Chapter 25

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Author: Gerazza Original Source: Scribble Hub

“Quite an exhausting day one, is it not?” (Firana)

“Indeed. I may not survive for 3 months if everyday is as exhausting as today.” (Misa)

My heart won’t be able to take it.

When we got back, I honestly wanted to just lay down on bed and rest but Firana-oneesama was unusually strict in these situations.

Since I did ask her to teach me history for tommorow’s class, after we got back it was immediately followed up by Firana-oneesama’s lecture.

It went on for about 2 hours.

I let out a tired sigh after Firana-oneesama finished her lesson.

I took out my ID card from my bag to check if I got any message while I was gone or not.

As Frillia mentioned, I should be carrying it around with me at all times, but I completely forgot to do so this morning.

Well, I doubt anyone would enter this room without permission since it’s Firana-oneesama’s room.

And besides, I hid it pretty deep inside my bag, so unless they specifically look for it, they won’t find it.

“Ahhh, is that the rumored Magical device that was created by yuusha-sama?” (Firana)

Firana-oneesama seems to know about it.

“Yes. Though I do not really know how it works, it can send and receive messages from and to other ID card holders that you have registered beforehand. ID card is what the magical device is called.” (Misa)

Well, I don’t think ID card is the actual name for it but it’s what everyone calls it with so I introduced it as such.

“A friend of mine would be quite ecstatic to get her hands on one of those.” (Firana)

“Is it that well-known to people of this world?” (Misa)

“I would say the information is mostly limited to those who have met them personally. It is not something the crossers would usually take out outside of combat after all. My friend was told about it by a friend of hers, and ever since then she had been trying to get in contact with a crosser to study about it more.” (Firana)

So it’s something that’s not really widespread, but not much of a secret either.

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“If I may ask, could my friend possibly borrow it?” (Firana)

Muuu, I guess it would be fine if I attach some conditions?

“Ummm, I am not allowed to part with it so can I be the one who personally lend it to her? Also, she is not allowed to tinker with it in any way, only look.” (Misa)

“Yes, that should be sufficient. Thank you, Misa. Then, I will come and pick you up tommorow.” (Firana)

“Yes.” (Misa)

Ehhh wait, did she say tommorow?

Just like yesterday, the moment the teacher exited the room, Firana-oneesama was already there to pick me up.

I had no chance to make friends once again……

No, unlike yesterday I didn’t come right before class started so I managed to talk to a few of my classmates.

This is the 2nd class of the first year, or I guess it’s easier to understand if I put it as class 1-2.

Each class gets their own classroom, but it’s really only used by history and general knowledge class.

Mannerism has it’s own room and both swordsmanship and magic are done on the training ground.

The history class went on without too much of an issue, it’s all thanks to Firana-oneesama.

Nivesta-sensei occasionally threw a question towards me to see if I’m keeping up or not and thankfully I was able to answer all of them.

Anyway, back to the present, I’m currently following Firana-oneesama who came to pick me up.

Of course, unlike yesterday I have my ID card on my blazer pocket today.

The room we went to was the magical device research room.

Inside there’s a girl with grey blazer, meaning she’s a 3rd year.

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She has pastel pink hair and translucent pink eyes.

Her body stature is even smaller than me.

The only word I can describe her with is cute.

“Rune, I have come.” (Firana)

Firana-oneesama with an unusually cheerful voice walked ahead and hugged the girl called Rune.

Their height differs so much that Firana-oneesama can rest her breast on her head while hugging.

No wait, what am I thinking!?

“Did I not told you to stop hugging me whenever we meet?” (Rune)

She complained but showed no sign of wanting to break free.

“So, who would this be? Another one of your toy?” (Rune)

“I apologize for the late introduction, my name is Misa. I am…..” (Misa)

“Ahhh, no need to tell me your family name. Since you separate it from your introduction then I would guess you are not very fond of them. Rune Mazard, 3rd daughter of the Mazard family. No need to mind and just call me Rune directly, no need for honorifics. I will call you Misa in exchange.” (Rune)

She cut me off mid-sentence and introduced herself.

Well,I don’t exactly have a family name though…..

“Fufu, she is quite cute, is she not?” (Firana)

“And you already engraved your embroidery to her clothes. I apologize for the future hardship that this friend of mine might bring to you in the future.” (Rune)

“Geez, I will not trouble Misa like that. Ahhh is it, are you jealous? No need to beat around the bush like that, I would be more than happy to do yours too.” (Firana)

“Haaahhh, how could I want something troublesome like that?” (Rune)

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It was a new side of Firana-oneesama that I never saw before.

