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Chapter 23

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Author: Gerazza Original Source: Scribble Hub

“Pardon my rudeness, my name is Misa, I am the crosser that has been sent for the exchange program on the noble course side. I will be in your care.” (Misa)

“I am Rabia Nosfane and I will be your mannerism teacher for the next 3 months should this program were to run as planned. You can call me Nosfane-sensei.” (Rabia)

After breakfast we headed towards the school.

It was quite close to the dorm, less than 5 minutes away by foot.

Firana-oneesama then guided me towards the teacher’s office and brought me towards the teacher that’ll be teaching today’s mannerism class.

There’s no such thing as a homeroom teacher in this school.

“Firana, thank you for guiding her here. I will take the responsibility to introduce her to the other teachers for the classes she will be attending so you can return back to your classroom.” (Rabia)

Heeding her words, Firana-oneesama left the teacher’s office.

As she said, she guided me towards the other teachers that’ll be teaching the other classes.

Poron Nivesta the history teacher and Rizevet Furonia the general knowledge teacher.

There’s no fixed teachers for swordsmanship and magic class, they would bring a knight commander for the swordsmanship class and royal mage for the magic class, and occasionally high-ranked adventurers into the mix.

The one who teaches on that week depends on which personel is avaible, that’s the reason there’s no fixed teacher for those 2 subjects.

“There is still quite a lot of time until class starts but we will go to the mannerism classroom ahead of time so I can see if you can keep up with the class or not.” (Rabia)

“Yes.” (Misa)

We exited the room and I followed her from behind.

The said mannerism classroom is not that far from the teacher’s office so it didn’t take long for us to get there.

The room was really big and extravagant, the closest image I have in my mind to describe it would be that it’s similar to a ballroom.

There, she gave me a few instructions in which I followed.

From standing posture to walking posture, how far each step should be, where my arms should be when I’m standing still or walking, She gave out various instrusctions one after another that I had no trouble following.

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Even if I don’t concentrate on it much, my body would already do what she told me to do thanks to the past trauma inflicted by Anna so there’s no problem at all.

After a few minutes, it looked like she was done.

“I am quite impressed. I did not expect someone from that side to be this well-educated. You are even more well-mannered than most of the 1st year students I have seen thus far. Even outside the test when we were walking to this room, you still kept your posture as it should be, I can only assume you have been taught proper mannerism since you are little.” (Rabia)

“Thank you for the compliment.” (Misa)

Seems like I passed with flying colors.

Well, I was only taught for one day contrary to her guess though.

“You should have no problem following the mannerism class. I expected this to take longer than it had, so there is still plenty of time until class starts. It is your first day here right? You can look around the school to familliarize yourself. You remember the way to this classroom right?” (Rabia)

“Yes.” (Misa)

“Then come back here in 1 hour. Class starts around that time.” (Rabia)

With that, Nosfane-sensei left the room.

I was about to leave too but someone unexpected came into the room.

Wait, is it really unexpected?

“Seems like the test went well.” (Leon)

Of course it’s Leon, who else could it have been.

He’s wearing a dark-blue blazer so that means he’s a 2nd year.

“Leon, you shouldn’t be stalking approaching a lone girl when there is nobody around.” (Misa)

“My only opportunity to meet you is when there’s no one around though. Besides, we’re not the only ones here, though I’m not sure why she’s watching.” (Leon)

I tried to look around to see what he meant but I see no one else in the room.

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“I don’t see anyone else though….?” (Misa)

“Don’t mind it, she’ll show herself sooner or later. Still, those embroideries…..” (Leon)

“Selesia-sama is my roommate and she’s the one who did them for me.” (Misa)

Leon let out a long sigh as soon as he heard that.

“That explains a lot of things. I didn’t expect that girl to be your roommate, my bad.” (Leon)

“…?” (Misa)

“It’s fine if you don’t get it. In fact it’s better if she doesn’t do anything to you for these 3 months.” (Leon)

“I haven’t been able to follow your conversation. What do you mean?” (Misa)

“Don’t mind it. I believe there’s a saying from your world, ‘ignorance is bliss’. It’s better if you don’t know about it when you don’t need to.” (Leon)

Leon’s being dodgy with his words, I couldn’t follow the conversation at all.

