Chapter 12

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Author: Gerazza Original Source: Scribble Hub

“Misa~” (Cure)

Right after the teacher walked out, Cure came into the room.

It’s been 4 days since the whole dragon incident.

I returned back with El 2 days ago.

Ru has not fully recovered yet and is still being treated at Frillia’s mansion.

Frillia herself is still busy finding out the cause of why the dragon attacked the capital in the first place, so she had not come back to earth yet.

That’s why, Cure has been the one coming to pick me up after class.

Not minding everyone else, Cure just walked over to my seat and hugged me.

I would prefer if she doesn’t do something so embarassing in front of everyone though…..

We went to the student council room as usual.

There’s no one when we entered.

Well, Kanae should be with Frillia and Gai is on standby in case something else happened so that’s to be expected.

As to why Cure is not at Anaria with the other three, she got a day off.

No, she said that she was forced to take the week off so she can spend time with me.

It was the reward for taking care of the dragon alone and preventing further damage from spreading through the capital.

It seems like the monsters that were on a rampage stopped when Cure defeated the dragon, so it was speculated that the dragon was what caused the monsters to enrage and attacked the capital in the first place.

Well, why the dragon itself attacked is still a mystery that Frillia’s currently trying to uncover.

She said that the dragon must’ve a clear goal, considering it’s been lurking around the capital for the past week before the assault.

None of that matters to me though.

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I unpacked the lunch I made for both of us.

Cure seems to really like my cooking.

No, I guess that’s also true for Ru.

I’ll cook her a feast when she returns!

Of course as usual Cure put me on her laps.

I’ve honestly gotten used to it, well except for the occasional hugs and cheek pokes.

“Haaahhh, though it’s worrying to leave the matter unsettled, since Frillia is there then it should solve itself sooner or later~ Gai is there anyway so I can rest easy even if something were to attack the capital~” (Cure)

“How strong is Gai anyway?” (Misa)

“Hmmm, let’s see~ I guess if it’s a one on one, he could beat up the dragon from before~” (Cure)

“Ehhhhh!?” (Misa)

“That’s strictly if it’s a one on one though~ That dragon was quite troublesome, calling waves after waves of monsters to cover him, so I doubt Gai would be able to beat it~” (Cure)

“Then how did you beat it?” (Misa)

“Hmmm~? I just kill them all~” (Cure)

No, that doesn’t explain anything……

“Still, sorry for what I’ve put you through, Misa.” (Cure)

“N-No, I only have myself to blame for being so weak. Even Ru got……” (Misa)

“Well, let’s not dive into it deeper anymore~ Ahhh by the way, since you made a contract with that spirit, Rosa, had she been visiting you or anything~?” (Cure)

“Hmmm, not really. When I was about to go back she said that she doesn’t really like staying too long on this side due to the difference in mana density.” (Misa)

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“Ahhh~ That would make sense~” (Cure)

Though we haven’t learn about it in class, I would assume the mana density difference is what caused that dizzying feeling when crossing over.

“She said if there are plants around it’s more bearable though so I bought some potted plants on my house.” (Misa)

“Is that so~? Then maybe I should get some plants in the student council room~” (Cure)

“Ahhh, speaking of which, how did you come to know Rosa?” (Misa)

“Hmmm~? Right after you fainted, Frillia talked about various stuffs with her. Well, when I heard that she was the one that made you unconscious, I almost ended up killing her though~” (Cure)

“Wait what!?” (Misa)

Cure, you’re too extreme!

“Well, Gai stopped me and Frillia explained the full story after though, but because of that she would usually hide whenever I’m around~” (Cure)

“Cure…..Have you apologized to her?” (Misa)

“She always ran off before I was able to~” (Cure)

“…..I’ll arrange for you two to meet and make up.” (Misa)

It seems that thanks to the contract, I can use telepathy with her, but doing it for too long would make me dizzy.

“That would be great~ Ahhh, since we’re in the topic, is it true that you can only use plant magic now~?” (Cure)

“That’s what Rosa said when we made the contract.” (Misa)

“Hmmm, that would be quite troublesome~” (Cure)

“What do you mean?” (Misa)

“There’s not much use for plant magic, at least when I saw the list of plant magics at the terminal, there’s not a whole lot~” (Cure)

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“I might ask Rosa directly on what plant magic can do then.” (Misa)

“You should~ Since she’s a plant spirit, then she’s bound to have some unknown magics that’re not in the magic archive.” (Cure)

We enjoyed our free time leisurely.

