Chapter 32

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Author: Gerazza Original Source: Scribble Hub

“I will just be direct and not beat around the bush. Misa, would you stay here after the exchange program is over?” (Felisia)

“Ehhh…..?” (Misa)

No wait, what does she mean by that?

“Those with a contracted spirit are few and far in-between. On a normal circumstances, it is very unlikely for someone to meet with one.” (Felisia)

“That does not…..”( Misa)

“Moreover! There is hardly any record about anyone making a contract with plant spirits. Due to that, our knowledge on plant magic themselves are quite limited. Even the magic you just used on our spar, it is one I never saw before. There is probably a record of it if I were to look deep into the magic archive in the headquarter but as I mentioned, plant magic themselves are commonly unknown.” (Felisia)

Is it really that rare…..?

Cure was also quite troubled when she found out that I made a contract with plant spirit, was it because plant magics are not commonly known?

Rosa also did mention that.

“Even if you say that…..” (Misa)

Though if I think about it, the point of Cross World Project in the first place was to prove that coexistence between the people on earth and Anaria is possible.

Would that mean they’ll throw us out to Anaria after 3 years?

But they made a big housing district in the first place, and the whole VP system…..

Is it a case where we can choose whether to live out our lives on earth or on Anaria?

Still, the monthly 10.000 VP is limited until we graduate from high school and the same goes for access to the dorm, so even if we decide to live on earth we still need to make a living on Anaria.

Considering that, maybe it’s not such an absurd of a request to comply to but still…..

“I will not give an answer now. I do plan on coming back here even after I returned 3 months later but as for living here…..” (Misa)

“I, or rather the mage association will handle your living expensve and accomodation. We wll also wait for you to graduate from the school on this side for you to get used to living here. We can even get a family to…..!” (Felisia)

“As I have said, I will not give an answer now.” (Misa)

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This is not something I can just agree to, I’ll still have to discuss this with El too.

Felis-sensei finally gave up.

“Haaahhh, I guess it is impossible after all. Could you at least teach me the magic formulas for the plant magic you know?” (Felisia)

“If it is only that much then sure.” (Misa)

Teaching her up until quick growth should be fine.

With that said though, I only know as far as that after all.

Rosa will teach me a new magic next week but she said it’s magic only known to those who made a contract with plant spirit.

Whether it’s intended to be kept a secret or if it’s only useable by those who made a contract with a plant spirit, I don’t have any plan to share that without her consent.

Quick growth should be fine since she mentioned that though not well-known, there are some who knows about it.

“Then, can you teach me next week? I did not bring any pen and paper with me, and I am not a genius who can remember a magic formula just by seeing it once.” (Felisia)

“Yes.” (Misa)

Felis-sensei then stood up from her seat.

“Alright. I will excuse myself here if you do not mind. I have a research I want to continue on. You two can head back by yourselves right?” (Felisia)

“Yes.” (Misa)

“See you next week, Felis-sensei.” (Camelia)

Just like that, she left the two of us alone.

“Should we head back soon too?” (Misa)

“I-I do not mind staying here for a little bit more to accompany you.” (Camelia)

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“Then, let us do so. I would love to talk with Lia more. These past few days, Firana-oneesama had come to pick me up right after class after all, so we did not have much chance to talk.” (Misa)

We ended up chatting with each other for quite a bit and by the time we realized, it’s already starting to get dark outside.

We headed back towards the school ground and thankfully, nothing happened on the way.

Well, I do get a few stares here and there……

We separated with each other when we got back to the dorm and headed back to our respective rooms.

“Welcome back.” (Firana)

Firana-oneesama greeted me as I opened the door.

“Have you had dinner?” (Firana)

“Not quite yet.” (Misa)

We were mostly snacking on the food Felis-sensei bought, we didn’t order anything extra since Felis-sensei ordered quite a lot.

“Then, shall we head towards the dining room?” (Firana)

Since there’s no reason to refuse, I accepted Firana-oneesama’s offer.

The two of us headed towards the dining room and sat at our usual seat.

“So, how was today? Did you have fun?” (Firana)

“Yes, I got the chance to talk with a classmate of mine that has been taking care of me.” (Misa)

“That is nice. Can you tell me her name?” (Firana)

“Camilia Ceres.” (Misa)

“I will keep that name in mind then.” (Firana)

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Not sure what she meant by that….

“Ahhh, if you do not mind me asking, why did the magic teacher invited you out in the first place?” (Firana)

I wonder if it’s fine to tell Firana-oneesama about it?

Muuu, it should be fine.

