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Author: Gerazza Original Source: Scribble Hub

El’s name is Cielle.

El is turning 7 years old this year.

Family, El only have Nii.

Nii is 15 years old.

He’s super reliable and cool, but also super cute.

He’s the best Nii in the world.

But Nii shouldn’t be cute….?

Nii has always been interested in cute things.

When El asked, Nii always said it’s not like that but El could tell that it’s a lie.

El don’t know how to explain it, but El will know if someone said a lie or not.

Anyway, El had been moving around a lot recently.

From old house, to mean auntie’s house, and now to this new really big house.

Amongst the 3, El liked this house the most.

Because here, El could be together with Nii, just the two of us.

El really love Nii.

Nii said he’ll be attending school near here, that’s why we moved.

When El first got here, El discovered a lot of new things.

This super cool card was one of them.

It serves as an ID card that also serves as smartphone.

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It’s really cool!

This place doesn’t use money from what El’ve learned.

Instead, it’s replaced by these things called VP.

It serves as money but it’s not money……?

El didn’t get it too much, but El could buy stuffs with this VP.

Though if VP runs out, El can be bought by bad people, so El have to be careful spending it.

Today, Nii is currently attending school, El is left at the school for El’s age next to it.

Walking in, this place seemed empty.

No, it doesn’t seem empty, it’s actually empty.

El walked around inside the building but there’s no one here.

Is El at the wrong place?

“Hoho, an actual child? I created this facility as a joke since I didn’t think any highschooler would bring a kid. Has time change this world that much already?” (Man)

Behind El, a slightly old looking uncle appeared.

El was pretty sure there was no one following El from behind though…..?

He walked closer to El, so El take a step back.

“Ahhh, don’t be alarmed. I’m not anyone bad. Wait, that only makes me sound like an actual bad guy. It’s been so long since I’ve talked to children, how do you actually suppose to interact with one?” (Man)

“Un, it’s okay. El believe Jii is not a bad person.” (Cielle)

“Of course you do…….Wait, you do?” (Man)

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“Un, Jii is not lying.” (Cielle)

“No, I mean, it’s wrong coming from myself but you shouldn’t believe what strangers told you so easily you know?” (Man)

“No lie can pass through El.” (Cielle)

El said proudly.

“Wait, could it be…..?” (Man)

Jii searched his pocket for something but seems like he’s having trouble finding it.

“Ahhhh, I didn’t bring it! No wait, there’s also……” (Man)

Jii then took out a monicle and stare at El with it.

It’s disturbing and Jii’s face is really bad with the monicle, but El will endure.

“Hooo! as I thought, natural-born title. That’s rare. Good thing Kairos lent me this monicle, though like he said it can only identify titles. Guess I’ll enchant it a bit after I go back to the other side.” (Man)


El just tilted her head after hearing Jii speaking about uncomprehensible thing.

“Hmmm, since I’m on a good mood, I’ll tell you in on a little secret in advance. In this place, magic exist.” (Man)

When Jii said that, El couldn’t spot a lie, so……

“Jii is delusional?” (Cielle)

“No I’m not! Though that’s understandable when looking from your point of view, it still hurts hearing that.” (Man)

Jii hung his head down.

“Ahem, as I mentioned, magic exists. Here, an example.” (Man)

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Jii extended his hand forward and from his palm, a small little fire appeared.

“A magic trick?” (Cielle)

“No! I mean, yes, but not that magic trick you’re thinking of! Here, this should make you understand.” (Man)

He flicked his wrist and in the next moment, El’s body float from the ground.

“Wires?” (Cielle)

“No! Are children’s imagination that low these days!?” (Man)

Teasing Jii is fun.

Of course, El knew what magic Jii meant.

El read a lot of novels after all.

“So Jii is going to teach El how to use magic?” (Cielle)

“No, considering your age, I shouldn’t. Maybe when you get ol…..” (Jii)

“Then Jii’s just a liar.” (Cielle)

“Nonono, you already know that I’m not lying, right!? After all, you can see through lies.” (Man)

“El don’t know what Jii’s talking about.” (Cielle)

“Grrrr, fine then! This great founder-sama will teach you one of the most amazing magic of all! Lend me your ID card.” (Man)

El gave my card to him.

He took his own card out and tap it againts El’s card.

“Here, the great teleportation magic that only I possess! Well, at least on this side anyway.” (Man)

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Jii handed back El’s card to El.

“As for how to use it, I shall personally tea…….Wait, where did you go?” (Man)

Teleportation magic?

So like this…..?

El imagined herself being at the end of the corridor then before El could notice, El was already at the place El imagined.

After looking around, Jii looked at El surprised.

“You could use it at first try…..?” (Man)

Jii hung his head dispirited.

El walked closer to Jii and pat his head.

Nii patting El’s head always make El feels better.

