Chapter 21

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Author: Gerazza Original Source: Scribble Hub

As planned, Firana-oneesama guided me to the dining room for dinner.

It’s not something I would expect to see inside a dorm.

It’s basically like a restaurant instead of what you would expect from a normal dorm.

After we finished dinner, Firana-oneesama also gave a quick tour around the dorm on where everything is.

It was quite exhausting, not the walk but interacting with other students.

Well, it’s not that big of a deal thanks to Anna’s training.

Even without paying too much attention, my body would naturally keep it’s posture and my manner of speech naturally fixed itself.

I only need to keep in mind about being a lady and the training that Anna ingrained to my body would do the rest.

Still, talking to that much students and moreover trying to make sure I remember all their names were quite taxing.

After the tour was finished, we returned back to our room.

Like before, we’re sitting on the sofa, though this time i’m hugging a huge dolphin doll instead.

Firana-oneesama briefed me through the classes that I’ll be attending.

It seems like each day the classes would be dedicated to only 1 subject.

Firana-oneesama was given a note on the classes that I’ll be attending on my class.

On Monday, which is tommorow, it’ll be mannerism.

Though I don’t want to sound overconfident, I reckon I would not struggle too much with this class thanks to Anna.

Manners and etiquettes had been imprinted to my body after all.

It’s quite scary that it’s been ingrained so deeply that I could be woken up from a deep sleep by someone telling me to wake up.

Tuesday would be history, which I’m 100% worried about since I basically have 0 knowledge regarding this.

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Thankfully Firana-oneesama said that she’ll teach me in her spare time tommorow after class.

I don’t want to make a fool out of myself too much so I appreciate the help.

Wednesday would be swordsmanship class.

Well, it’s called that but it’s not limited to only swords.

It’s more accurate to call it combat class according to Firana-oneesama, though the usage of magic to aid the training is not allowed.

Thursday would be general knowledge class.

From geography to politics to each area’s specialties, it’s an assortment of general knowledge of this world.

This one I’m also 100% worried about, there’s no way I would know any of these things.

Firana-oneesama would also teach me on this though, so I’m really grateful for that.

As for Friday, it’s magic class.

There’s something I’m worried about though.

“Firana-oneesama, what would the magic class teach?” (Misa)

“It ranges quite widely from magics used on daily activities to combat magics. All the classes are practical class.” (Firana)

“Ummm, would it be a problem if I have a contract with a spirit?” (Misa)

I can only use plant magics after all, if they’re teaching a wide arrays of magic then I wouldn’t be able to follow the lesson at all.

“Ara? You have a contract with a spirit despite being a crosser?” (Firana)

“Y-Yes, I made a contract with one a few months ago.” (Misa)

“You would have to inform the teacher regarding that then. What spirit are you in contract with?” (Firana)

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“A plant spirit.” (Misa)

That reminds me, I should call Rosa when I have some free time.

I wonder if Firana-oneesama would be able to see Rosa if I called her here.

“Plant spirit, is it? So Misa is stucked with only being able to use plant magics?” (Firana)

“Yes, that is so.” (Misa)

Calling it stucked is a bit mean.

“I am quite curious on what magics can be used after making a contract with a plant spirit. Plant magics in general does not do much apart from making trees and plants healthier. I also occasionally saw them used on fruits and vegetables to make them more nutritious too but apart from those two, I can’t recall any other plant magics.” (Firana)

“That is mostly what I can do too.” (Misa)

“Is there not anything else?” (Firana)

I guess I can show her, it’s not like I’m keeping it a secret anyway.

“Can Firana-oneesama pass me my bag over there?” (Misa)

Firana-oneesama grabbed the bag I brought and handed it to me.

I took out a seed from the bag.

“A seed?” (Firana)

“Yes, I can do something like this.” (Misa)

I casted my magic and the seed slowly grown into a plant bud.

“Growth quickening?” (Firana)

“Yes, if I were to increase the intensity of the magic, I can make plants grow in an instant.” (Misa)

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“That is quite an interesting magic.” (Firana)

“It is mostly useful for self-defense, I can make a wall of plants to block attacks.” (Misa)

I trained that for a bit in my spare time, throwing a bunch of seeds in front of me then using my magic to insta-grow them all, making a wall in an instant.

