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Chapter 20

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Author: Gerazza Original Source: Scribble Hub

“An unfamiliar face….. Are you the crosser who will be studying here for the next 3 months?” (Girl)

Entering, a girl that looked around my age was there.

“Ahhh yes. My name is Misa, I apologize for my lack of manner.” (Misa)

“I am Firana Selesia, the 2nd daughter of the Selesia family. I will be the one taking care of you for the next 3 months, I do hope we can get along.” (Firana)

“Likewise, I hope I won’t be a burden.” (Misa)

She seems like a nice person.

“Let me guide you to our room.” (Firana)

“Ehhh? Our?” (Misa)

“It is a rule in this dorm. 1st and 3rd year have to share a room together. Maids are not allowed and living in the dorm is mandatory, so as to not leave pampered children without a guide, this room sharing rule was established. You are a 1st year, right?” (Firana)

“Y-Yes.” (Misa)

“I am a 3rd year. Those who are younger than me usually calls me Firana-oneesama so feel free to do so too.” (Firana)

She said that with a really kind smile.

Muuu, why do I feel like she’s a different version of Cure?

She’s looking at me with anticipation.

Ahhh mou!

“…..Firana-oneesama.” (Misa)

“Yes!” (Firana)

Haaahhhh, she seems kind, but just from that exchange I’m already feeling mental fatigue.

The room she guided me to is not what I expected from a dorm bedroom.

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The usual image would be small, plain, and minimalistic, this is the complete opposite of those things.

Haaahhhh, I had some expectation that it would be normal but I guess this is a dorm for noble children after all, though they’re pushed to try and live independently without the help of their maids, they won’t push them to live like a commoner.

But still…..

“Are there not too many dolls here…..?” (Misa)

They’re everywhere, on the floor, table, dresser, sofa, I can’t even see the bed cause it’s completely covered by dolls. [Author’s Note: the dolls mentioned here falls more in line in the category of plushies. They’re not those dress up dolls made out of plastic but plushie dolls made from soft materials.]

“They are all quite cute, are they not? I personally had them brought here. Students are allowed to decorate their own room.” (Firana)

They are, but there’s way too many!

There’s easily over 100 dolls in this room, varying in shapes and sizes.

I picked one up from the ground.

Unnn, it’s really soft.

Even if I fall in this room, I won’t get hurt with all these dolls acting as cushion.

Well, the main reason I would fall in the first place would be because I tripped over these dolls though…..

Firana-oneesama skillfully walked forward, not stepping on a single doll.

I tried to follow her path, but immediately stumbled, though Firana-oneesama caught me before I fell.

“Do be careful and watch your steps.” (Firana)

No, I tried to do so but there’s just way too much dolls in the way!

Firana-oneesama helped me navigate through the room.

We both sat on the sofa with a doll on our lap.

The doll I’m currently holding is a teddy bear.

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It’s big enough that I would have trouble lifting it with one hand, if I were to lie down on the ground and this doll be put on top of me, my body would completely be covered up.

I’m hugging it on it’s neck.

I feel some disturbing gaze from the one sitting next to me though.

When I looked at her, she immediately pretended she was not looking.

“Your dresses and uniform had arrived before you came. They are all in that dresser over there.” (Firana)

“Yes, I understand.” (Misa)

I’m quite curious what the uniform in this school looks like.

“Are you curious?” (Firana)

“Ehhh?” (Misa)

“Even though your mannerism and etiquette seems to be quite well-trained, your face is easy to read. I do heard that there is no nobility in the world where crossers came from, so hiding one’s true intention under a mask would not be so common after all.” (Firana)

Is my face really that easy to read…..

“It is indeed.” (Firana)

As if reading my mind, Firana-oneesama replied.

“Muuu, I would never let that happen if I have my guards up.” (Misa)

At least I believed so.

“Then Misa trusts me enough to let her guard down right? That makes me happy.” (Firana)

Well, if you put it like that…..

If someone were to ask if I’m on guard with Firana or not, then I would have to say no.

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I can’t imagine her being a bad person.

Though hearing myself out, even I myself feel like I’m way too trusting towards others.

“A-Anyway, Firana-oneesama said that the 1st year and 3rd year students will share a room right? What about the 2nd year?” (Misa)

I tried to divert the topic.

