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Chapter 5

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Author: Gerazza Original Source: Scribble Hub

In the end I never managed to get an answer From El on where she obtained teleportation magic.

She would always dodge the question.

Though I’m worried, it doesn’t seem to be dangerous so I won’t force her to tell me if she doesn’t want to.

Still, of course I feel a tinge of jealousy seeing my sister using magic even though I myself won’t be learning it until the 2nd semester.

Anyway, onto another topic.

Maybe it’s indeed because of what Frillia said, but no one’s making a commotion despite yesterday and they’re acting pretty normally.

Though there’s another problem.

No one’s coming to talk to me……

I mean, I can feel a lot of gaze directed at me, but no one’s approaching me.

Should I be the one to approach them?

No, but how does one even start a conversation?

Uuuu, it’s impossible…..

In the end, I just laid down my head on the table, waiting for class to start.

Class ended uneventfully.

No, if I were to be honest, it’s too easy.

It’s like what you would teach to an elementary student, junior high if you’re really pushing the limit.

It’s not what I expected at least.

“Miiisaaaaaaa!!!!” (Frillia)

…..I expected this to happen but it still surprised me anyway.

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I noticed everyone flinched as Frillia slammed open the door.

More like, aren’t you the reason I’m getting isolated!?

Like last time, before I could argue she already dragged me along.

“Kanae, I don’t have any schedule for today, right?” (Frillia)

“Yes, your schedule is empty for the next 3 hours.” (Kanae)

“Good! I didn’t get my fair share of Misa yesterday after all.” (Frillia)

“Ummm, where are we going though…..?” (Misa)

Contrary to my expectation, we’re going in the opposite direction of the student council room.

“Hmmm? Ahhh, that’s right. We’re going to the training field. Aren’t you interested in magic?” (Frillia)

“I do, but……” (Misa)

“Hmmm? Ahhh yea, you aren’t supposed to learn combat and magic on the 1st semester. Well, it’ll be fine! We’re just watching anyway. Besides, aren’t you interested in seeing Gai being serious?” (Frillia)

“I would be lying if I say I’m not interested. Who’ll he be facing?” (Misa)

“A fellow 2nd year asked to spar with him. Gai’s famous to be quite strong, even on the other side.” (Frillia)

“In terms of strength alone he would be the most powerful student in our year. Well, on an actual fight though no one can beat Cure.” (Kanae)

I wanted to see him in that light, but I couldn’t properly imagine him like that considering his usual interactions with the student council members.

But even more surprisingly…..

“Cure is the strongest!?” (Misa)

“Indeed. Seeing how she usually acts you wouldn’t be able to tell but she’s strong enough to be given the privilege to not attend any of the combat or magic related classes.” (Kanae)

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“Ehhh? That much!?” (Misa)

“Yes, though it frustrates me, but if it’s related to fighting, then no one is more reliable than Cure. Well, she’s hopeless in practically everything else though.” (Frillia)

To think Cure is someone that amazing…..

Though the part about her being hopeless in everything else is quite easy to imagine.

Not long after, we arrived at the said training field.

No matter how I look at it though, isn’t this a colloseum?

Entering, I could feel a strange sensation on my skin.

“It’s the barrier placed here. It prevents any fatal injury from happening, though how it works is a complete mystery that only the creator himself, founder-sama knows.” (Frillia)

As if reading my mind, Frillia explained as such.

This founder-sama must be a really amazing person, considering everything about this academy revolves around his creations.

I would like to meet him one day.

“Have you ever met this founder-sama, Frillia?” (Misa)

“No I haven’t. I don’t think anyone but the headmaster knows who founder-sama is.” (Frillia)

Such a mysterious man.

When we arrived at the audience seat, it seems that Gai had already started fighting.

The guy he’s fighting againts seems to be pressuring him hard.

Gai’s face remained calm despite of that though.

Well, to be honest, their movement are a bit too fast for me to follow properly so maybe I’m just completely wrong with my analysis.

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Gai’s weapon of choice is a really large sword, to the point where it’s height was about the same as Gai, and yet he still carried it with only one hand.

The other guy used a standard-sized sword, so his movement was more nimble compared to Gai.

Gai looked at us and nodded.

In the next moment, he stopped being defensive and slam his sword to the guy, but the guy easily dodged.

After that though, the ground cracked and collapsed from Gai’s swing, making the guy lost balance.

Gai then took the opportunity and use his free hand to grab the guy’s hand and disarmed him, followed up by slamming him to the ground and stepping on him.

“I concede.” (Guy)

Surprisingly, his voice can be heard from here.

It’s probably magic doing it’s thing again.

Gai then joined us in the audience seat.

The moment he arrived, he got hit in the stomach by Frillia.

“Are you an idiot? Didn’t you see that Misa is with us? Why didn’t you use magic?” (Frillia)

“I didn’t have any flashy magics with me, only reinforcement, enchancement and healing magic. Even if I casted them she won’t be able to tell in a glance.” (Gai)

“Ahhh, I guess that’s true.” (Frillia)

I feel somewhat bad for Gai, Frillia and Cure seems to treat him very roughly.