“Would you not be able to use it to attack too with the right seeds?” (Firana)

“???” (Misa)

“I forgot that Misa is a crosser, I apologize.” (Firana)

I’m not quite sure what she meant…..

“On this world, there are plants of various kinds. A plant that can spark fire, a plant that stored water inside it, a plant that releases poisonous gas, if Misa were to get the seeds of these kinds of harmful plants, then you would have a way to attack too.” (Firana)

I see, I’ve only been experimenting with plants that’re on earth.

In this world there are various other fantastical plants that don’t exist on earth.

“Thank you for informing me Firana-oneesama.” (Misa)

“No need to thank me. I can help you search for some of those seeds on our next day off.” (Firana)

“I cannot burden Firana-oneesama like that.” (Misa)

“No need to mind, it is partially to sate my curiosity after all. I have never seen that growth quickening magic so I’m curious on how it would work on some types of plants. Besides, those kinds of seeds are hard to come by normally if you do not have some connections.” (Firana)

“If Firana-oneesama insists…..” (Misa)

I’m quite thankful if she’s really willing to help me, I can’t very much go around and search for fantasy seeds all by myself after all.

With that, we made an appointment to go out to town together next week.

“Ahhh, is it fine to call my spirit here?” (Misa)

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“There should not be any problem with that as long as it does not cause a ruckus.” (Firana)

Rosa wouldn’t do that, though I can imagine Shirenia-sama’s spirit doing that.

I called Rosa through telepathy.

Not long after, she appeared in this room.

“Misa, it’s good to see you again.” (Rosa)

Her voice is calm and soothing as usual.

“It’s been a while, Rosa.” (Misa)

“Ara? Did you just call your spirit here Misa?” (Firana)

I guess she can’t see Rosa.

“Yes. Rosa, can you show yourself to Firana-oneesama?” (Misa)

“To that human? If you insist.” (Rosa)

Firana-oneesama finally stopped looking around and looked at Rosa’s direction.

“So this is your contracted spirit, Misa. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Firana Selesia. Feel free to call me Firana.” (Firana)

“Firana is it? I’m known as Rosa. As you’ve known, I’m a spirit contracted to Misa. In any case, I didn’t expect you to come back to this side so early Misa.” (Rosa)

“There were various circumstances leading up to this. I want to tell you that I’ll be staying here for the next 3 months.” (Misa)

“Is that so? That’s quite a joyous news then.” (Rosa)

Rosa looked happy knowing I would be on this side for a long period of time.

Rosa then turned towards Firana-oneesama.

“Though I’m not quite sure of the circumstances, I’ll leave her in your care when I’m not by her side, Firana. Also, if she were to get into a conflict with other humans, I wouldn’t know how to help since I’m not proficient in meddling into human conflicts.” (Rosa)

“Leave her to me. Rosa-sama too, feel free to visit here whenever you want.” (Firana)

“I’ll take you up on that offer then. For today though, I have other matters to attend to. Call me if you need me, Misa.” (Rosa)

“Yes.” (Misa)

Before she left, she moved closer and whispered something to me.

“Do be careful with this girl called Firana. Though I don’t sense any bad intention in her, I’m not sure why but I’m sensing a lot of magic reactions inside this room.” (Rosa)

With that, she dissapeared from our room.

I wonder what she mean by that?

Though her last sentence lingered in my mind, She did say that she didn’t sense any bad intention from Firana-oneesama so I shouldn’t be in any danger.

No use thinking about it now I guess.

“So Rosa-sama is your contracted spirit. She seems like a calm and gentle spirit.” (Firana)

“Yes, that is also the way I would describe her.” (Misa)

“That is quite an interesting turn of events. Though with that said, It is getting quite late so we should call it a day.” (Firana)

“Yes.” (Misa)

I’ve noticed when we entered, but there’s only one bed, isn’t there?

I mean, it’s indeed big enough for 2 people but still…..

The outcome is as expected, I became a hugging pillow for Firana-oneesama.

“Formalities are not needed when you’re on bed.” (Firana)

She proclaimed as such.

I can’t complain much since there’s only one bed.

Well, I could honestly sleep on the sofa or even on the floor with all these dolls lying around, but Firana-oneesama will definitely not permit it.

Like that, surrounded by dolls while being hugged by Firana-oneesama, I went to sleep.

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