I guess it would be safe to assume that she’s Firana-oneesama’s close friend?

“Anyway, for what reason did you come here today, even bringing this girl right here?” (Rune)

“Fufu, have you not heard that some crossers had come here to study with us for the next 3 months?” (Firana)

“Ehhh? Then is she…..” (Rune)

“Yup, I know how much Rune has been looking forward to meet one.” (Firana)

Her expression immediately changed.

“Ahhhh! Nice to meet you! To think I can actually meet with the crosser directly!” (Rune)

Her atmosphere completely flipped and before I knew it, she was already in front of me shaking my hand.

“Rune has been looking forward to meet the crossers for quite a while ever since she heard about the ID card.” (Firana)

“ID card? Is that the name of the magical device that my friend told me? Firanaaaa, how much do you knoooow!?” (Rune)

She jumped back to Firana-oneesama and cling onto her.

Firana-oneesama looked quite happy when she did so.

“Not much. Misa only told me the name. Since I know Rune would be quite happy to see one directly, I brought her here.” (Firana)

“Ehhh, does that mean she is carrying this ID card with her right now?” (Rune)

“Yes, it is the purpose of us coming here after all. Right, Misa?” (Firana)

“Y-Yes.” (Misa)

I took out my ID card from my blazer pocket and before I even noticed, it was already snatched away by Rune.

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“Ahhh, please…..” (Misa)

“I know! I will not tinker with it in any way!” (Rune)

Rune placed the card on the table and began examining it very carefully.

“Sorry for the startle Misa. Rune, when it comes to magical device, she becomes like this. Her mellow personality is indeed how she normally acts when magic device is not in the discussion. She can get a bit too energetic when magical device unknown to her comes into the talk.” (Firana)

Firana-oneesama looked at her warmly.

“Ahhh, as expected this is amazing! For all these intricate magics to be engraved so close to one another and not disperse each other. This, this ID card is also a catalyst!? No wait, this formation right here, you can record magics in this ID card!? But how did it not clash with…… Hmmm, I see, so this right here and this…… Ahhhh, amazing! How could one even think about putting this here!? Wait, what is this here!?” (Rune)

She was indeed quite ecstatic observing the ID card I lent to her.

I can’t understand her self-monologue at all.

After a while, her self-monologue finally came to an end and she looked at the card, satisfied.

“As expected, yuusha-sama is amazing.” (Rune)

“Can you recreate it?” (Firana)

“Impossible. I can possibly recreate most of the function inside separately, but to combine them all into one magical device, and moreover in such a small size, there is no way it is humanly possible. I would need it to be the size of your weapon at the very least, most likely ever bigger. Not to mention, I have never seen the material used to make this ID card in the first place, it is most likely a completely unique material formed through alchemy. In the first place, I cannot even read all of the magic formulas that is stored inside, it honestly just looks like a jumbled mess at first glance but when you look closely non of them clash with each other. In a normal scenario, if someone were to combine more than 2 magic formulas into a magical device of this size, they would most likely clash with each other and disperse the effect of one another. This thing is completely unreasonable, paired with someone who have high mana capacity, that someone would literally be a tactical weapon, that is just how ridiculous this ID card is.” (Rune)

I didn’t even get half of what she talked about so I can only looked at her in daze.

Firana-oneesama was still smiling like usual.

“Fufu, I am glad that Rune is happy.” (Rune)

“Thank you for introducing me to this girl, Firana! I will do anything to repay you back!” (Rune)

Firana-oneessama suddenly had a dangerous glint in her eyes.

“Fufu, anything, you say?” (Firana)

“Ehhh? Ahhh no, that……” (Rune)

Rune looked like she immediately regret her words.

“Ara, you already said it. A noble lady should not go back on her words right?” (Firana)

“That…..” (Rune)

Rune looked at Firana-oneesama in fear.

“It is fine, I will not be asking anything unreasonable. From now on, you can only wear the clothes I sewn myself. Of course, I will also be emroidering your uniform.” (Firana)

Her whole body froze when she heard that.

Firana-oneesama didn’t pay attention to it and took the ID card in her hand and handed it back to me.

“Here Misa. Thank you for your help.” (Firana)

“Y-Yes” (Misa)

I feel like I’ve done something bad.


Oh, she finally snapped back.

“Fufu, to be able to finally dress up Rune, I am look forward to it.” (Firana)

Again, I don’t know why but I feel like I’ve done something bad.

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