements. Your combat relies solely on your knowledge of plants.” (Rosa)

Muuu, I don’t quite get it…..

“Is it not completely reliant on what plant seeds I have in hand?” (Misa)

“You’re contracted to me. You don’t need seeds if you have an image of what plant you’re trying to make. Just like how fire, water, earth, and various other elemental magics can materialize their respective elements out of thin air, the same can be done to plant magic. Having seeds on the other hand, you don’t need to do much other than using the quick growth magic. It’s faster and simpler but it limits what you can do to what seeds you have on hand.” (Rosa)

I see, that makes sense……?

“I believe to you humans it’s categorized as high level magic. My evaluation might be wrong since humans who don’t have a contract with plant spirits such as me have no knowledge of this magic.” (Rosa)

“Ummm, would my mana be fine in that regards?” (Misa)

“You have more than enough to cast it without much of a worry, so long as you don’t instantly create hundreds of plants all at once.” (Rosa)

Rosa then taught me the magic like she did before.

It’s definitely more complex than all the previous magics she taught me.

I have to have a clear image of the plant in question, then pour my mana and specify where I want it to appear, the further away from me the more mana it’ll cost.

I tested it out and used the magic to summon a red rose and it worked.

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“In combat it might be hard to keep a clear mind to imagine a plant you’re not familliar with. My only suggestion is to stay close with those plants, learn their characteristics and their strength first hand, until those characteristics become a completely natural thought when you think about the said plant.” (Rosa)

“But won’t I be in danger if I stay close with, for example, a plant that blows up when you touch them. Wait, is there a plant like that?” (Misa)

“There is. You’re contracted to me so unless you tell the plants to hurt you, no plants would do you any harm. You can even eat a poison mushroom if you desire, they’ll invalidate the poison inside them themselves. Poison is only something that they created as a method to protect themselves after all.” (Rosa)

That’s a scary thought in itself, willingly eating a poison mushroom.

“Muuu, then the problem is getting to know the plants in the first place…..” (Misa)

I have practically no knowledge of the plants that’re in Anaria after all.

“If you have the time, you are welcomed to come to my home. I can teach you about each and every one of them personally.” (Rosa)

“I’ll gladly accept that offer then. Though how would I be able to get to your home in the first place?” (Misa)

She always appeared and dissapeared out of thin air after all.

“I’ll lead you there when you’re ready.” (Rosa)

That doesn’t exactly answer my question though…..

It’s nothing I should mind about until I get to it I guess.

“How long will it take to get there?” (Misa)

“In an instant, though it costs quite a lot of mana to bring a human there so you would most likely have to stay the night there to recover your mana before going back. I can take you there right now, though I reckon it’ll cause you inconvenience if you were to suddenly disappear without telling anyone about it.” (Rosa)

My best guess would be that she’s going to teleport me with her.

Still, if I need to stay the night there, I guess I should do it after friday’s class.

“It seems like my class has ended.” (Misa)

“So it seems. I’ll part away for today.” (Rosa)

“Thank you for keeping me company and teaching me all this.” (Misa)

“It is only natural for me to do so for you who I give my full devotion to. I look forward to showing you my home.” (Rosa)

With those as her parting words, she dissapeared out of thin air like usual.

I got up and headed back towards the training ground.

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