Chapter 33

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Author: Gerazza Original Source: Scribble Hub

“…..Firana-oneesama, I had the same thoughts yesterday but are these clothes not too extravagant for a simple walk around town?” (Misa)

“I am wearing something similar am I not?” (Firana)

“Yes, but…..” (Misa)

“And we will mostly be inside the carriage so you do not have to worry about being seen.” (Firana)

Muuu, if she put it that way, then it’s hard to disagree.

“It’s okay. Nee is cute.” (Cielle)

“See? Even El agrees.” (Firana)

And with that, my fate was sealed.

Well, it’s not like I absolutely don’t want to wear it, it’s such a cute dress after all, but I just don’t want to get stared at by everyone like yesterday.

We’re going to go shopping for seeds as promised.

Asa had classes throughout the day today so El was free, thus the reason she’s here with us.

I was wearing a dress similar to the one I wore yesterday, though instead of green it’s white.

El was not in her maid uniform but instead was wearing a dress given by Firana-oneesama.

“Our carriage should already be waiting for us outside, so let us go.” (Firana)

“Yes.” (Misa)

“Un.” (Cielle)

The 3 of us walked out from the bedroom and headed out towards the school gate.

Along the way, the other students occasionally glanced at us, or rather, at El.

I suppose it’s strange for El to be here.

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El didn’t seem to mind the gazes around her though.

True enough, as Firana-oneesama said there’s a carriage waiting for us outside.

Now that I think about it, it’s my second time riding a carriage.

Well, I barely have any memory of my first trip though…..

“Misa, I will warn you in advance but do not use your magic until we get back.” (Firana)

In the middle of the carriage trip, Firana-oneesama brought that topic up.

“May I ask why?” (Misa)

“As you may already know, your plant magic is quite uncommon. Plant magic is normally something farmers used to make their crops grow healthier. There might be people out there who will try to kidnap you if they know about your power.” (Firana)

“Ehhh? It is not that special though…..?” (Misa)

“Misa, imagine it this way. If you can instantly grow plants like that, then you would never have to worry about food no matter where you are. If they prepare the seeds in advance, then they can survive just about anywhere for an indefinite amount of time since the plants that you instantly grew would bear even more seeds and saplings for you to grow. You will have an unlimited supply of food.” (Firana)

I never thought of it like that.

Certainly, the mana cost to instantly grow a seed is not that much.

Moreover, I can grow them anywhere at any condition, be it in extreme hot or cold environtment.

“And from what I can tell, it does not cost that much mana for you right?” (Firana)

“Yes….. As long as it does not go into the hundreds, I think I will be fine for the most part.” (Misa)

And I can just sleep to recover my mana and wake up on the next day to grow out more plants.

Ehhh, then that means…..

“I might have done something bad.” (Misa)

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“What did you do?” (Firana)

“I told our magic teacher yesterday that I would be teaching her the plant magics that I know of.” (Misa)

“Ahhh, she is with the mage association right? Then you do not need to worry, they regulate all kinds of known magic and decide which ones are fine to share to the public.” (Firana)

That’s quite an interesting system to implement.

“I doubt they can do the same thing as yours even if you tell them the magic formula for it.” (Firana)

“What do you mean by that?” (Misa)

“It is a commonly known fact that in exchange from losing access to every other magics, those who made a contract with a spirit will have the element of the spirit that they are contracted to be completely in their control. The mana cost of your magic will be immensely reduced while the power gets greatly increased.” (Firana)

“I see.” (Misa)

So even if I can instantly grow out plants without much of an effort, it may take other people their entire mana pool to grow out a single plant.

“Moreover, they will commonly get a trait related to the element of the spirit they are contracted with. For example, the crown princess of this kingdom has a contract with a fire spirit, and the trait she got is that she cannot get burnt by fire. Even if she were to stand in the middle of a fire, it would only be lukewarm for her.” (Firana)

“Ahhh, Rosa did mention that no plant would come to harm me unless I told them to, so I would be fine even if I were to eat a poisonous plant for example.” (Misa)

Well, not that I have any plan to.

“Yes, though these traits are usually only given when you make a contract with high rank spirits.” (Firana)

“High rank spirits?” (Misa)

“Indeed. Normal spirits would usually be about palm-sized from what I heard, not that I ever see one.” (Firana)

Palm-sized huh?

I thought spirits are normally like Rosa, since Shirenia-sama’s spirit was the only other spirit I ever met.

“So people normally make a contract with those spirits instead?” (Misa)

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“That way of thinking is entirely wrong.” (Firana)

Firana-oneesama immediately declined my statement.

“People normally do not make a contract with a spirit in the first place.” (Firana)

“Because they do not want to get limited on what magic they can use?” (Misa)

“No. Even if they want to, making a contract with a spirit is not a common thing that could happen. Encountering one who would show themselves are rare enough, and it is even rarer for them to even want to make a contract with humans.” (Firana)


“Even being able to make a contract with a normal spirit is already quite amazing, having a contract with a high rank spirits like the one you and the crown princess have are even more unthinkable. The crown princess is free to do whatever she wants just because she is contracted to a high rank spirit. Normally she would be put on a political marriage with another kingdom’s prince around her age even if it is againts her will but she herself can and did decline the proposition.” (Firana)

No wait, if she put it like that, wouldn’t me having a contract with Rosa be something outrageous?

If it’s already rare for the people of this world to make a contract with a spirit, then me being a crosser making a contract with a high rank spirit…..

“It is also most likely the reason Rosa-sama keeps her distance with you most of the time unless you call for her.” (Firana)

“What do you mean?” (Misa)

“Albeit rare, there are people who have a special blessing that allows them to see spirits even without the spirit’s permission. You will most likely get targeted if someone with such blessing sees you.” (Firana)

A criminal group hunting spirits, I feel like I’m being introduced to a world I shouldn’t be meddling with….

“…..Then was it a mistake for me to introduce Rosa to you, Firana-oneesama?” (Misa)

“Indeed. I did not expect you would have a contract with a high rank spirit. If it is just a normal spirit then it is normally fine to show them but a high rank spirit is a different matter altogether. Have you introduced her to anyone else?” (Firana)

“Ummm, my friends back in my world. Also, Shirenia-sama too.” (Misa)

Frillia, Cure, Kanae, Gai, Ru, El, and Shirenia-sama should be the only ones who’ve seen Rosa.

“Try your best to not expose Rosa-sama’s identity to anyone else unless it is absolutely neccesary, especially the people at the mage association.” (Firana)

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“Why is that?” (Misa)

“It should be easy to figure out. Someone with a spirit contract will be greatly welcomed into the mage association.” (Firana)

Indeed, Felis-sensei even went so far to convince me to stay in this world yesterday.

“If they were to know that you have a contract with a high rank spirit, they will do everything in their power to get you to stay under their supervision. They will not do anything that will harm you, but they will pull all the strings they can to make sure you cannot leave.” (Firana)


“With that in mind, do be careful around them. I can guarantee that the teacher you talked to yesterday does not have the slightest idea that you have a contract with a high rank spirit since it is outside the realm of her imagination. When we are talking about spirit contracts in general, it is always with the normal spirits after all. Contract with high rank spirit is not something that will come to mind unless it is brought to the conversation.” (Firana)

“I will keep that in mind.” (Misa)

Haaahhh, I can’t help but feel anxious all of a sudden.

The rest of the trip, Firana-oneesama kept on lecturing me about things I should and should not do.

As for El, she was already asleep with her head on my lap back when we were discussing about spirits.

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