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Chapter 24

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Author: Gerazza Original Source: Scribble Hub

Since the talk with Leon took quite long, we ended up unable to finish the tour before class started.

When I entered and did my self-introduction, before anyone could say anything to me Nosfane-sensei came in at the perfect time so I ended up not talking with anyone on the class.

Mannerism class ended quite peacefully.

Well, with that said though I got quite a lot of stares when it was my turn to perform.

After the class finished and Nosfane-sensei exited the room, I could see a number of students looking at me like they wanted to approach me.

I braced myself and was prepared to hold a conversation with them but before that can happen, Firana-oneesama came into the classroom.

Of course, everyone’s attention turned to her, I could see quite a lot of surprised face.

I’m not sure how common it is for a 3rd year to suddenly barge into a 1st year classroom but I would assume from their reaction that it’s not common.

Most of them are probably unsure on why she came here and thus decided to watch her a while longer, though some of the girls I talked to at the dorm switches gaze between the both of us and came to an understanding.

She approached me who’s currently near the wall on the room away from everyone else.

“Misa, I have come to pick you up.” (Firana)

“Y-Yes. But is it really okay for me to be taking Firana-oneesama’s time like this? Moreover, how did Firana-oneesama got here so quickly?” (Misa)

“My class ended a little earlier, that is all there is to it. Also, a noble should not leave a job half done so guiding Misa around the school is a top priority. I have nothing I need to do in particular anyway.” (Firana)

Well, if she goes that far, then I can’t really refuse her offer.

I wanted to make some friends amongst my classmate but I guess that can come tommorow.

“Everyone, I do hope you can get along with Misa. She is under my protection after all so making an enemy out of her would be equivalent to making an enemy out of the Selesia family.” (Firana)

My classmates could only nod to Firana-oneesama’s threat-like statement.

Leaving it at that, we exited the room.

Ahhh, there goes my hope of making friends with my classmate.

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Or more like, are you sure it’s okay to use your family name like that!?

No, I’m certainly under her protection for these 3 months but for her to use her family name like that……

I’m still not sure how big her family’s influence is or even the rank, but judging by her confidence it’s probably pretty high up.

Isn’t she the 2nd daughter in the first place?

Is it really okay for her to make a threat like that?

Haaahhhh, I could only look into the distance as my hope shattered before my eyes.

I mean, I know she’s looking out for me but she could’ve worded it better.

No, could it have been intentional?

I looked at Firana-oneesama.

“Hmmm?” (Firana)

She only smiled back at me.

As usual, I can’t read her expression.

She would always have this unreadable smile on her face at all time.

The only times I’ve seen her not smiling would be when she was talking about her past experience with that crosser and when she goes on an overly-dramatic theathrical perfomance like she did with Leon.

I could never guess what she’s thinking.

As Rosa mentioned though, she doesn’t have any bad intention towards me so I guess I can trust her?

No matter how much I ponder, it won’t change the fact that she and Leon are my only 2 allies I can trust for now so it’s better not to think too deeply about it.

“And lastly, this is the training ground.” (Firana)

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After continuing where we left off, Firana-oneesama guided me through the rest of the school.

The training ground being the last stop is because it’s the only place that’s entirely separated from the school building itself.

It’s a bit of distance away from the school building.

It’s out in the open with only 2 of those long stair-like bench you normally see on a sports center facing each other.

Sandwiched between them is the actual training ground, the grass has been cut away clean.

There are what looks to be training dummies in the distance, I would assume it’s for magic practice?

Ahhh, we’re also not the only ones here.

There are people currently training, even when we were approaching I could already hear the sound of metal clashing with each other.

“Watch out!” (???)

When I looked at the direction of where the voice came from, I’m greeted by a huge fireball heading towards me direction.

I can’t move away in time!

I instinctively closed my eyes, but the heat never arrived.

When I slowly opened my eyes, Firana-oneesama was shielding my body.

On her hand was a giant sword, or rather a giant pair of scissors…..?

It’s size is comparable to a greatsword and it does look quite heavy but it’s in the shape of a pair of scissors.

The guy who called me out who I presumed was also the one who threw the fireball ran towards me, though his expression turns sour when he saw Firana-oneesama.

“Geh, I’ll just….” (???)

He slowly stepped away from us.

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“Ara? Do you want me to cut your clothes off and leave you naked again on our next training session?” (Firana)

Firana-oneesama was smiling but her eyes were not.

She looked scary…..

The guy slowly inched himself closer.

“Do you have anything to say?” (Firana)

“…..I’m sorry.” (???)

