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Author: Gerazza Original Source: Scribble Hub

“Hoh, so it’s like that.” (Vecto)

“Un. So can El get VP if El works as the princess’ personal guard?” (Cielle)

“Yes, though I guess I do have to give it a value first, since I didn’t expect anyone becoming a princess’ personal guard. I’ll arrange it later. You already know where the report center is, right?” (Vecto)

“Un. Cure-neechan told El where it is.” (Cielle)

El occasionally trained with Cure-neechan whenever she’s free.

Cure-neechan doesn’t look like she has any restraint when teaching, but El never really got injured while training with Cure-neechan whether it be hunting or sparring, so she’s most likely watching El out in her own way.

It doesn’t change the fact that training with Cure-neechan had always been very exhausting though, but El indeed learn a lot from Cure-neechan.

“Then you should already know the procedures. As I mentioned, I’ll handle the registration later so check back there in around a week.” (Vecto)

“Thank you. Then, El will be going.” (Cielle)

“Right. Take care.” (Vecto)

El teleported back home to El’s room.

After changing clothes, El lay down on the bed.

El felt tired from teleporting 3 times in 1 day but since El has more mana than when El was first given this magic by Vecto-jii, El can still manage.

El had inform Vecto-jii about becoming the princess’ private guard but El hasn’t really decided whether El should take the job or not.

Being in an influental position like that would reward El with lots of VP so El won’t have to burden Nee anymore.

Still, working as a guard would mean El will have to stick close with the princess for a long period of time right?

Then El’s time with Nee would decrease even more.


El took out a candy from the drawer next to El’s bed.

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Un, it should be dinner time soon but a candy wouldn’t hurt.

While savoring the sweet flavor in El’s mouth, El tried to come up with a solution.

A way for El to take the job but not reduce time spent with Nee…..

Cay-jii mentioned that the king can see through lies like El, if that’s true then El can use that to El’s advantage.

El started scribbling down a bunch of plans on a piece of paper.

After a few minutes, Nee’s voice can be heard from downstairs calling El so El stopped and ran down.

Nee is El’s number one priority after all, everything else can come later.

The next day, after having breakfast with Nee, El teleported to Anaria and headed straight towards the knight’s training ground.

It didn’t take long for El to reach it.

It’s not the first time El came here, Cure-neechan brought El here quite often after all.

Speaking of Cure-neechan…..

“Ahhh El~ Did you come to play~? I’m currently busy since a certain blockhead pushed some troublesome task to me~” (Cure)

The first person El met when entering was Cure-neechan.

Cure-neechan said she was busy but she’s currently just sitting down in a chair with a cup of tea on her hand.

Un, El will not question it.

“El had another business today. Ummm, Cay-jii said it’ll be fine if El just showed this.” (Cielle)

El took out the knife given to El.

“Ahhh, that knife~ So that blockhead finally went so far as to target children~? I guess it’s my job to protect El and bash his skull open then~” (Cure)

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Cure-neechan said some disturbingly scary words the moment she saw the knife.

“Cure-neechan…..” (Cielle)

El explained the reason El came here today.

“So it’s like that~ Alright, I’ll guide you there personally~” (Cure)

El obediently followed Cure-neechan.

After arriving in front of a room, Cure-neechan knocked……a bit too hard on the door and it ended up being sent flying inside.

“OYYY CURE!” (Cayle)

A scream came from inside the room.

“Hmmmm~? Why do you look so angry~? You said to knock on the door before entering right~?” (Cure)

Hearing that, Cay-jii heaved out a long sigh.

“Haaaahhhhh, never mind. I did push my troubles to you. So, what did you come here for?” (Cayle)

“Here, I believe you called her here right~?” (Cure)

El entered the room.

“Ahhh, Cielle. Have you made your decision?” (Cayle)

“Un. But El has several conditions. El will discuss further when El meets with the king.” (Cielle)

“Is that so? Well, I shall escort you to the castle then.” (Cayle)

“You better protect her properly, okay~? Or else I might come flying into the castle personally~” (Cure)

“Please don’t joke on that. It doesn’t sound like a joke when you’re the one saying it.” (Cayle)

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El agreed with Cay-jii in El’s mind.

With Cay-jii leading the way, El headed towards the castle.

It’s not hard to find the castle since it’s really big.

It’s visible even from outside the town.

The guards at the gate didn’t even stop El when entering the castle.

It’s probably because Cay-jii is holding El’s hand.

The castle was as big inside as it looked from outside.

After a lot of twists and turns, We arrived in front of a really big and majestic door, there were 4 guards in front of it.

“Cayle Ridist, commander of the 1st knight order. I have come to meet the king.” (Cayle)

With a dignified voice, Cay-jii proclaimed so.

“Understood, let me inform the king first.” (Knight)

One of the knight entered the room and came back out after a few moments.

“You may proceed.” (Knight)

The knight made way for us.

Surprisingly, they were not looking at El.

El thought El would get stopped.

The room we came into was a majestic room with a throne at the end.

Sitting on top is who El assume to be the king.

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In El’s imagination, the king would be older but he looks like someone in his 30s.

Of course, El doesn’t voice this thought.

Looking around the room, surprisingly the room is empty.

“Cayle Ridist, reporting in.” (Cayle)

Cay-jii gallantly kneeled in front of the king.

El followed behind and lowered El’s head.

