Chapter 14

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Author: Gerazza Original Source: Scribble Hub

“Hmmm, something’s missing…..” (Frillia)

As we sat and chatted around in the student council room, Frillia suddenly said that with a troubled look.

Of course, I’m sitting on top of Cure’s laps.

“What is it Frillia? Did you lost something?” (Misa)

“No, that’s not it…..” (Frillia)

“Frills, stop being vague and tell us the problem~” (Cure)

“I feel like there’s something missing in this school…..” (Frillia)

“Something missing?” (Misa)

Frillia didn’t respond and only went deeper into her thoughts.

We decided to just leave her alone to her thoughts.

“Misaaaa, I’ve come!” (Rurune)

With a loud bang, Ru swung open the door and entered.

“Hmmm? what’s wrong with Frillia?” (Rurune)

“Ahhh, she said that something’s missing in this school but she couldn’t figure out what it is.” (Misa)

“Something missing…..? Hmmm, you mean clubs?” (Rurune)

“THAT’S IT!” (Frillia)

…..that startled me a little bit.

Clubs huh?

Now that she mentioned it, I guess that’s true.

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For me I would always get dragged to the student council room after class but for the others they would have nothing to do but go back to the dorm or hang out with friends.

Having club activities to liven things up sounds like a good idea.

“Kanae, my schedule is empty for today, right?” (Frillia)

“Yes, you have the whole day off.” (Kanae)

“Good, then I guess today we can get straight to all the paperworks.” (Frillia)

“Does that include us too?” (Misa)

“Hmmm? No, I was only talking to Kanae there. Just leave these kinds of jobs to us.” (Frillia)

“Well, if you say so…..” (Misa)

Unneccesary help will only hinder her works anyway.

Ru settled down on the seat next to mine.

Of course, I’m sitting on Cure’s lap.

It’s actually kinda scary how natural it feels now to sit on her lap.

Ru took out the lunch box I gave her and started eating cheerfully.

Me and Cure already finished ours so we only watched as she gobbled down the abnormally large portion that I gave her.

“Cure, how’s El doing?” (Misa)

“She’s doing well~ That mana pool of her is really something, paired with Founder-sama’s special device she’s already stronger than most of the knights under my command~” (Cure)

El’s really amazing, huh?

Even though she always acted so spoiled when it’s only the 2 of us home.

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Lately though, she seems more tired than usual.

Also, about once a week she would stay over with her friends.

Whenever I asked her to introduce me to them she would always change the topic.

Maybe I should tail her and see for myself?

No, but if she teleports away then there’s no way to tail her…..

I’ll try and ask again tonight!

“El’s back.” (Cielle)

“Welcome back.” (Misa)

El came out not from the front door but from her room instead.

She has teleportation so there’s no reason for her to use the front door.

The first time she returned in this manner it threw me off a bit since it’s strange replying with welcome back considering she came out from her room but I’ve gotten used to it.

As usual, she walked up to me and lay down on the sofa with her head on my lap.

This is what I meant by being spoiled.

She would never do something like this before, though after our little fight she started acting spoiled like this.

“El, about your friend…….” (Misa)

“Nee, what’s for dinner?” (Cielle)

There she goes again, trying to divert the topic.

But today, I won’t back down!

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“El, if you keep on hiding this friend of yours like that, then there’s no way I wouldn’t get worried.” (Misa)

“…..” (Cielle)

“I know if it’s El then this friend of yours can’t be bad, since El’s really smart. But even still, I would like to meet this friend of yours at least once.” (Misa)

“….Okay. Tommorow then.” (Cielle)

Thankfully tommorow’s Saturday so there’s no problem.

Ahhh, but Cure’s having a day off tommorow.

Guess I’ll have to message her in the morning.

“…..El, why do I have to bring this with me?” (Misa)

“It’s neccesary.” (Cielle)

After we finished breakfast, El dragged me to my room and started looking through my wardrobe.

She then took out one of the overly luxurious pink ballgown that Frillia gave to me when I just entered this academy.

“And why is it neccesary?” (Misa)

“Nee will understand soon.” (Cielle)

Saying that, she took ahold of my hand.