“Who are you apologizing to? Me?” (Firana)

Her voice clearly showed dissastisfaction.

He looked at me then bowed down his head with a worrying amount of force.

“I’m really sorry!” (???)

“No one was harmed so I am not particularly bothered. I will forgive you for what it is worth, though accidents like these happens all the time while training right? In fact, it is my fault that I was unable to react fast enough to protect myself so I apologize.” (Misa)

“…..A goddess.” (???)

“Ehhh?” (Misa)

He looked at me with worshipping eyes.

When he tried to walk closer to grab my hand, a giant scissor came in between us.

“Ara? When did I give you permission to touch her? Someone like you should not get carried away when someone shows you kindness.” (Firana)

She looked at him with eyes as if she’s looking at an insect, though her smile was still there which made it even scarier.

“Misa too. You should not be so forgiving in these situations. Stand your ground and be a bit angrier next time.” (Firana)

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“Y-Yes.” (Misa)

Why am I also getting scolded?

“A noble should hold their head high and punish those who makes mistakes, you should not forgive someone just because no one got hurt. If they went on and did it again, someone else could have gotten hurt.” (Firana)

“….But I am not….” (Misa)

“You are equivalent to a noble as long as you are in the noble course. That is why, not being a noble is not an excuse. Understand?” (Firana)

“Yes……” (Misa)

I was the victim here but for some reason I feel like I’m getting scolded more…..?

“A-Anyway, can you introduce this gentleman to me Firana-oneesama?” (Misa)

“He is hardly anywhere worthy near the word gentleman. This here is Lozaro.” (Firana)

She’s really harsh towards this guy isn’t she?

“ Ahhhh my goddess, allow me to once again offer my deepest apology.” (Lozaro)

Errr yea, this guy seems to be a pain to deal with.

“Firana-oneesama…..” (Misa)

I looked at her for help.

“He is a reliable person in battle, but a completely hopeless human being outside of it. Show him a bit of kindness and he will be your dog for life. It is best to ignore him, you will not get a lot of chance to meet him anyway since he is taking the commoner’s course.” (Firana)

I expected as such since he didn’t have a family name.

“Lozaro, continue on with your training.” (Firana)

“But I…..” (Lozaro)

“Did you not hear my word?” (Firana)

Probably feeling the pressure emanating from Firana-oneesama, Lozaro finally backed off and ran back towards the training ground.

Now that I noticed, the people on the training ground were looking at us this whole time, though they had the look as if this was a daily occurence.

“Ummm, If I may ask, how did Firana-oneesama got to know Lozaro?” (Misa)

“It was only a matter of coincidence. Combat class will sometimes do a joint class between the noble and commoner course. He was quite prideful for a commoner, though he had the strength to back it up. Back then he was able to beat quite a number of nobles in the mock battle. When my turn was up he underestimated me because I am a girl and ended up getting one-sidedly slaughtered.” (Firana)

“Is that…..” (Misa)

“Yes, it was when I first humiliated him in front of the public. I shred his clothes to pieces, forcing a forfeit.” (Firana)

Isn’t that going too far…..

“A commoner dared to mock me by showing me pity? Of course I was furious.” (Firana)

A noble’s pride is something I can’t understand, I guess.

From Lozaro side he was probably reluctant to hurt a girl but to Firana-oneesama, that only fueled her anger more.

I guess I can see how insulting it would be to be treated lightly like that, especially for someone as prideful as Firana-oneesama.

“He ended up challenging me a couple of times after, though of course he did not lose to me just because he let his guard down. I utterly humiliated him everytime we duel, I even added the condition that there has to be a certain number of people watching for me to accept his duel request.” (Firana)

Isn’t that just plain mean…..?

“After those consecutive losses, he became the hopeless man he is now. He was quite popular before he got beaten up by me, and his reputation only got worse and worse the more he challenged me. In the end, by the time he finally gave up his reputation was already broken beyond repair. He became the dog he is now, wagging his tail to whoever shows him kindness. He has troubled quite a lot of the 1st year and 2nd year students.” (Firana)

“…..So in conclusion, it is Firana-oneesama’s fault?” (Misa)

I can’t help but to voice my opinion.

“It was his fault for picking a fight with me in the first place. A commoner like him should know his place.” (Firana)

And Firana-oneesama denied it with all her might.

Haaahhh, as Firana-oneesama said, there shouldn’t be many opportunities for me to meet him since he’s a 3rd year and on a different course no less, unless I visit the training ground outside class time like today.

I mean, there’s always the possibility that he would come visit me on his own but he shouldn’t be that clueless right?


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