“Anyway, I expected as much but doesn’t seem like mannerism class would pose any problem for you.” (Leon)

“I’ve been tortured……taught quite well after all.” (Misa)

“As expected of the previous royal instructor I guess.” (Leon)

“You know about Anna?” (Misa)

I didn’t think I ever talked about her to Leon.

“Most people know about her, and with a bit of digging it’s not hard to find out where she went after she retired. Put two and two together and it’s not really a mystery.” (Leon)

He shrugged.

“Are you enjoying your time here?” (Leon)

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“It’s been less than a day since I came, I can’t say I have a solid opinion on that. More importantly, why did you drag me into this mess?” (Misa)

I glared at him.

“Haha, no need to look so mad. To be honest I would prefer for myself to go to your world for the exchange program but that’s not really possible considering my position.” (Leon)

“That has nothing to do with me though.” (Misa)

“Besides, it’ll help avoid future conflicts.” (Leon)

“What do you mean by that?” (Misa)

“What do you think would happen if the nobles were to know that only the commoner’s course would be getting the crossers in this exchange program?” (Leon)

I tried to imagine a scenario in my head.

“Errr, they’ll be envious?” (Misa)

“Basically yes. Crossers are highly respected to the general population, they’re people who came from yuusha-sama’s world after all. The one who organized this exchange program in the first place would get the blame.” (Leon)

“Frillia?” (Misa)

“I imagined that if you didn’t come, they would think that Frillia’s disrespecting the nobles of this world by only giving special treatment to the commoners. That’s why I attached the requirement that you have to come to this side.” (Leon)

I somewhat get what he meant but isn’t it a bit far-fetch?

“Nobles are prideful. They don’t like to lose, especially to commoners. Having the crossers only attend the commoner’s course would be as if they lost in value to the commoners.” (Leon)

“Haaaahhhhh, this is why I don’t want to come. The world of nobility is troublesome.” (Misa)

“Indeed it is. Well, part of it is me wanting to see you though.” (Leon)

Geez, don’t just throw out a pick-up line out of nowhere like that!

“Anyway, I want to show you around the school but as expected, I can’t be giving anyone any special treatment as the prince.” (Leon)

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Leon walked to the door and opened it

“That’s why I’ll entrust that job to the meddlesome girl that’s been watching us this whole time.” (Leon)

“Ara, I would not do something so unthinkable like eavesdropping on the prince’s conversation.” (Firana)

This time, Firana-oneesama entered the room.

Ehhh, has she been watching the whole time!?

No, the door was closed though, and I believe we’re not talking loud enough for her to hear us from outside the room.

“Next time, can you let me talk to Misa privately without you listening in?” (Leon)

“As I have said, whatever could you be talking about Leon-sama? I just got here since I thought it is about time for the test from Nosfane-sensei would be over.” (Firana)

Firana-oneesama flashed a playful smile towards Leon.

“Besides, Leon-sama is saying that he wants to be with my cute junior alone, What kind of unspeakable things would you like to do being alone in a dark room, just the two of you? Ahhhh but alas, if the prince himself ordered me to do so, there is no choice for me but to obey. He could even put me in chains to prevent me from telling anyone else. What a cruel world this is, where I have to leave a young girl alone in a dark room with such a forceful man. I can only pray for my cute junior’s safety.” (Firana)

“Oyyy, what’re you blabbering about!?” (Leon)

“Ara, I apologize. It seems like I accidently let out my imagination. But for the prince to be so agitated about such a fantasy, could it be that it is exactly what the prince is planning!? Then, will I now be unjustly accused of something I did not do and be locked up in chains!?” (Firana)

Firana-oneesama over-dramatically gasped.

Leon let out a deep long sigh.

“Haaaaahhhhh, why do you always have to give me a headache everytime we talk?” (Leon)

“Ara, is Leon-sama not feeling well? Should I call the royal healer here to check up on you?” (Firana)

“Enough, as I mentioned I’ll leave it to you to guide Misa around the school.” (Leon)

Leon grumbled and left the room.

“Take care.” (Firana)

She waved away at Leon with a smile.

“…..Are you close with Leon-sama, Firana-oneesama?” (Misa)

“Misa sure have a wild imagination.” (Firana)

She patted me gently in the head.

“Well, since Leon-sama has entrusted the task of guiding Misa around the school to me, then I can only obey right?” (Firana)

To be playing around Leon like that, Firana-oneesama is scary…..

It’s reassuring that she’s on my side, but a bit scary at the same time.

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