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Author: Gerazza Original Source: Scribble Hub

Today El is going out with Nee.

Asa-hime was busy with her classes today so El had the free time.

When El teleported to Nee’s room, it seems that Nee was planning to go shopping with Fira-nee.

El ended up coming along.

On the way, El fell asleep on Nee’s laps.

Un, being close to Nee really calmed El’s heart.

The shopping trip ended quite fast with Fira-nee doing all the shopping alone.

El and Nee didn’t join in since this is a shop more catered towards nobles, so El and Nee left it all to Fira-nee.

After the shopping trip, Fira-nee asked if there’s anywhere we would like to go too.

El and Nee couldn’t think of a place so Fira-nee decided our next destination.

El had a place in mind, but it’s not a place El would want to bring Nee to.

In the end we went to a restaurant that Fira-nee picked.

Most likely out of consideration for El, Fira-nee rented a private room instead of eating publicly.

Un, El hadn’t learn any table manners after all.

El is slowly learning table manners since it’s attached to El’s maid training though.

“By the way El, can you tell me the story of how you got recruited as the princess’ personal maid?” (Firana)

“Ahhh that’s right. Nee wants to know too.” (Misa)

Un, such perfect timing, just as El was thinking about it.

Fira-nee can sometimes be scary, but she wasn’t lying when she told that she didn’t want to hurt El.

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She also seems to be taking care of Nee too at school so El can’t see Fira-nee as a bad person.

“Un, got it.” (Cielle)

El started reminiscing back to when it all started.

El didn’t find any worthwhile quest that day so El was just walking around the town.

“Stop him!” (Knight)

El heard a sudden scream from behind.

When El looked behind, a carriage was heading to El’s way at full speed.

The driver didn’t even had the slightest intention of slowing down or stopping, he probably planned to ram El over.

There were knights chasing the carriage.

“Watch out!” (Knight)

The knight seemed to have noticed that El was in the way but there was no way mister knight would get to El in time.

Un, standing out is bad, but getting injured and worrying Nee is worse.

El took out Mel and put in magazine #2 inside.

With a pull of a trigger, El activated physical enchantment magic and jumped over the carriage.

Midair, El took out Nel and put in magazine #3 and pulled the trigger.

Below the carriage, the ground started to freeze rapidly.

With each step, their movement slowed down more and more and in the end, the horses’ feet and the carriage’s wheel got frozen in place as the icy ground.

El swapped magazine #2 with #4 and shoot out sleep magic, the driver fell asleep without resistance.

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Swapping magazine #3 with #9, El shoot out wind magic on the ground below El.

El landed back safely without any injury.

Un, the knights were still running towards El.

Should El teleport away?

Muuu, El would rather walk around town a bit more since El have the free time but it doesn’t look like that’s possible.

Guess El have no choice.

Just as El was thinking that, El immediately jumped forward and shoot out a quick firebolt.

The person standing behind El brushed it aside like it was nothing.

“Errr, sorry for sneaking up to you.” (Knight)

A big muscly old looking knight was there before El even noticed.

Un, El is not experienced enough it seems, to be sneaked up upon like that.

“Commander!” (Knight)

The knights that were chasing the carriage finally caught up and they all immediately lowered their heads with a worrying amount of force to the old knight that sneaked up on El.

So he’s a knight commander.

“YOU IDIOTS!” (Knight Commander)

The knight commander changed his expression from the gentle one he was giving El to a scary one.

“Everyone better prepare to get retrained from scratch! I’ll be sending everyone here to the 2nd knight order for a month.” (Knight Commander)

“Ehhhh, a month!?” (Knights)

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The knights looked worried when the 2nd knight order was mentioned.

“UNDERSTAND!?” (Knight Commander)

“Y-YES, UNDERSTOOD.” (knights)

…..Un, it was quite an interesting show.

Just as El was thinking about teleporting away, the knight commander turned towards El.

“Ummm, Jou-chan? If you don’t mind, can we talk for a bit first? I want to apologize for putting Jou-chan in danger due to my knights’ negligence.” (Knight Commander)

He’s showing his gentle ojii-san face again.

It’s quite amazing to be able to change not just his expression, but the aura surrounding him in an instant like that.

His intimidating air vanished as if it was never there in the first place.

“Un. El don’t mind. Shouldn’t Ojii-san checked the carriage to make sure whoever inside is fine?” (Cielle)

El stopped the carriage suddenly in its track after all.

“The princess should be fine. Jou-chan stopped the carriage quite gently after all.” (Knight Commander)

“So Ojii-san has been watching this entire time. Then Ojii-san should’ve stepped in earlier and stopped it himself.” (Cielle)

There’s no way he wasn’t capable of doing that much.