“Jii, thank you for teaching El. Jii is amazing.” (Cielle)

“I am?” (Man)

“Unn, amazing.” (Cielle)

Seems like that cheered Jii up.

“Haha, aren’t I! This is the great founder-sama after all! Come, call me founder-sama too.” (Man)

“Founder-sama amazing.” (Cielle)

“Haha, indeed I am!” (Man)

When dealing with kids, it’s appropriate to do what they want, that’s what Nii taught El.

“Hmmm, but being called founder-sama by who’s technically my first disciple seems lonely. What do you want to call me?” (Man)

“Lolicon jii?” (Cielle)

“No, but I’m not a lolicon though?” (Man)

“Lie.” (Cielle)

“I’m not lying! You, you know that, right!?” (Man)

“Yes.” (Cielle)

“Then why did you say I was lyiiiiinnnggg!?” (Man)

“Jii, breathe in. Jii’s running out of breath.” (Cielle)

Jii did as El told and slowly calmed down.

“A-Anyway, call me something else.” (Man)

“Lo-jii-con?” (Cielle)


Jii’s really breathing roughly now.

Unnn, Jii’s reaction is fun to watch.

“Grrr, just call me Vecto! There’s not a lot who knows my real name so be grateful that I tell you.” (Vecto)

“Unnn. Vecto-jii then. El is Cielle.” (Cielle)

“Haaahhhh, why is this more exhausting than fighting a dragon with bare hand and no magic? I should’ve just introduced myself from the start.” (Vecto)

“Yawn.” (Cielle)

“Hmmm? Are you sleepy?” (Vecto)

“Unnn, ever since using magic.” (Cielle)

“No wait, that’s right! Am I an idiot!?” (Vecto)

Vecto-jii started holding his head.

I tilted my head.

“Ummm, you see Cielle. Using magic costs mana and the harder the magic the more mana it’ll cost. Teleportation magic is a really high tier magic with amazing complexity so it costs a tremendous amount of mana. In the first place, people would normally faint after using it.” (Vecto)

So in conclusion……

“Vecto-jii is an irresponsible adult?” (Cielle)

“No, you don’t have to tell me directly! Ahhhh, idiot! How can I just go and teach a child magic! And teleportation at that! At worst she could’ve fallen to an eternal sleep!” (Vecto)

Vecto-jii seems to be talking to himself.

He’s concerned of El…..?

Then El just have to reassure.

“Vecto-jii, El is perfectly fine. Just a little bit sleepy.” (Cielle)

“Seems so, but El, promise me you won’t use it again until you grow up, okay?” (Vecto)

“No” (Cielle)

It’s cool after all.

“Ghhh, then I’ll have to forcefully take the magic code out from your ID card.” (Vecto)

Vecto-jii extended his hand at El, but El teleported away outside.

Unnn, El’s really sleepy now.

Vecto-jii caught up a few seconds later.

“No, didn’t I say how dangerous it is!?” (Vecto)

“Vecto-jii, give up. Else, El will teleport again.” (Cielle)

Though if El have to be honest, El don’t feel like El could cast it again.

To deceive Vecto-jii, El have to stay strong.

“Don’t!” (Vecto)

Vecto-jii was scratching his head.

“Fine then, keep it. But at least promise me you would not use it more than 2 times a day, at least until I give the permission. Ghhh, but even 2 times is honestly pushing it to the limit……No, but she is still awake and staring at me so 2 times should be fine, yup.” (Vecto)

“Unnn, but Vecto-jii have to promise to not try and forcefully take out the magic away from El. If you do……” (Cielle)

“If I do?” (Vecto)

“Then El will run around spreading that founder-sama’s name is Vecto-jii’s while also spreading the rumor that Vecto-jii is a lolicon.” (Cielle)

“No wait, seriously don’t do that! The image I’ve built for years would crumble! Fine, I promise!” (Vecto)

“Then, El promise too.” (Cielle)

There, contract established.

Uuuu, sleepy.

“Ohhh El, has your class ended for you too?” (Misa)

“Nii!” (Cielle)

El immediately ran to Nii and hugged Nii.

“And this is?” (Misa)

Nii looked at Vecto-jii.

“Sensei.” (Cielle)

“Ahhh, is that so? Thank you for taking care of my little sister.” (Misa)

“No no, that’s why I’m here for.” (Vecto)

Vecto-jii was trying his hardest to look like a proper adult.

“Nii, lift.” (Cielle)

El spread her arms.

Nii smiled and carried El.

“Aren’t you acting spoiled today?” (Misa)

El was not actually trying to act spoiled, El was genuinely tired.

“Then, sensei, we’ll excuse ourselves. Do take care of El in the future too.” (Misa)

“Yes, be careful on your way.” (Vecto)

Not long after, El fell asleep.

Fire: If you haven’t figure it out yet, CEC = Cielle’s Extra Chapter!

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