“She asked me to stay here even after 3 months have passed, since I have a contract with Rosa.” (Misa)

“I see. And you refused?” (Firana)

“For now, yes. I have no plan to move here permanently yet, and I have to consult something big like this with El after all.” (Misa)

It’s not something I can just decide on a whim.

“I see. As I mentioned before, I do not mind adopting you into the Selesia family you know?” (Firana)

“N-No, as I said before, I cannot trouble Firana-oneesama like that…..” (Misa)

“Fufu, it is fine. We still have quite a lot of time after all. I will just have to make you change your opinion before then.” (Firana)

She smiled playfully.

Haaahhhh, I want to say that’s not possible, but 3 months is indeed quite a long time.

I’ve been living in the academy for less than 6 months so even if I called it my home, it still hasn’t quite sinked in to me yet.

And cutting my connection completely from earth would help me get rid of all those bad memories, so it might be……

No, let’s stop this line of thoughts.

“Fufu, so you are not completely againts the idea? Then I might have a chance after all.” (Firana)

Probably from seeing my expression, Firana-oneesama concluded as so.

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Thankfully our food arrived not long after so I managed to distract my mind from those thoughts.

Afterwards, we headed back to our room.

“Ahhh Misa, I forgot to ask. How was the dress?” (Firana)

“It is indeed quite comfortable contrary to its looks but I was being stared at quite a lot.” (Misa)

“Well, that is inevitable. Misa is cute after all.” (Firana)

“Muuu, I am not particularly cute…..” (Misa)

“See? That reaction itself is already beyond cute.” (Firana)

I could feel my face heating up from embarassment.

Being teased like this is embarassing…..

Besides, Firana-oneesama is cuter than me!

No wait, rather than cute I guess Firana-oneesama falls more to the gorgeous beauty type?

“Still, I was not joking when I said that this dress will protect you. As I mentioned, no one in town would dare to lay a hand on you as long as you are wearing a custom-made dress by me but that is not all.” (Firana)

“What do you mean, Firana-oneesama?” (Misa)

“You said you can control a plant’s movement just by your thoughts right?” (Firana)

“Y-Yes.” (Misa)

It is part of the benefit of having a contract with Rosa.

I imagine travelling through a forest would be much easier with this, though I haven’t had the chance to test it.

“You did not have the chance to test it since nothing pushed you to do so but you should be able to control that dress too. Rosa came and suggested me the material.” (Firana)

“Ehhh? What?” (Misa)

I couldn’t comprehend what she meant.

“Well, just try it. Imagine your dress as a plant and try to tell it to move on its own.” (Firana)

Still not understanding what she meant, I tried to do as told.


No way, it worked!?

“It seems like it is working then. That is good. I had not have the chance to test it yet since I do not have your plant-controlling power.” (Firana)

“No wait, how? Moreover, when did you…..?” (Misa)

I couldn’t form a proper sentence due to how shocked I was.

“Rosa came to visit me the other day to ask me about the dolls in this room and the embroidery on your uniform. I told her the gist of my magic and then she gave me materials to made that dress. It is quite useful for self-defense. I also do the same with my dress, it will let you move way faster than what your body should be capable of.” (Firana)

What she said makes sense.

There would be cases where you perceived an attack but doesn’t have the reaction time to move fast enough.

With this, as long as I perceive the attacks, if I sent out my thoughts about dodging the attack then the dress will pull me out of the way.

But still, when did Rosa came to meet Firana-oneesama?

Firana-oneesama said that Rosa also mentioned about the embroidery on my uniform so it can’t be before Wednesday when I had the swordsmanship class, since that’s the first time I met her while wearing the uniform that Firana-oneesama embroider.

It wasn’t Wednesday either since Firana-oneesama was with me throughout to teach me history.

So that means she came yesterday, and Firana-oneesama finished making the dress in less than a day?

No, I guess she did mention that she normally makes 30 clothes on weekdays but still…..

“I did not have much time so I could only sew something simple like that. I do plan on making more dresses with the material Rosa gave me, and also dye them so they are not all green.” (Firana)

“T-That is…. Ummm, thank you very much.” (Misa)

“Fufu, showing your gratitude so earnestly, it is so cute. It makes it worth all the effort I put in.” (Firana)

She gently pat my head.

Still, if I can control these dress, then that would mean…..

“Ahhh, just so you know, I should still have the higher authority on the control. I infused quite a lot of my mana in them after all, it is quite surprising how much mana they can absorb.” (Firana)

My hope were crushed before I could even think about it.

Haaahhh, I will still be Firana-oneesama’s doll.

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