But he doesn’t look like he mind it at all though.

“Guess I’ll be the one showing it to you then.” (Frillia)

Frillia took out her ID card.

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She showed the palm of her other hand and in the next moment, a small light appeared out of thin air, floating above her palm.

“It’s the least flashy and safest magic that I can show you. Most of my other magics are lethal.” (Frillia)

“Ermmm, is having your ID card in your hand a requirement to cast magic?” (Misa)

It would be unnatural for her to take it out all of the sudden like that if not.

“Well, you’ll learn it in common sense class but basically it’s a simplified version of magic. There’s a lot of ways to activate magic and one of the method is by drawing a magic circle then pouring your mana into it to activate magic. That’s where ID cards play it’s part. It can save magic circles in it, thus getting rid of the hassle of having to draw a magic circle.” (Frillia)

I don’t quite get it……

“But Gai, you used reinforcement magic while sparring right?” (Misa)

“Yea.” (Gai)

“But you were not holding your ID card then?” (Misa)

“Ahhh, it’s because of my sword. It’s a special device that acts similarly in terms of the magic save function that ID cards have. You can request in what shape you want it to be, like this sword of mine. Ahhh, but they’re quite pricy, the cheapest ones would be around millions of VP? Though those would be the low quality ones that can only store 2-3 magics at most. High quality ones that can store a lot of magic will cost a lot more. Not to mention if you have a direct clash weapon type device like me, a single maintenance fee will cost a few hundred thousands of VP. Adding the magics into the device itself would also cost quite a lot of VP depending on how strong the magic is.” (Gai)

So expensive……

“Well, as a first year you shouldn’t worry about personal devices too much. Even amongst the 2nd year there’s not a lot who has a personal device.” (Frillia)

Hearing the number of VP it costed, it felt so out of reach.

“How do you gain that much VP anyway?” (Misa)

“Do you remember what VP stands for?” (Frillia)

“Ermmm….. I don’t.” (Misa)

“It’s Value Points. Basically anything that you do in the other side will earn you a lot more VP than what you could get here. The most basic way to gain it is by finishing a quest from the adventurer’s guild and bringing the proof of your accomplishment here. You can also trade their currency into VP and vice versa. Well, there’s a lot of ways to earn VP, let’s just keep it at that.” (Frillia)

So it’s basically not something I could do until I actually reach 2nd year.

After that, we went to a nearby cafe and chatted around until it’s time for Frillia to go.

Of course, Kanae and Gai came along with her.

Surprisingly, I haven’t seen Cure at all today.

My sister also sent me a message that she’ll be having a sleepover with her friends so I don’t need to prepare dinner for her.

I’m a bit worried, but well, I believe that El won’t do anything dangerous.

She’s exceedingly smart for someone her age anyway.

I don’t have anything to do…..

This is the first time since I came here that I have some time alone with nothing to do.

I exited the cafe and walked around aimlessly.

Haaahhhh, what am I supposed to do now?

I’m not the type of person who can just lie around at home doing nothing.

And I have no friends I could hang out with.

This is actually the rare occasion where I wish Cure is here.

“Ahhh, Misa!” (Girl)

When I looked behind, a girl with black hair and similarly black eyes was waving her hand towards me direction.

I don’t know who she is.

No wait, her face seems familiar…..

Yea, I’ve definitely seen her in my class, but I wasn’t paying attention when everyone was introducing themselves so I don’t know the name of any of my classmate.

She walked to me.

“What’re you doing in town walking alone, Misa?” (Girl)

“Ummm, my prior engagement got canceled so I have nothing to do.” (Misa)

“Ahhh! I’m the same. Wanna hang out?” (Girl)

“Sure. I would welcome the company.” (Misa)

And somehow I’m hanging out with a girl who’s name I don’t even know.

No wait, there’s a way!

“Ummm, want to exchange contact adress before that?” (Misa)

“Ahhh yea! We totally should! Here, my card.” (Girl)

So her name is Rurune.

“So, Rurune…..” (Misa)

“Ahhh, just Ru is fine.” (Rurune)

“Ru then. Where should we go?” (Misa)

“Hmmm, I dunno. Where do you want to go Misa?” (Rurune)

“I have nowhere in particular that I want to go though….. How about you Ru?” (Misa)

“same as you. Let’s see, if both of us have nowhere we want to go, wanna just chat around in a cafe?” (Rurune)

Cafe once again, huh?

Not that I have anything to complain.

“Sure!” (Misa)

She then took out her ID card and looked at the map.

“Let’s see, there’s one nearby here but since it’s nearby the school it’s probly packed full. There’s one a bit further away, close to the housing area. You wanna just go there instead?” (Rurune)

“I live in the housing area anyway so I don’t mind.” (Misa)

With that decided, we walked towards the said cafe near the housing area.

“Still, you live in the housing area huh? I’m so jealous. It sounds totally cool, living alone independently. I wanted to do so too but then I got reminded on how horrible I am with housework.” (Rurune)

“I’m not living alone there though. I came here with my little sister. Well, I’m still the one doing the housework though.” (Misa)

“So it’s like that. How nice….. Maybe I should take you as my wife and live with you.” (Rurune)

Her pace of conversation is all over the place!

