Chapter 6

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Author: Gerazza Original Source: Scribble Hub

…..What the hell did I do?

Why did I invited her over to my house?

Uuuu, I got caught up in her pace……

I can’t blame anyone but myself for this.

Moreover, Ru didn’t show any restraint despite the fact that we’ve only known each other for such a short amount of time.

She’s being overly-familiar, geez.

“Whoaaa Misa, where did you learn how to cook!? This is really delicious!” (Rurune)

“Slow down, the food won’t go anywhere.” (Misa)

You’ll choke if you eat that fast!

She slowed down but it’s still at a really high pace.

Besides, didn’t you say you were afraid to get fat!?

Your words and your actions don’t seem to match.

“Anyway, it’s mostly self-study.” (Misa)

“You became so good at cooking on your own? Misa, you’re amazing!” (Rurune)

It’s embarassing when you just give an honest compliment directly like that….

She continued to eat vigorously.

Before long, she already finished her plate.

“Haaahhhh, that’s good. Thanks for the food Misa.” (Rurune)

“Glad you like it.” (Misa)

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Since I didn’t had much I finished earlier than her.

I cleaned up the table then washed the dishes.

I saw a dishwasher being sold at the supermarket, but I rather not waste VP on something I can do on my own.

“Maybe I should seriously think about taking you as my wife.” (Rurune)

“D-Don’t joke around like that please.” (Misa)

“Ehhh? But I’m not really joking though.” (Rurune)

Uuuu, is there not a single normal person in this academy?

“A-Anyway, we should head to sleep.” (Misa)

“Ehhh? But it’s still so early!” (Rurune)

Is she really the same age as me?

Her actions make me doubt her mental age.

And yet she could be so sharp to things like she was in the cafe.

If she’s acting like this then I can only response in kind.

“If you don’t sleep now, I won’t make breakfast for you.

“Ehhhhh!? I’ll sleep, I’ll definitely sleep so please don’t take away breakfast!!!” (Rurune)

…..It’s scary how similar she acted to the imagination I had.

“If you go to sleep now, I’ll give you a bigger portion for breakfast.” (Misa)

“Really? Yay! Ahhh by the way, where should I sleep?” (Rurune)

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“You can use my bed. I’ll go sleep at my little sister’s room. Ahhh! But don’t look into my stuffs!” (Misa)

I mean, I don’t think I have anything that would expose me of being a boy since I threw all of them out……

No wait, I only threw them out in case such a thing like this happened, okay!?

It’s so no one will get suspicious if they were to looked through my stuffs.

I-I definitely didn’t do it because all the clothes Cure gave were really cute so there was no reason to keep my old clothes, that’s definitely not it!

Wait, why am I arguing with myself again?

I guided her to my room.

“Simple, clean, and girlish. It’s fully what I expected from Misa’s room!” (Rurune)

“D-Don’t look around too much.” (Misa)

Her tension doesn’t seem like it’ll go down anytime soon.

Maybe I should tie her down to the bed or give some sleeping drugs to her.

Those thoughts honestly flashed on my mind for a second, before I quickly dismissed it.

“Come on, enough looking around. Get to bed.” (Misa)

“Yessss.” (Rurune)

Surprisingly she actually listened.

“Should I turn down the light?” (Misa)

“Yes please!” (Rurune)

“Alright. Good night then.” (Misa)

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As she asked, I turned down the light and exit the room.

This is definitely a first, having to handle someone like her.

El had always been quiet and obedient, so she never gave me much trouble.

Well, it’s not so bad though, this rowdiness.

Hopefully El wouldn’t mind me using her room.

I went to sleep not long after.

“Ah Ru, morning.” (Misa)

Not too long after I woke up, Ru woke up too.

It’s quite surprising, since I didn’t think she would wake up almost as early as me.

I was worried it would be hard to wake her up, but I guess it’s a needless worry.

“Go take a bath, I’m currently preparing breakfast.” (Misa)

“Yes~” (Rurune)

She sleepily responded.

I made a simple bacon and egg with toast.

I tripled Ru’s portion since yesterday she was obedient on going to sleep early.

Triple might be a bit much but I can finish it off in case she doesn’t.

Well I rather not though.

By the time I finished, so did Ru.

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Unlike when she just woke up, her usual energy from yesterday was back.

“Ahhhh! Looks delicious!” (Rurune)

She didn’t comment about the portion I gave her so it seems that I didn’t cook too many.