“Still, there’s not much to do here, huh?” (Misa)

“Well, most other students would be doing part time works but since you were given 200.000 VP by Frills you haven’t have the need to worry about VP.” (Cure)

“Ahhh, come to think of it, I’m starting to run low…..” (Misa)

“Hmmm~? How much do you have left?” (Cure)

“Around 120.000 VP.” (Misa)

“Spending 80.000 VP in less than 2 weeks is quite an amazing feat~” (Cure)

“…..I can’t refute that. I’ve been buying all sorts of cooking utensils and furnitures. I’ve also honestly been splurging on ingredients and trying out all sorts of new stuffs in my free time.” (Misa)

“Are you sure that’s all~?” (Cure)

“Y-Yea, that’s…..” (Misa)

“I wonder who this girl staring happily in front of the clothing shop was then~” (Cure)

Cure showed a picture of me when I was about to buy some new clothes yesterday.

“W-Wait, when did you…..” (Misa)

“Hehe, you were really cute, fidgeting around inside. Moreover, your expression when you finish trying out a new set of clothes and when you went to bought them~” (Cure)

Cure hugged me tightly.

“N-No! T-That was…..” (Misa)

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“Ahhh mou~ Misa is too cute~!” (Cure)

“W-Wait, where do you think you’re touching…..! Kyaaaaa!!” (Misa)

Cure started to move her hand under my clothes.

“Since you got turned into a girl, this place have been developing well, hasn’t it~?” (Cure)

“C-Cure, l-let go….!” (Misa)

“Cure-neechan, stop teasing Nee.” (Cielle)

Before I noticed, El was already in the room, looking at us.

Thanks to that, Cure stopped.

“MOU CURE!” (Misa)

“Hehe, you were too cute, so I can’t help it~” (Cure)

“Muuu!” (Misa)

“Yes, I’m sorry~ So stop sulking, okay~?” (Cure)

She started patting my head gently.

“Anyway, what did you come here for El~?” (Cure)

“Cure-neechan, can you be my mentor?” (Cielle)

“Hmmm~?” (Cure)

“What do you mean El?” (Misa)

“Unnn, El want to train under Cure-neechan in mastering these.” (Cielle)

“Wait, are those guns!?” (Misa)

Since when did she have it?

“Hmmm~? Misa, you didn’t know about it~?” (Cure)

“No. Wait, you already knew!?” (Misa)

“She got it from Founder-sama the day after you fainted~” (Cure)

“Unnn. Nee, sorry for not telling.” (Cielle)

El looked really apologetic.

“But why did Founder-sama gave it to you? Or rather, you’re acquintance with Founder-sama?” (Misa)

“Unnn. Founder-sama was the one who gave El the teleportation magic. These guns are devices. El asked him personally for it.” (Cielle)

“You asked him for it? Why did you do that?” (Misa)

“For Nee.” (Cielle)

“…?” (Misa)

What could El mean by that?

“El wants to protect Nee. That’s why El asked Founder-sama for help. If El can master using these, then El can protect Nee from harm.” (Cielle)

“Am I…..that unreliable?” (Misa)

Because I’m such a no-good older sister, El even had to go so far.

“No! It’s not because…..!” (Cielle)

“It’s fine El. Even I myself know that I’m no good.” (Misa)

“T-That’s not…..!” (Cielle)

“Hyaaaa!?” (Misa)

Cure suddenly pinched me in the arm.

“Misa, you should properly listen El first. See, she’s starting to tear up because of you.” (Cure)

“Uuuu….” (Misa)

“El, El had always been protected by Nee as far as El could remember. Whenever something went wrong, Nee was always there to fix it. Nee always cared for El. And yet, El never did anything for Nee in return.” (Cielle)

“That…..” (Misa)

“When Nee almost broke down, El was scared. El was really really scared. Because El couldn’t do anything, Nee had to suffer through so much. Nee always protected El, but El could never do anything when Nee needed help!” (Cielle)

“…..” (Misa)

“That’s why, El will get stronger. So when the time comes, El can protect Nee properly. El already got the approval of Founder-sama to study under Cure-neechan. She said that El has a lot of potential.” (Cielle)


“I’m happy that you thought about me so much El.” (Misa)

“Nee…..” (Cielle)

“But, I don’t like the idea that you’ve been hiding this from me. Not just once, but twice. Am I really that untrustworthy?” (Misa)

“No, that….!” (Cielle)

“It’s partially your fault Misa~ You’re too doting, so if you had learn about it, then you would definitely object. El must be afraid of not getting your permission.” (Cure)