“Ehhh, are you going to teleport us? Are you sure that’s okay?” (Misa)

In the first place though, why do we have to teleport away if we’re only going to meet her friend?

“Okay. El trained a lot so El can teleport 2 people with mana to spare.” (Cielle)

With only those words, the view in front of me changed in a blink of an eye.

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It’s a surreal experience, getting teleported away like this.

We’re currently in a gorgeous looking room fully decorated with expensive looking stuffs.

Looking around, there’s a girl in a black and white maid outfit currently cleaning the room.

She had blue eyes and her chestnut colored hair was neatly tied to a ponytail.

She soon took notice of us and showed a surprised face.

“Cielle-sama! I thought you won’t be coming today. And this person is…..?” (Maid)

“A change in plan. This here is El’s Nee, Misa. Miri, can you help her change to the dress she’s holding?” (Cielle)

“Understood.” (Miri)

While I’m still dazed by the sudden development, the maid named Miri swiftly helped me change to my dress.

Her movement shows that she’s really skilled with this, though I can confidently say it’s nothing compared to Anna’s.

My body itself remembered how to wear dresses like this so it didn’t take long for me to put on the dress.

I looked around to see where El went to and she’s already wearing a maid outfit like Miri.

“El, can you explain what’s going on?” (Misa)

“Unnn. We’re currently on Anaria, to be exact the royal castle in Ridona.” (Cielle)

“I see. Wait, ehhhhh!?” (Misa)

No, why are we here!?

“Miri, is the princess free?” (Cielle)

“I believe so. There’s no lesson for today so she should be on her room.” (Miri)

“El will pay her a visit then. Can you guide Nee to the garden?” (Cielle)

“Understood.” (Miri)

Deciding so without consulting to me, she went out ahead.

“Now Misa-sama, please follow me.” (Miri)

With no other choice, I follow Miri.

Walking out of the room, the corridor feels needlessly wide and luxuriously decorated.

This really is the castle, isn’t it?

“Still Misa-sama, I’m impressed. Since Misa-sama is Cielle-sama’s sister, I didn’t think Misa-sama would know etiquette this well.” (Miri)

“An acquintance taught me a lot.” (Misa)

It’s basically drilled to my body after all.

My body itself remembered everything so subconsciously I would act properly whenever it deemed neccesary.

Miri brought me to a really beautiful garden.

In the middle of the garden, there’s a table with seat made out of stone circling half of the round table.

“Misa-sama, please sit here.” (Miri)

She took out a cushion from a nearby basket and placed it on the seat.

I did as told and took a seat.

“I’ll go and get Cielle-sama. Please wait here.” (Miri)

With that, Miri left me alone.

I looked around restlessly while I wait.

Not too long after, a familliar face passed by, though it’s not the one I expected.

“Leon?” (Misa)

Yes, walking through the corridor was leon, with a knight following him closely from behind.

He looked at me with a surprised face.

The knight behind him looked agitated as I said his name and put his hand on the handle of the sword hanging by his waist.

Ehhh, did I do something wrong?

Leon immediately stopped him though with a raise of his hand.

He walked closer to me.

“Misa! Long time no see.” (Leon)

“Indeed.” (Misa)

“May I take a seat?” (Leon)

“Of course.” (Misa)

Leon took out a cushion and took a seat, albeit a bit uncomfortably too close despite there being a lot of space.

“Where have you been? Did you not get the letters of invitation I sent you?” (Leon)

“Letters?” (Misa)

I don’t remember getting any letters.

Or more like, there’s no way he could send a letter from Anaria back to earth, I don’t think there’s a cross-world delivery service.

“Tch, so that girl didn’t pass the letter on.” (Leon)

“?” (Misa)

“It’s nothing. So why are you here today?” (Leon)

“My little sister brought me here saying that she wanted to introduce me to someone. How about Leon?” (Misa)

“Ahhh, I guess you could say I have some business here.” (Leon)

He must be quite important, to have a business in the royal castle.

“Anyway, I have missed you dearly Misa. It’s been so long since we last met.” (Leon)

“It’s been around 4 months hasn’t it?” (Misa)

“4 months and 12 days to be exact.” (Leon)

For him to remember it in detail like that, it’s kinda scary.