“Is it enough?” (Misa)

“Ahhh, can I have one more portion please?” (Rurune)

I was worried about giving her too much but turns out it’s too little.

“Okay, I’ll cook up another one then.” (Misa)

Since I hadn’t wash the cooking utensils yet, I cooked up another set quickly.

When I finished, Ru already finished 2 portion of what I cooked.

“Thank you! Haaahhhh, Misa’s home cooking is always so delicious.” (Rurune)

“It’s just a simple bacon and egg with toast, anyone can cook it.” (Misa)

“Hehe, you shouldn’t underestimate how horrible at cooking I am!” (Rurune)

No, you shouldn’t be saying that with a smug face…..

Breakfast ended in a flash.

“There’s still quite some time until class starts so you can do whatever you want in the meantime.” (Misa)

“Ahhh, then I’ll go take a light jog.” (Rurune)

“Don’t forget to bring your ID card. Call me when you’re back, since you won’t be able to open the door. Ahhh, make sure to come back in time in the first place.” (Misa)

“Okay!” (Rurune)

With that, she ran off.

Alright, let’s prepare lunch shall we?

Ru came back not too long after I finished cooking.

I already packed them into a bento box.

Though I usually ate out lunch at the cafetaria or somewhere outside the school, I cooked enough for my portion too.

Of course, Ru’s portion was way way bigger.

“Here Ru.” (Misa)

I handed her the 4 stack bento box.

“Ehhh?” (Rurune)

“It’s your lunch. Skipping on lunch is not good. I’ll be making your lunch from now on.” (Misa)

“Are you serious!?” (Rurune)

“Of course. I can’t just pretend to ignore it when I know you haven’t been eating properly.” (Misa)

“Misa, I love you!” (Rurune)

She immediately ran to me and gave me a tight hug.

“Yes yes, we’re going to be late if we don’t go now so enough.” (Misa)

She separated from me reluctantly.

The moment we stepped out of the house, she immediately took a hold of my hand.

When I looked at her, she only smiled back.

I’ll just let her do what she wants.

We arrived at school not long after.

She let go of my hand only when we were about to enter the classroom.

“Then, I’ll see you again after school.” (Rurune)

She opened the door and energetically greeted everyone.

I followed after though of course, I didn’t do what Rurune did and just quietly walked to my seat.

Classes started not too long after.

The class today discussed what Frillia had taught me roughly.

Magic can be casted in many ways, be it through chant, song, writings, magic circles, and more.

The ID cards given to us use the magic circle method.

It saved a bunch of magic circle inside it with automatic rewrite function, which means once used it’ll draw the same magic circle that was casted back and set it to reserve like before, ready to be used.

To cast magic you need mana.

Mana is something that every living being have, though there’s no exact way to describe it theoritically.

The closest thing it would relate to is akin to life energy, that’s why using too much mana will make you sick, even unconscious and at worst it could kill the magic user if too much mana was used up.

It serves as like a fuel to magic.

Mana cost depends on 2 things, the magic itself and the method of using magic.

Magics are separated into 10 tiers, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

Tier 1 to 3 are considered low level magic, tier 4 to 6 are considered intermediate level magic, and tier 7 to 10 are considered high level magic.

As for the method of using magic affecting mana cost, for example using magic circles cost way more mana than using a song to cast it.

The common sense class ended with that for today.

Now I understand why they put common sense in the curriculum.

It’s stuffs that’re common sense to the people of Anaris, but are completely foreign to us.

And of course…..

“I’ve come!” (Frillia)

Like it had been yesterday and the day before that, Frillia bursted into the room with Kanae behind her, took my hand, then dragged me out of the class.

This time we headed to the student council room.

Cure was already inside, immediately hugging me the moment I entered.

“I can finally recharge my Misa gauge~” (Cure)

She lifted me up and walked to her seat like it’s nothing, sitting me on her lap like before.

Kanae prepared tea for the 3 of us and for herself.

“So, what did you do yesterday Misa~?” (Cure)

“Ermmm, I hung out with with Frillia until she had to leave for work, then I hung out with a friend from class.” (Misa)

“Oho? I thought you went straight home to take care of El.” (Frillia)

“Ahhh, El stayed over with her friends so I had some free time.” (Misa)

“So who is this friend you mentioned~?” (Cure)

Before I could answer, there’s a knock on the door.

When Frillia opened the door, Ru was standing there.

“Excuse me, did Misa com-…… Misa!” (Rurune)

“Whoa!” (Frillia)

She didn’t even bother to finish her sentence, the moment she saw me she pushed Frillia aside and ran towards me.