“That’s only natural! How can I let El do such a dangerous thing!? If El were to get injured…..” (Misa)

“And that feeling is mutual for El. El doesn’t want you to get injured, that’s why she asked Founder-sama for help.” (Cure)

“It’s because I’m…..!” (Misa)

“What? Because you’re no good? Then, how about me and Frillia then? Kanae and Gai? Is it because that we’re no good that you also wanted to get stronger?” (Cure)

“That’s…..” (Misa)

“Being on the receiving side is not always pleasant, especially when you felt like you never give anything back. You feel like you’re just taking advantage of the person’s kindness.” (Cure)

“…..” (Misa)

“El is feeling that exact same feeling. You’ve always protected her and yet she couldn’t do anything for you when you need it.” (Cure)

“That’s not true! El had always…..! If it had not been for El, then I wouldn’t even be here!” (Misa)

“Geez, it’s amazing how similar the two of you are. El, you should properly talk about these things to your sister next time.” (Cure)

“Yes…..” (Cielle)

“You too Misa! You should think about how El feels before making a conclusion.” (Cure)

“Yes…..” (Misa)

“Then that’s all well and settled~ Now Misa, what would you do~? I personally don’t mind mentoring El but I won’t do it if you don’t give her permission~” (Cure)

I looked at El.

Like cure said, I never tried to think about how El was feeling.

It must be equally if not more frustrating for El.

Even though she did so much to me, I never expressed that and she was in a constant pressure.

I’m still worried, but…..

“Fine. I’ll give my permission.” (Misa)

“Nee.” (Cielle)

El looked at me, surprised.

I guess even she didn’t expect me to agree.

“Cure, you better properly keep El safe! And none of that spartan training that you do to Ru!” (Misa)

“Roger~” (Cure)

It’s fine.

After all, I’m entrusting her to the person I trust the most.

“Well, now that that’s all settled, come here El~” (Cure)

El did as Cure said and walked closer to us.

“You’re tired from using teleportation magic, right~? Come, you can take a nap at your sister’s laps~” (Cure)

She patted at my lap.

No, if you’re going to suggest that, at least take me off your lap first….

“Is it…..that obvious?” (Cielle)

“Not really, It’s just a simple deduction~ I heard from Frills mentioning that you were only able to use teleportation twice before running out of mana so it must be pretty costly~” (Cure)

So that’s why she was always quick to fall asleep whenever she came to us by teleporting.

She hugged me like she used to, but there’s a clear difference today.

Her head comfortably rested on my breast.

She laid her head on it like she would to a pillow.

“Nee, comfortable.” (Cielle)

“Mou, I’m not happy about it.” (Misa)

“It’s not convincing to say that when you have this huge smile on your face~” (Cure)

She poked at my cheeks.

El fell asleep quite quickly.

“Since El’s now asleep, I’m going to ask you again. Are you sure about letting El study under me~?” (Cure)

“…..As much as I don’t want to, El already made her decision. Me worrying about El is a big chunk of why I don’t want her to do something so dangerous. But partly it’s also because….. I’m scared.” (Misa)

“Hmmm~?” (Cure)

“I feel like everyone’s moving forward except me. I feel like compared to everyone, I’m on a standstill. And now, El is also moving forward. I….I don’t want to get left behind alone.” (Misa)

“Misa, everyone have something they’re good and bad at. For example, I’m quite jealous of your cooking skill. Anna also praised your fast learning on etiquette, right? That’s something I could never do~” (Cure)

“N-No, my cooking is nothing special. With enough practice, anyone can do it. The etiquette too…..” (Misa)

“I can only see them as something special though~ I can’t do anything well. All I’m good at is fighting. Not very ladylike, don’t you agree~?” (Cure)

“That’s not true! You’ve always been so reliable. Even just now, you helped me sort out a lot of stuffs with El!” (Misa)

“Still, that doesn’t change the fact that I’m only good at fighting~ If I were to focus on that fact, then I’ll only depress myself like you always do~” (Cure)

“No, I…..” (Misa)

“As I’ve said, everyone have something they’re good and bad at. Making what you’re bad at becomes good is not a bad thing to do, but perfecting what you’re good at is also another way to go at it. I’m not saying you should go to the extreme like me, but do keep in mind that you also have something you’re good at. Something I could never imitate to say the least.” (Cure)

“Yes….Thank you.” (Misa)

We chatted for a bit more until El woke up.

Cure escorted us back to our home and since it was getting late, I invited her over for dinner which she happily accepted.

In the end, it somehow turned to her having a sleepover.

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