Chapter 19

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Author: Gerazza Original Source: Scribble Hub

“Misa, I’m sorry. I’ll need you to be one of the exchange students mentioned yesterday.” (Frillia)

The moment I entered the student council room, Frillia lowered her head and said so.

“Ehhh? What did you just say?” (Misa)

No, I must’ve misheard right?

She did said that I won’t be a part of this yesterday, moreover she was the one who forbid me to go to Anaria until my 2nd year in the first place.

Yup, I must’ve misheard.

“I’m sorry. Seems like you have to be one of the exchange student sent to Anaria.” (Frillia)

“EEEEHHHHH!?” (Misa)

No no no, what about what she said yesterday!?

“It’s a request from their side, there’s not much I can do. That’s why, I’m sorry.” (Frillia)

“…..From their side?” (Misa)

“From prince Leon himself.” (Frillia)

From Leon?

No, I understand that we’re friends and all, but why did he insisted on having me specifically come there?

“Did he explain why?” (Misa)

“The school there is separated to noble course and commoner course. He said it would be unfair to only have the commoner course have the exchange students, and we don’t exactly have anyone from this side who’s taught in noble’s etiquette. He brought up your name after and I don’t have any other choice but to comply.” (Frillia)

“Ehhhh!? But isn’t there any 2nd year students who…..” (Misa)

“There’s none. The ones who meddled in the world of nobles in the first place are very few amongst the 2nd years. Most just make a living as an adventurer or a merchant. Those who does meddled in have their own territory and affairs to handle like me, so they can’t spare the time to go to school.” (Frillia)

“Muuuu, but still…..” (Misa)

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I don’t like how I have no consent regarding this!

But the project itself won’t work without my participation, and Frillia already worked hard to set it up….

“Mou, fine! I’ll attend!” (Misa)

“Thank you Misa. I’ll make it up for you.” (Frillia)

Frillia told me to take out my ID card.

I did as told and she tapped her ID card with mine.

When I looked at the VP on my card, the numbers went from the previous 5 digits to 7 digits.

“Ehhhh!? Is it really fine for you to give me this much VP?” (Misa)

It’s 3.000.000 VP!

Well, not like I would be able to use it on Anaria.

“It’s reasonable. You’re an integral part to this plan that cannot be replaced by anyone else. I’ll also give you some money on Anaria separately later.” (Frillia)

I feel like I’m cheating, but I was indeed starting to get low on VP.

Muuu, I’ll just treat this like a part time job then, a really well-paying part time job!

Ahhh, speaking of which.

“When and how long will the exchange program be?” (Misa)

“It’s next week, and you’ll be there for 3 months.” (Frillia)

“Ehhh? 3 months? Would my academics here be fine…..?” (Misa)

I’ll basically be skipping school for 3 months, won’t I?

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“First year curriculum in the first place is to prepare everyone on the essentials for crossing over. Those who join this program will be treated as if they already pass the 1st year curriculum after you get back.” (Frillia)

“Is that really okay?” (Misa)

“I’ve discussed it with founder-sama. It’s the reasonable course of action. Everyone on the exchange program would have first-hand experience living on the other side directly after all.” (Frillia)

If it’s already decided like that, then there’s not much I can say anymore.

Though still, I do feel like I’m cheating.

Then again, just imagining interacting with noble kids everyday…..

Unnn, this is going to be mentally taxing, it’s definitely a fair trade for me.

Haaaahhhh, I can tell that this is going to be a completely troublesome experience.

Mou, why did Leon suddenly suggested something like that!?

Yup, it’s all Leon’s fault, let’s put all the blame on Leon!

Just like that, it’s decided that I’ll be going to Anaria, moreover staying and attending school there for 3 months.

“Nee, only that much?” (Cielle)

“Nee can’t think of anything else to bring. The uniforms and dresses are provided from their side so I don’t need to bring that much clothes. Other daily neccesities are also provided, and I’m even given some money.” (Misa)

It’s the day of departure.

I was worried about leaving El, but when I told her about the exchange program, she said she’ll be living in the castle while I’m away.

Well, she is Asa’s personal maid after all, so her being allowed to live in the castle makes sense.

I can rest easy knowing that she’ll be safe.

“Nee, ready?” (Misa)

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“Yes, please.” (Cielle)

I take a hold of El’s hand, and in the next instant the scenery in front of us changed.

Unlike everyone else, my course is different so I’m not going there with Frillia.

The noble course and commoner course, they’re both indeed at the same school but their classroom are basically on the opposite corners of the school, even the dorm building are separate.

They basically almost never interact with each other apart from some joint classes.

Unless you intentionally try to meet with the opposite course, then you most likely won’t meet at all outside the said joint classes.

“Misa. Glad to see you arrive safe and sound.” (Leon)

“Leon.” (Misa)

Waiting for me where we arrived was Leon.

Asa was also there.

“Asa, take care of my little sister for me, okay?” (Misa)

“Leave it to me!” (Asakura)

“Nee, El can take care of herself.” (Cielle)

El pouted in response.

This’ll be the first time I’ll part with El for this long, I can’t help but to feel anxious.

“It’s okay Nee. El can visit Nee’s room from time to time.” (Cielle)

El reassured me as such.

“Mou, I want to play with Misa too from time to time! Hurry up and raise your mana so you can make a round trip with me!” (Asakura)

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“El don’t think it’s that simple…..” (Cielle)

After some last parting words, El went off with Asa, towards the castle I would assume.

Knowing Asa though, I won’t be surprised if they make some side stops along the way.

“I’ll lead you to the girl’s dorm entrance. Let’s make the most out of this 3 months.” (Leon)

Leon said that with a smile.

Mou, you’re the one who dragged me here, at least feel a bit sorry!

Escorted by Leon, we headed towards the girl’s dorm.

“Ahhh, before I forgot. When there are people around us, please call me Leon-sama instead of the usual Leon.” (Leon)

“Well, that’s a given. It’s stranger that I call Leon directly in the first place.” (Misa)

“I’m the one who asked you to after all. It would be more rude to disregard my request, right?” (Leon)

Muuu, so he knew how unreasonable his own request is, then he shouldn’t have asked me to call him so in the first place!

“Here we are. Boys are not allowed to enter so I can only escort you this far.” (Leon)

“No, even with this much I am grateful. Thank you for showing me the way, Leon-sama.” (Misa)

There doesn’t seem to be anyone nearby, but since we’re this close to the dorm I spoke formally just to be safe.

With a wave, Leon went back the way we came from.

“Haaaahhhh.” (Misa)

After taking a deep breath, I took a step inside.

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