Where did that come from!?

“W-Well, I don’t think I can be your wife but if it’s staying over for tonight, then I can accomodate you. My sister is having a sleepover with her friends today after all.” (Misa)

“Ahhh really!? I’ll accept your offer then.” (Rurune)

Soon enough, we arrived at the cafe.

Since I was already full from when I hung out with Frillia, I only ordered a glass of ice chocolate.

Or more like, I was fed way too much by Frillia!

“Hmmmm…..” (Rurune)

Ru is staring at the menu intently though.

“Having trouble deciding?” (Misa)

“The strawberry parfait looks really good….. But still…..” (Rurune)

“Why not buy it then?” (Misa)

“I’ll get fat! I’ve been eating way too many sweets ever since I came here. Besides, I’m already running low on VP……” (Rurune)

“I’ll order the strawberry parfait please.” (Misa)

Before she could argue, I paid for the orders and pulled her to an empty seat.

“My treat. Also, we can split it up if you’re worried about your weight.” (Misa)

“Ehhh, then let me at least pay for half of it.” (Rurune)

“Don’t mind it. I don’t have any problem with my VP anyway.” (Misa)

Or more like, I can splurge however much I want if it’s only this much.

Though personal devices would be way out of reach, if it’s only for daily neccesities I have way more than enough.

“I’ll definitely repay you!” (Rurune)

“Like I said, I don’t mind. Or more like, would you really be okay? It’s still 2 weeks until we get our monthly VP you know?” (Misa)

“If you live in the dorm you get breakfast and dinner for free, so if I skip my lunch, I should be fine!” (Rurune)

No, why are you showing a smug face here?

Ahhhh, I can’t help but worry if she’s like this!

Maybe I should cook up something for her tommorow.

“What did you even spend most of those VP on anyway?” (Misa)

“There’s this really cute outfit I found yesterday so I used my VP to buy it.” (Rurune)

So irresponsible…..

“Are you really going to be okay? You know that if we run out of VP……” (Misa)

“Ahhh, that whole thing about the slavery? Yea, I know. Well, all should be fine, I’ll manage somehow!” (Rurune)

No, even if you show me a smug face like that, it won’t convince me you know?

“Ahhh more importantly, do you believe about what Ran-sensei said yesterday?” (Rurune)

“I mean, she forced us to believe with that magic she used.” (Misa)

Not to mention Frillia just showed me magic directly a few hours ago, no matter how small it was.

“Hmmm, maybe I worded it wrongly. Have you accept the whole condition about us being erased from the memory of the people who knew us?” (Rurune)

“There’s no other way but to accept it.” (Misa)

“As I thought, it’s like that, huh?” (Rurune)

“What do you mean?” (Misa)

“Believe it or not, I think everyone that came to this academy are those that have special circumstances.” (Rurune)

Her face is completely serious.

“Why do you think so? What do you mean by that?” (Misa)

“I’ve also been asking around the same questions to everyone else. There’s one thing that’s similar amongst all the answers I get. There’s no face that showed remorse or regret, everyone accepted it without a second thought.” (Rurune)

She deduced it that far?

“Could it be, Ru is actually smart!?” (Misa)

“What kind of impression did you have!?” (Rurune)

“Ahhh sorry, I accidently voiced my thought.” (Misa)

Still, if she deduced it that far, then it’s probably fine for me to tell what Frillia told me.

“Ummm, actually Ru……” (Misa)

I told her about what Frillia had told me.

She listened to it attentively.

“So my guess was right.” (Rurune)

She took a bite out of the parfait while still having a serious face.

Seems like she’s thinking about it a lot.

“If that’s the case, then I guess it would be rude to ask about how everyone’s life are before coming here.” (Rurune)

“Yes, that’s what Fri-….. The student council president said too.” (Misa)

She seems to be deep in thought, though her hand doesn’t stop moving from taking scoop after scoop of the parfait.

“Well, enough of that serious stuffs! It won’t change the fact that it was my decision to come here myself. Besides, I don’t have any regret either~” (Rurune)

Her mood swing is way too quick!

“Ahhh, I almost forgot. Here, aahhnnn.” (Rurune)

She took a scoop of the parfait and pointed it to me.

It’s so embarassing to be doing this…..

She doesn’t seem like she would back down either.

I took a quick bite at the spoon she presented.

It’s really good.

The right amount of sourness from the strawberry to counter the sweetness of the ice cream.

“It’s good isn’t it? Here, another.” (Rurune)

I took another bite.

“Hehe, your face is so cute when eating.” (Rurune)

“What?” (Misa)

“Nothing. Was just talking to myself.” (Rurune)

We continued to chat around until it got dark.

As promised, she’ll be sleeping over in my house today.

Thinking about it again, inviting a girl over to my house despite the fact that I’m a boy was a pretty thoughtless move.

But by the time I realized it, it was already too late.

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