“Why have you not been coming to any party ever since that first one?” (Leon)

“I have no reason to. Last time was a special occasion since Frillia was busy so I had to stand in for her. I’m not so rude as to attend a party I didn’t get invited to.” (Misa)

Well, even if I get invited though, I would surely decline.

“Still Leon, are you fine spending your time here? Didn’t you say you have a business?” (Misa)

“Why? Am I bothering you?” (Leon)

“No, of course not. I’m just worried about taking your precious time like this.” (Misa)

“It is okay, I am…..” (Leon)

“Leon-nii!” (Girl)

Interrupting Leon, a girl ran over to our direction.

The girl’s as tall as El with blond hair and red eyes in the same tone as Leon, wearing a really intricate dress full of frills.

There’s El following closely behind her, looking surprised the moment she saw Leon.

“Asa? what are you doing here?” (Leon)

“I could say the same to you. I am here cause El told me she would like to introduce her sister.” (Girl)

This is getting confusing.

“Nee, you know prince Leon?” (Cielle)

“Prince…..? Leon, you are the prince!?” (Misa)

I know it’s not appropriate to scream but given my surprise, I couldn’t help but to.

“Haaahhh, I guess there is no way to keep it a secret any longer huh? Indeed I am.” (Leon)

That explains a lot on why he’s here.

This is his home after all!

No wait, doesn’t that mean I’ve been completely rude to him all this time for calling his name directly!?

That explained the knight’s behaviour when I call out to Leon.

“Leon-nii, explain yourself! No, before that, introduce me first please.” (Girl)

“Misa, this is Asakura, my sister. Asa, this is Misa.” (Leon)

“A pleasure to meet you. I am Asakura Swordia, the 2nd princess of Yurusia kingdom.” (Asakura)

“The pleasure is all mine. As Leon have introduced, my name is Misa. I hope we can get along, Asakura-sama.” (Misa)

Dazed as I am, I still remember how to give a proper greeting at least.

“Just Asa is fine.” (Asakura)

“No, but…..” (Misa)

“You called Leon-nii directly too, right? Then it’s only fair for you to call me Asa.” (Asakura)

“She’s a hard-headed one. Once she decided on something it’s difficult to convince her otherwise so it’s easier to just do what she said.” (Leon)

Like you’re any different!

This is technically your fault since you forced me to call you directly back then!

Is this really fine, calling the royal family directly by their name like this…..

“Asa then…..” (Misa)

“Good. Now with that out of the way, Leon-nii, explain yourself!” (Asakura)

“There’s not much to say. I came to know Misa when she came to one of the evening party as a stand-in. Now can I return that question to you?” (Leon)

“El told me she would like to introduce her sister to me!” (Asakura)

“Hmmm, that little maid that I occasionally see escorting you huh?” (Leon)

El only lightly lower her head in response.

I guess she’s trying to not be rude.

“Leon-nii, don’t you have work to do? Is it really fine for you to be wasting your time here?” (Asakura)

“I’ve finished all of today’s work so unless….” (Leon)

Before he could even finish his sentence, a knight came running towards us.

“Pardon me for my rudeness, Leon-sama, the crown prince is calling you.” (Knight)

“And it actually happened, tch.” (Leon)

The crown prince called him, so that means Leon’s not the crown prince.

“Misa, you’ll be staying the night here, right?” (Leon)

“Ehhh? Where did that come from?” (Misa)

“I’ll prepare a room for you.” (Leon)

“No, that’s not the problem. I have no reason to be here.” (Misa)

Leon sent a desperate gaze at Asa.

Asa quickly grinned and nodded along.

“Misa, you came here with El right?” (Asakura)

“Y-Yes.” (Misa)

I don’t like where this is going.

“You know that El has a limit of only being able to teleport twice a day right? Usually it’s fine since she only came here alone but since she brought you along, then she needs some rest here for today.” (Asakura)

Ghhh, I knew it would come to this.

Should I call Cure and ask her to pick me up?

No, she would be furious if she were to know that I’m here.

Cure and Frillia both forbid me to come to Anaria until the 2nd semester starts at least.

Uuuu, I have no option.

“I’ll be in your care.” (Misa)

With that, it’s decided that I’ll be staying the night in this castle.

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