“Give me a sec~” (Cure)

Cure took me off her lap and sat me down on the chair besides us.

Cure immediately intercepted Ru at unbelievable speed.

Ru who was about to get caught by Cure jumped back and dodged her grasp, before dashing past her.

Cure responded and tried to trip Ru, but Ru jumped over.

I thought that would be it but unbelievably Cure somehow got up and caught Ru midair in a flash.

“Caught you~” (Cure)

“Muuu…..” (Rurune)

“Cure, don’t be rough on her. She’s the friend I mentioned, Rurune” (Misa)

“Ara, is that so~?” (Cure)

Cure let go of her bear hug from Ru.

“Misa, let’s eat together!” (Rurune)

Her move was so fluid and unhindered that I didn’t even notice the bento box on her hand.

“Ru, you’re being rude to the student council members. Apologize.” (Misa)

“Muuuu, I’m sorry.” (Rurune)

She bowed her head down.

Geez, this girl is hopeless.

“Hoho, an interesting friend you have here Misa. Also, I don’t mind so it’s okay. Kanae, can you prepare another cup of tea?” (Frillia)

“Understood.” (Kanae)

Cure got back to her seat and of course put me back on her lap.

Ru took a a seat on the next seat that I was sitting on before.

“Still, to think you could react to Cure’s movement so well.” (Frillia)

“Indeed, surprising. It was a fun game of tag~” (Cure)

“Uuuu, I shouldn’t have jumped there.” (Rurune)

“Nice reflex and instant reaction, though you need more thoughts to the moves you do is all I can say~” (Cure)

“I’ll definitely break through next time!” (Rurune)

“You’re free to try anytime. Though I won’t give up my Misa that easily~” (Cure)

“No, I’m not yours, you know?” (Misa)

“Hehe, look at you being tsundere about it~” (Cure)

Cure started poking on my cheek.

“I’m not!” (Misa)

“Still, that’s a lot of bento stacks.” (Frillia)

“Hehe, isn’t it? Misa made it for me!” (Rurune)

No, that’s not something to be smug about.

“Muuu…..” (Cure)

Cure pouted the moment Ru said that.

“Are you jealous Cure?” (Misa)

“Yes.” (Cure)

I tried to make fun of her but she answered so seriously.

She kept on sulking.

“I’ll share my portion with you so cheer up.” (Misa)

I put my bento box on the table too.

“Really? Yay~” (Cure)

She hugged me tightly in response.

“Hmmm? Wouldn’t there be enough portions to split it for everyone just from Rurune’s box?” (Frillia)

“No, that’s all her portion.” (Misa)

“Ehhh?” (Frillia)

Frillia could only stare in bewilderment from what I said.

Of course, Ru proved what I said when we actually started eating.

She just ate through one portion after another lightly.

Frillia and Kanae had to go to a meeting so they left early.

By the time Cure and I finished, Ru had also finished all of her food.

“So, Rurune was it~? Can I call you Ru too?” (Cure)

“Yea sure.” (Rurune)

“Ru, would you like to be my apprentice?” (Cure)

“Ehhh? What do you mean Cure?” (Misa)

“Hmmm~? It’s just something I thought about from our little game of tag before.” (Cure)

“I’ll decline. I’m not interes-……” (Rurune)

“You’ll be able to skip class” (Cure)

“Cure-sensei!” (Rurune)

That’s a quick change of heart.

“Then, I’ll go to your class and call you when I’m free~” (Cure)

“Do you have that kind of authority Cure? I know that you can skip combat class and all but….” (Misa)

“It’s okay, I got my ways~” (Cure)

That sounds shady…..

“Ahhh, El seems to have come home.” (Misa)

She just messaged me.

“Oh yea, you did say she was staying over with her friends. Were you lonely~?” (Cure)

“Of course not! I’m stayed over with Misa after all!” (Rurune)

Again Ru, you’re being smug at things you shouldn’t be smug about.

“Muuu, even I’d never stayed over with Misa.” (Cure)

And Cure is sulking again, mou!

In the end they kept talking about the things I’ve done for and with them to show off.

It was really really embarassing.

They didn’t stop until it was about to get dark.

The only thing that stopped them was El teleporting in then immediately went to sleep while hugging me, so I had an excuse to get away from them.

I felt like if El hadn’t done that, I would be stuck here until past dinner.

With that, I went home carrying El in my arms.

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