“Enough with the formalities. We’re the only ones here after all. It would be easier on the little girl too that way.” (King)

The king brushed it aside and said so.

“Yes.” (Cayle)

Cay-jii got back up to his feet.

El also raised El’s head and looked at the king again.

“Let me introduce myself. I am Rinalgis Swordia, the current king of this kingdom.” (Rinalgis)

“El’s name is Cielle. Pardon El if El’s speech comes off as rude.” (Cielle)

“Umu. That is understandable.” (Rinalgis)

The king shifted his gaze to Cay-jii.

“So this is the girl you were talking about, Cayle?” (Rinalgis)

“Yes. I have not personally seen everything she has to offer but she is definitely strong enough to protect the princess from your average attacker.” (Cayle)

“Hooohhh.” (Rinalgis)

His eyes then shifted back to El.

“And you being here means you accept the job, Cielle?” (Rinalgis)

“Un, but El has some conditions.” (Cielle)

“Conditions, you say?” (Rinalgis)

He narrowed his eyes, probably trying to figure out what El was thinking.

“Un. First of all, it may be rude for El to ask, but can your majesty really see through lies?” (Cielle)

“Hoh, did Cayle told you that? Indeed, that is true.” (Rinalgis)

He’s not lying.

So the king really does have the same blessing as El.

“Then, El will say this to start with. El can also see through lies.” (Cielle)

He raised his eyebrows, but didn’t refute.

Since the king can see through lies like El, then he should know that El is telling the truth.

“For what reason would you tell me this?” (Rinalgis)

“So we can talk on equal grounds. El has something El need to discuss with your majesty before accepting the job.” (Cielle)

“You have my attention. What do you want to discuss?” (Rinalgis)

“El is a crosser.” (Cielle)

El has to get this out of the way first.

It’ll only be troublesome if it gets found out later, there’s no real reason to hide it anyway.

“I see. Though you are not from this kingdom, as long as you swore to not bring harm to this kingdom then there is no problem regarding that.” (Rinalgis)

“That’s not all. The next thing El about to say, can your majesty promise that it’ll not leak out to anyone else?” (Cielle)

“I cannot promise that if you are going to work here. I can only say I will inform you on who I will tell depending on what you will tell me. I will keep the spread of information to a bare minimum if it is something that I judged best to be kept a secret.” (Rinalgis)

Un, as expected, complete secrecy is impossible.

But El can’t set up El’s condition without mentioning this so there’s no other way.

“Then please keep this a secret as much as your majesty can. El can use teleportation magic.” (Cielle)

This time not just the king, but Cay-jii too looked at El puzzled.

The king has a troubled expression since he know that El isn’t lying.

“Teleportation, you say?” (Rinalgis)

“Un. El will demonstrate.” (Cielle)

It feels like a waste to be using teleportation magic like this, but it’s important to prove the point El’s making.

El took out Mel and pulled the trigger.

In an instant, El teleported to the corner of the room.

The king and Cay-jii looked at El with a surprised look.

“Cayle, that is…..” (Rinalgis)

“That is definitely not high speed movement. I would have seen it if so.” (Cayle)

They’re still looking at El, amazed.

El walked back to where El was before.

“Can the king believe El now?” (Cielle)

“Y-Yes. But why would you tell me something important like this?” (Rinalgis)

“It’s for the condition that El wants to talk about.” (Cielle)

“Umu, I will judge if it is acceptable or not after hearing it.” (Rinalgis)

The king seems to have gotten back his composure.

“Un. As El mentioned, El is a crosser. El’s home is on earth and El has a big sister there. El wants your majesty to prepare a room for El to teleport to so El can come to the castle in the morning and go back home in the evening. El also wants flexibility in El’s schedule in case El has to spend time with Nee.” (Cielle)

“Hmmm…..” (Rinalgis)

“El know that this is unreasonable request for a job as a guard but El can’t back down on these conditions.” (Cielle)

El’s number one priority is Nee after all.

The king fell deep in thoughts.

After a few moment, he looked like he came to a conclusion.

“That is fine, I will permit it.” (Rinalgis)

El breathed a sigh of relief inside El’s head.

“Is that all you have to discuss with me?” (Rinalgis)

“Yes.” (Cielle)

“Then I will explain further in detail on your work. You will be working as the 2nd princess, Asakura Swordia’s personal maid on the surface.” (Rinalgis)


“El has no experience of working as a maid though.” (Cielle)

“I will provide someone to teach you about the basics. You will also be studying further on how to become a proper maid when you are not tending to Asakura. Are you fine with that?” (Rinalgis)

“Un, El has no problem with it.” (Cielle)

There’s no real demerit, it’ll serve as a good experience for El.

“I will provide an empty room as you requested. As for who I will be telling about your teleportation magic, my family and Cayle who has been listening to this discussion, as well as a maid of my own choosing who will be helping you on settling in. That will be the only ones I will share your secret to.” (Rinalgis)

“Un, El is fine with that.” (Cielle)

“Finally, do you swear to protect the 2nd princess with all your might?” (Rinalgis)

The king looked at El seriously.

“Yes, El will put the 2nd princess’ safety third, below Nee and El.” (Cielle)

That’s as far as El can promise.

The king nodded, probably seeing that El isn’t lying.

With that, El’s day as Asa-hime’s personal maid started.

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