“2nd year students will be sharing room with those of the same grade. 1st year students’ main goal is to learn from the 3rd year. The 2nd year will then try to live with each other without any guidance. Then once you become a 3rd year, you learn how to guide. That is the kind of system implemented on this dorm.” (Firana)

“Though the 2nd year only has to have even number of students, won’t pairing the 1st year and 3rd year be difficult?” (Misa)

I can’t imagine the 1st year and 3rd year having the same number of students every year.

“When there is more 1st year students than the 3rd year students, some of the 3rd year students will share room with 2 1st year students. In the case where it is the other way around, then some of the 3rd year students would not get someone to guide. This year, the latter is the case. I was not given any junior to guide.” (Firana)

“Ummm, I apologize for taking Firana-oneesama’s personal time and space.” (Misa)

“On the contrary, I am quite happy that Misa came. I have always been jealous when my friends bragged about their junior.” (Firana)

I could only see it as being bothersome though.

“I am also quite glad that Misa is unlike most other crossers.” (Firana)

“Ehhh?” (Misa)

“Other than a few exceptions, I can only see the other crossers as an unruly bunch, lacking in manner and etiquette. I suppose it is to be expected from a world full of commoners.” (Firana)

Her words are a bit harsh, aren’t they?

She’s basically mocking our side.

Probably noticing what I’m thinking, she patted my head.

“I apologize if I were to sound rude saying that. Maybe my opinion is a bit one-sided since I had a bad experience with a crosser in the past.” (Firana)

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“A bad experience?” (Misa)

“A crosser had visited my father’s territory before. Holiday just started so I went back to see my father. We heard that a horde of monsters were spotted near our town. When I headed out with my father and the knights to subjugate them, the said crosser arrogantly said to stand back and let him handle it on his own.” (Firana)

“Ehhh?” (Misa)

“He also rudely said that we would only be a burden to him. Though I do understand that crossers are quite powerful, calling those who wanted to help you a burden, I can only see that as rude.” (Firana)

Ehhh, did he really say that?

“Those monsters are on our territory and they threaten the safety of our people, It is only natural for us to go. Reluctantly, we conceded and let him do what he wanted, but he did not even subjugate the monsters. We had to fight the monsters way closer to town than we had planned, and there were far more casualties than if we were to follow our original plan. Miraculously no one died but the battle itself would not have been so desperate if we were not so close to the town, since we had to make sure no monsters passed through us.” (Firana)

“…..And the said crosser?” (Misa)

“We could not find a trace of him. He either fled or died, though I personally hope it was the latter.” (Firana)

“…..I apologize on behalf of all crossers on this incident.” (Misa)

“It is fine. Just as not all nobles are good people, the same can be said to the crossers. Though because of that incident, it has been hard for me to accept the existence of crossers thus far.” (Firana)

If something like that happened, then it’s only natural to feel that way towards us.

He acted arrogantly and put Firana and the people from her town in danger.

I don’t know what it’s like to hold the responsibility of a whole town, but if someone were to put El in danger, I also wouldn’t forgive them.

“It is fine. I know Misa is different. Yuusha-sama is also a crosser and he did save this world. I know that not all crossers are bad, but I cannot have a good impression on most crossers because of that one incident.” (Firana)

I wonder if that guy is still alive?

I want to know the reason he would do something so outrageous.

Even if he is, I don’t know his appearance and I don’t plan on asking Firana-oneesama on the details of such a bad experience like that.

“No need to worry about it. Misa being here is already changing my perception of crossers bit by bit.” (Firana)

“Then I would be glad if I can change it completely when our time together is over.” (Misa)

“I personally wish for Misa to not leave though.” (Firana)

No, what troublesome thing is she saying now?

“As expected, something like that is……” (Misa)

“Is it really impossible?” (Firana)

She had a dangerous glint in her eyes.

“…..I also have a younger sister I have to take care of…..” (Misa)

“No need to mind that, I will accomodate you both, even more so if she is as cute as Misa.” (Firana)

“No, I cannot hope to impose on Firana-oneesama’s kindness like that, it would be rude of me to do so.” (Misa)

“It would be even ruder to decline when the person in question requested it herself, would it not?” (Firana)

She’s using the same argument as Leon!

Geez, are all nobles like this!?

“I-I am feeling a bit hungry.” (Misa)

“Fufu, diverting the conversation, I guess we can leave it at that for today. It is about time for dinner too. I will guide you to the dining room.” (Firana)

Not even a day has passed and I already feel like going home.

Haaahhhh, can I really survive 3 months here…..?

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