“I was indeed planning to step in after observing a little bit more, but Jou-chan ended up stopping the carriage all by herself.” (Knight Commander)

Un, El planned to just jump out of the way but it looked like a clear attempt of kidnapping no matter how El saw it, so El ended up stopping it in the end.

Nee would do the same after all.

“I was observing how my new recruits would handle the situation but ended up putting Jou-chan in danger because of that. Once again, I apologize.” (Knight Commander)

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“Un. El don’t mind. Now, if you’ll excuse El…..” (Cielle)

“Ahhh wait!” (Knight Commander)

He stopped El just as El was about to pull the trigger once more.

“Can you come with me? I have something to discuss.” (Knight Commander)

“El in trouble?” (Cielle)

“No, it’s the exact opposite. I want to thank you for your help and request something. Let’s talk at that cafe, we can rent a room so we can talk more freely. it’ll be my treat.” (Knight Commander)

He’s not lying.

“El getting kidnapped?” (Cielle)

“No! Ahhh wait, suddenly inviting such a small child to talk alone with a guy my age, it does look like a normal case of kidnapping. Ahhh, I’m not a bad person, no wait, that’s what all bad people would say….” (Knight Commander)

Ojii-san looked flustered.

“Un, fine. Ojii-san doesn’t plan on hurting El right?” (Cielle)

“Of course not!” (Knight Commander)

“Then it’s fine. El can spare a bit of time.” (Cielle)

El doesn’t have anything to do anyway, and El was just getting hungry.

“That would save me the trouble.” (Knight Commander)

With that, we rented a private room at the cafe he pointed at.

It seems like Ojii-san is a regular at this place, the employees here seems familliar with him.

“Order anything you like. It’s the least I can do.” (Knight Commander)

“Then, El will not hold back.” (Cielle)

El ignored the price and ordered whatever looked good.

Ojii-san is the knight commander right?

He shouldn’t have a problem economically.

“Then once again, let me introduce myself. I’m Cayle Ridist, the commander of the 1st knight order.” (Cayle)

“El is Cielle.” (Cielle)

“Cielle is it? I know this is sudden but would you like to work as a personal guard to the princess you just saved?” (Cayle)

Is Cay-jii joking?

No, he’s not lying.

“Un, it may be strange for El to say this but is it really fine to hire a complete stranger to guard someone like the princess?” (Cielle)

“…..Let’s see, we’ll still have to go through the formalities and go talk about it to the king.” (Cayle)

“Don’t talk as if El accepted the job. It sounds troublesome so El will pass.” (Cielle)

Besides, working as a guard sounds time-consuming, so El wouldn’t be able to spend as much time with Nee if so.

“Besides, why ask someone like El?” (Cielle)

There should be plenty of capable people working at the castle, or at least El would assume so.

“I can’t reveal too much until you accept the job but to put it simply, the princess is around Cielle’s age and she doesn’t like adults guarding her. If someone like Cielle who’s strong and around her age could be around to guard her, then it’ll let the king have a peace in mind.” (Cayle)

“El will ask again, but is it really fine to hire a complete stranger to guard someone like the princess?” (Cielle)

The reason may be reasonable but if El’s a bad person, El can just teleport away with the princess.

Well, not like Cay-jii knows that El can teleport.

“It should be fine. The king has a blessing that lets him see through lies so hiring someone suspicious is impossible. Well, that’s also the reason we need to talk about it with the king before the decision is made.” (Cayle)

…..Cay-jii, is it really fine to tell something like that to El?

That sounds like something that should be kept a secret.

But still, a blessing that lets the king sees through lies, the same kind as El then?

“What if El doesn’t pass the interview? Wouldn’t El be in danger?” (Cielle)

“It’s fine. If it comes down to it, I’ll personally raise my hand and ensure your safety.” (Cayle)

…..That’s unexpected.

Cay-jii wasn’t lying when he said that, which means he would raise his hand againts the king’s decision if it comes down to it.

But the problem remains, El don’t have any reason to accept.

Though as highly valued as it may be in this world, working as the princess’ personal guard will not benefit El in any way.

…..Highly valued…..?

Wouldn’t this give El VP then?

El will have to ask Vecto-jii first.

“Give El a bit of time to consider.” (Cielle)

“Hmmm, I guess that’s reasonable. It’s quite a big decision to make after all. You can come to the knight’s training ground and show this to someone around. I’ll come and pick you up.” (Cayle)

Cay-jii handed El a ceremonial knife, or at least El assume it is with how much decorations on it.

“Un, until then.” (Cielle)

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